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Shoes Make the Outfit | Sophias Style

Nina Gr8 Brown Suede Faux Fur Clogs

It’s true shoes make the outfit even when the outfit calls for baby girl’s shoes. Go trendy and take a blast to the past and get a pair of shoes with faux fur trim. We have boots super cute girl’s boots as well. Footwear for any occasion. Is she going to church? We have girl’s shoes for that. Going to a formal event? We have shoes for that. Going to the park? Yes, we even have shoes for that. From the crib to her prom, Sophia’s Style has girl’s shoes for all occasions. Take a look, buy a pair or two, there is always a perfect time to wear shoes.

Cha Cha Cha! |

Check out these new kicks! These pink and black zebra print girls shoes are the newest addition to our footwear collection, and boy are they cute. This is definitely not your ordinary pair of dress shoes, but is the perfect fit for your budding little fashionista. 

We all “ooh’ed” and “ahh’ed” when we saw them and I’m sure you will too once you take a look! These designer baby girl shoes also come in silver and black zebra print and are sure to make an eye-catching statement with her party or special occasion dress. They mimic all of the latest footwear fashions for women, but are still colorful and whimsical like little girl shoes should be. 

If you order them today, you can save 20%. Until 11:59pm CST tonight, you can enter code LIKE at the checkout on  for a 20% discount on any regular priced items. That means these stellar shoes, girls Christmas dresses, outerwear and much much more! 

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Fall Wedding Footwear at

Fall wedding shoes for girls
Summer may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean wedding season is. September, October and November weddings are becoming more popular than ever and the crisp fall air and beautiful changing colors make the perfect backdrop for exchanging vows. This means flower girls are still very much in demand – maybe your little girl is one of them. The cooler temps change a lot about her look, especially the pair of girls dress shoes that are appropriate for the season. 

The weddings during the dog days of summer might require open toe or strappy sandal style dress shoes for girls, but fall is a little different. Usually flats or Mary Jane style shoes will keep her feet more cozy and comfortable. But don’t worry, these styles of toddler girl dress shoes are not the bore you’re picturing! carries dozens of pairs of girl, toddler and infant dress shoes that are anything but boring. They feature elegant shimmer and shine, plus beautiful details like bows and rhinestones. These shoes are truly the best of both worlds. Her feet will look appropriate for the occasion and feel appropriate for the weather.
Brown and gold are both popular wedding accent colors for the fall. Imagine these pretty shoes with a beautiful green or navy flower girl dress. Perfection!

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A Shoe for Every Foot

The hunt for the perfect pair of girls shoes for school has commenced! You already know that is the place to find the most trendy, high quality and affordable little and baby girl shoes. Now the only question that remains is which one to choose. It all depends on how her feet are feeling. Classic? Glamorous? Whimsical? We have a footwear answer for any mood she’s in!

Our classic little trendy girls will love these suede Mary Jane style strap shoes. They are available in four colors and will look great with tights or ruffle socks. These little girls shoes are the ideal mate for school uniforms. No matter what clothes you pair them with, their classic, understated style is sure to shine through.

Channel her inner rock star with a pair of these shiny fashion boots. The little details are what make them so sensational. Each pair features a puffy quilted texture, a bow on the side and a jeweled buckle embellishment at the ankle. When it comes to the perfect outfit to pair with them, think trendy tunics, patterned leggings and a whole lot of sparkle!

Calling all girly girls! These delicate shoes for little girls are a must for any little girl who’s most comfortable in flowy sundresses and floral prints. The colors are soft and pretty and the flower pom pom embellishment will remind her of spring.  

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Girls Designer Shoes | Sophias Style

Girls Designer Shoes
Girls Designer Shoes

 Have you checked out our girls shoes department at Sophias Style lately?  If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and click the magical blue words, because they will transport you to what I believe just might be the most enormous shoe selection you have ever seen.  We have started carrying some truly fabulous girls designer shoes by brands like Roper Kids, Nina Kids and John Deere

I especially like the new styles of baby girl shoes, like the John Deere soft sole boots, they’re so darling! 

