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Easter Egg Decorating | Sophia’s Style Boutique


Easter is coming!! The folks here at are busy scrambling (pardon the egg pun) to get all the preparations ready for our Easter traditions. I was listening to everyone getting ready to color eggs, and it made me think about the other ways to decorate eggs that do not involve food coloring or vinegar! The cutest idea I found was in Parents Magazine. They call these Sheep-er by the Dozen. Fuzzy white baby socks and felt transform eggs into a fun flock.

What you’ll need: Fuzzy white baby sock (0-6 months), scissors, tan felt, pink felt, tacky glue, two googly eyes, black embroidery floss, needle, two 1/2-inch white pom-poms.

Make it: Cut sock to 2 1/2 inches tall. Cut two outer ear pieces from tan felt and two inner ear pieces from pink felt using the templates. Glue the pink piece to the center of the tan piece and repeat for other ear. Once dry, glue ears to the sides of the sock, pink side down. Cut a circle 1 1/4 inches in diameter out of tan felt and glue to sock. Glue googly eyes on the circle and stitch an upper-case “Y” below the eyes with embroidery floss for the nose and mouth. Glue two 1/2-inch white pom-poms to the front bottom edge for the feet.

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Sophias Style | 5 Minutes of FUN For Babies and Toddlers



If your children keep you busy and you need 5 minutes of free time, keep these quick ideas in mind. You can get your task accomplished and they will have fun while you work.

1. Give them a calculator, or old cell phone- the buttons are very enticing for young children and they always seem to be mesmerized by these simple everyday items.
2. Photo albums work well – they always like seeing old pictures of themselves, ie.. she will remember her favorite birthday dress and might recognize her cousins and friends too.
3. Let them clean- hand them a damp wash cloth and have them wipe off counters and tables “like mommy does.” They will feel proud to help you.
4. Lay out a foam place mat and foam stickers. They will spent quite a bit of time sticking the sticker on and then pulling it off.
It does not always have to be a big deal the small things really do matter . Keep them smiling and you will be a much happier mommy too. Share some of your 5 minute activities or post a comment, we would love to hear from you.

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Courtesy of Parents; April 2008 : 100 ways to keep little kids happy

Living Green with Your Kids-Greener Lunches pt. 1 | | Louis Robinson


Our little ones are the bright future of Mother Earth and if we set them up for success today, they can help keep this Earth in tip-top shape for years to come. is making everyday changes to lower our impact on the environment, and one of our steps is to blog about living green. Fortunately, there are a ton of people out there on the same page (made from recycled paper of course!). is one of those people. They have come up with a simple idea that, if you think about, we used to do anyway. They have created a line of environmentally friendly lunch boxes with an emphasis on re-usable products and healthy lunches. The boxes are themselves recyclable and are completely lead free. They also include re-useable lunch and drink containers to cut down on waste, and a handy lunch guide to help you make more nutritious lunches.

So send your kids to school knowing that through simple everyday changes, you are shaping them today for a brighter future tomorrow. Check out’s line of organic clothing and lower your impact through comfortable and fashionable wear.

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