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Girls Pageant Dresses

The popularity of pageants just blows me away.  There are even reality shows about these competitions.  We’ve seen the popularity of pageants skyrocket and we’ve been working to expand our girls pageant dress selection.  Whether it’s a natural pageant (no fake eyelashes, “flippers” or lots of makeup) to a glitz pageant (no holds barred) we have the best selection of girls pageant dresses around for ages 6months and up. We even have girls pageant interview suits

A pageant hint…make sure that you have a backup dress. You never know when an accident is going to happen.  Also make sure you’ve packed an extra pair of dress shoes in case of a broken heel.

You do the worry about picking out the perfect pageant dress, shoes or accessories…let your little girl just worry about her walk and smile.  Don’t forget to have her blow a kiss to the judges.

Petticoats Enhance Special Occasion Dresses | Sophias Style

Little Girl’s Full Petticoat Slip

You bought the perfect dress for your little girl but it’s not quite right… Maybe the skirt is not full enough or possibly it’s a tiny bit long for her frame. Why not add a petticoat slip as an undergarment to her ensemble? It’s an easy and simple fix and adds fullness to her Christmas or Pageant dress. Now she’s ready to twirl her way into the holiday or any special occasion.
Tip: If you would like the slip to be a little fuller, turn it upside down and spray it with starch. Let it dry and viola! A fuller look and picture perfect.

Affordable New Glitz Pageant Gowns for Girls

A great dress for a Fall pageant!
Want the glitz for less? Then check out! Over the top glitz girls pageant dresses typically cost $200-$400. Extravagant little girls pageant dresses are well worth the money, but now you can have the same designer look for a lower price. 

We just started carrying a new brand of pageant dresses for girls called Kalyssta. Each garment features all the beautiful details you’d expect from glitz girl pageant dresses – beading, sequins, shimmer and more – but for a lot less money than what you’d expect. Every dress in their little girls pageant dresses collection is less than $200, so you’ll have money left over for her shoes and other important pageant accessories. 

Our selection of Kalyssta kids pageant dresses come in sizes 4-14 and colors include green, blue, white, purple, pink and more. There is also a wide array of fashionable necklines and cuts to choose from, so her pageant look will truly be as unique as she is!

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To Glitz or Not to Glitz? |

A glitz pageant gown
If your little girl is entering a beauty pageant, there are two common types to decide between – glitz or natural. Likewise, girls pageant dresses fall into one of the two categories. Glitz pageants require a dress embellished to the hilt with sequins, sparkles and tulle galore. Natural pageants feature more simple, everyday looking gowns. In fact, girls pageant gowns for a natural pageant are not really gowns at all, but more like a special occasion dress she’d wear for a holiday or party. They’re a step up from an ordinary everyday dress, but stop short of the over the top look of traditional pageant gowns for girls

As you can imagine, the price varies greatly depending on what type of baby or toddler girl pageant dress you choose. Glitz gowns will naturally be more expensive, usually in the $200-400 range. They are much more detailed and extravagant. Natural pageant dresses, on the other hand, are often times barely more than $50. You can expect pretty fabrics and less labor intensive details, such as a simple bow or sash instead of intricate beading.

A simple natural pageant dress
The good news is that carries both types of girls and toddler pageant dresses, so you’ll always be able to find the perfect gown for whichever type of pageant she enters. She’s sure to look and feel the part in one of our beautiful dresses!

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Pageant Gowns |


Pageant Gowns
Girls Pageant Dresses
The selection of pageant dresses for girls at Sophias Style has been continuing to grow, and we’ve got some truly beautiful styles now.  I especially love the multi tone pageant gowns, they’re so unique. 
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when ordering girls pageant dresses:
– Always place your order at least six weeks before the pageant.  That way you have plenty of time to get it altered or order a different size if it doesn’t fit quite right.
– Make sure you read the rules regarding the formal wear competition at her pageant, different pageants have different requirements and levels of formality. 
– Find hair accessories to match her gown, this will really help complete the look and tie everything together (it’s the little details that make the biggest difference). 
– Make sure you purchase shoes that she can walk in.  Sophias Style has a beautiful selection of kitten heels that will look fabulous without hurting her feet or making it difficult to balance. 
– Choose a color that compliments her complextion and, if she is going to wear makeup, practice ahead of time so you know nothing clashes. You don’t want her coral lipstik to suddenly look orange when she puts on her pink pageant gown. 
– Test out a few different hair styles with her gown, see what looks best with the style of neckline she’ll be wearing. 
– Keep the jewelry to a minimum.  Go with earrings and a bracelet, and maybe a choker if she’s wearing a gown with a simple cut.   
– Remember to make sure she’s having fun, the most important accessory is her smile!

Girls Party Dresses | Sophias Style


Girls Party Dresses
Girls Party Dresses

 How pretty is the color of that dress in the image?  I’m not usually into pinks or reds, but that rose shade is gorgeous.  I also really love the silhouette, it’s such a perfect girls party dress.  She could wear it in any season and look fabulous. 

At Sophias Style, we’ve been really working on expanding our selection of girls special occasion dresses.  Now we have literally pages and pages of options, so you can find exactly the style and color your little girl needs for any event.  Between our flower girl dresses, pageant gowns and girls party dresses, there is literally something for everyone. 

Enjoy shopping special occasion dresses for girls at Sophias Style!

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Pageant Dresses for Girls | Sophias Style

Girls Pageant Dresses
Girls Pageant Dresses

For some reason, Tuesday’s tend to be the days when I feel shabby.  I always make an effort to be clean and dressed well on Mondays, and then Tuesday arrives and I oversleep and wind up rushing out the door 15 minutes after I wake up without eating breakfast and looking silly in an oversized sweater I stole from my brother.   What did chronic oversleepers do before dry shampoo and drive-thru coffee shops existed?  Gazing at all of the gorgeous girls pageant dresses at Sophias Style is not doing anything for my confidence about this sweater. 
I decided to feature the girls pageant dress to the left because it reminds me of the bridesmaid dresses a friend of mine chose for her wedding.  When she was shopping for them, she said “I don’t want them to just look like bridesmaid dresses, I want them to look like bridesmaid dresses in the theater production of my wedding.”  That girl is sixteen shades of fabulous. 

Anyhow, if you’re in search of pageant dresses for girls, then you also probably don’t just want any dress, you want the dress that’s going to stand out on stage, and you don’t want to go into lifetime debt to get it.  Luckily for you, Sophias Style carries affordable little girls pageant dresses and toddler pageant dress that will stand out from the crowd on stage!  Find your girl’s dress at, and I guarantee she’ll feel like the winner she is at her next pageant.

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Miss Nebraska, Miss America


Pageant Dresses
 Adorable Girl in Sophias and Miss Nebraska

If you don’t watch the pageant each year, than you may not have heard, but this year Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan was crowned Miss America!  That’s very exciting, Sophias Style is located in Omaha, NE, and we’re so excited to have such a smart and talented girl representing our home state, and thrilled that she’s won the Miss America title for 2011. 

One of our shoppers emailed us this adorable photo of her little girl meeting Miss Nebraska! She happened to be wearing a dress her mother bought at Sophias Style (not for the purpose of promoting our company, she just sent us the photo because she knew we’d be happy to see it), and she looks so pretty in it, they both look absolutely beautiful.

Sophias Style carries gorgeous girls pageant dresses, and we hope that if you have a little girl who dreams of competing in pageants, you’ll check out our selection! 

Congratulations again to Teresa Scanlan, Sophias Style is proud of you! 

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Time for the Weekend!

Girls Dresses
Girls Dresses

 It’s Friday at last!  Weekend plans anyone?  Mine are to sleep late, go thrifting, and drink tea (outside, if the weather allows, I’m determined to  cherish every moment before the snow gets here).  I’m hoping to come across a miricle vintage dress that’s sparkly enough for New Year’s Eve.  Actually it doesn’t even have to be sparkly, I can add sparkles. 

Speaking of sparkly, we’ve just started carrying girls dresses by Sweetie Pie, and they’re so pretty!  Green is my favorite color, which is why I chose to feature this particular dress today.  Isn’t it beautiful?  These dresses are perfect for pageants, flower girl dresses, and really any other formal event. 

Also, Sophia’s Style carries lots of beautiful infant dresses, so you can find a baby girl dress for your littlest princess, too!

We’re running a really cool sale on dresses, right now!  If you enter DRESS at checkout, you’ll receive 15% off  dresses.  That code expires on Sunday, so if you want to use it, definitely do your shopping this weekend. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Girls Bouffant Slips | Sophia’s Style

Girls Petticoat Slips
Petticoat Slips

You know what word I never get to use?  Bouffant.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even said that word out loud, I only ever read it.  According to Wikipedia it’s a hairstyle, “the bouffant was popular in Western culture in the 1960s, when it was created with the help of back-combing and large amounts of hair spray.”  Wiki also says the the style is suspected to have originated in France, where it was developed because Marie Antoinette wanted her hair to look thicker.  Fascinating.  Girls bouffant slips are used for the purpose of making skirts look fuller.  They have without a doubt been around longer than Marie Antoinette’s thin hair, so I kind of feel like the word “bouffant” should reference the slips before the hairdo. 

Girls Pageant Dresses

Anyhow, enough rambling about word origins, the purpose of today’s blog is for me to remind you that you might want to get petticoat slips to go with all the pretty Christmas dresses you’ll be buying.  Sophia’s Style dresses are made to be stunning as they are, but an extra fluffy skirt always looks extra adorable. 

In other news, did you know that as of this week, Sophia’s Style is carrying a whole new line of absolutely gorgeous dresses by Sweetie Pie?  Just look at how pretty these dresses are! 

Flower Girl Dresses

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


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