You know what’s strange?  I honestly think I owned more shoes when I was a kid than I do now.  It’s because I’m picky, I won’t buy shoes unless they’re perfect and really great quality (read:  overpriced), which means I don’t have the luxury of being able to run out and  buy three new pairs any old time I feel like it.  Kids are so lucky, I never manage to find cute shoes like the ones we sell at Sophias for such great prices.  Did you know Nina Shoes were featured in Vogue Paris?  And now you can buy them on our site for only $29.99!  Buy your daughters, neices and granddaughters lots of great shoes while you can!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog

The Perfect Winter Sale Storm


Discount Girls Clothing
Rare Editions Plaid Sweater Dress

Deep down inside, I always think I would be a little sad if I won the lottery.  Money comes with so many benefits; I would love the travel, love being able to give the people I care about everything they need.. but at the same time, I think it would kill the joy of shopping for me.  Bargain hunting is so much fun!  The challenge is so exciting.  For example:  I have been in semi-desperate need of a new winter coat.  The one I’ve been wearing has a lovely design, but it’s beginning to look hopelessly ragged.  Even my dry cleaners have given up on it. 

However, it’s Christmas, and I don’t have tons of spare cash to be spending on myself at the moment.  I would put a coat on my wishlist, but to be honest, coats are something I simply have to find for myself- the style, fit and color all need to be perfect. 

So, I’ve been browsing all my favorite women’s clothing sites, and I finally came across The One.  It’s beautiful:  the perfect neutral shade of camel, bracelet-length sleeves, funnel collar, and a swing hem- very 20’s, which is my absolute favorite fashion era.  The only problem was the price!  The coat is gorgeous, and judging by the quality of everything else I’ve bought from that company, it’s probably worth every penny they’re asking.  Nevertheless, Christmas gifts for others are priority number one in December.  I decided to cross my fingers that it didn’t sell out, and hope for the perfect winter sale storm to hit.  And it actually did!  They marked the price down by 40%, and then offered an additional 25% discount on all sale items.  I bought it immediately, and it was just in the knick of time, because the coat completely sold out the very next day. 

Discount Girls Clothing

As much as I loved the coat before, I love it even more now that I got it at such a killer price.  If I had an unlimited clothing budget, I’d have just bought it right away.  Sure, I’d still adore it, but there’s no way I’d be able to appreciate it the way I do now.

Sophia’s Style is now beginning our Winter Wonderland Sale– which is our Perfect Storm of winter discounts.  Winter items are not only marked down, but you get an additional 25% off all our in-season styles if you enter WINTER25 at checkout.  Now you can shop all the things you just couldn’t quite justify spending money on before, and get them at a fraction of the original price.  Winter markdowns are a beautiful thing. 

Side Note:  If you’re feeling like you should be slowing down the winter shopping and starting to think about spring, you’re half right.  Spring is what’s next.  However, we all know that we’ve got about two more months of bitter cold ahead of us before we can even hope to start emulating anything that’s happening on the runways in the way to Spring ’11 RTW.  Also, winter styles vary far less from season to season than warm weather looks do.  Nice coats, cozy sweaters, and lots-o-layers are basically always going to be in, so never hesitate to stock up when the price is right.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Must-Have Shoes for Fall and Winter


Girls Shoes
Pink Patent Boots

 Happy Monday everyone!  I’ve had three cups of coffee and I get to blog about shoes, it’s a good day!  This weekend was glorious, I went to a very fancy party on Friday night, then woke up bright and early on Saturday to go get family picures done at a orchard near my parents’ house.  I arrived at 8:10 (only 10 minutes behind schedule, not bad for a Saturday morning), and was greeted by my brother’s girlfriend who was wearing a very sparkly piece of jewelry on the most important finger!  She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, and then we got our family pictures taken with her, because she’s going to be my sister-in-law!  I’m so excited.  After the pictures we went out to breakfast for a mini-celebration, then my mom, my new sis (Brittany) and I went to see a florist and talk about wedding things.  Brittany has already picked out colors, and I’m thrilled because she has fantastic taste, and she showed me a photo of the style for the bridesmaid dresses- they’re going to be beautiful- once again, she has fantastic taste. 

Little Girl Shoes
Beaded Laura Ashley Sneakers

 Anywho, how was everyone else’s weekend?  Hopefully great, this fall has been perfect so far, we couldn’t ask for better weather in Omaha.  Have you started thinking about late-fall and winter shoes yet?  Your little fashionista is going to be needing some new kicks, and you’re in luck, because Sophia’s Style has some adorable girls shoes that she’s going to love (yes, I’m already day-dreaming about which pairs I’ll buy my future neice, because after marriage comes baby in the baby carriage).  Here are my top three Must-Have pairs of little girl shoes:

1.  My first favorite pair are the pink patent lace up boots.  They’re bright and fun, and they’ll keep her warm while still looking cute and girly.  Plus, over the past four or five years, boots have gone from being a bit of a fashion statement item, to being a wardrobe staple.  The simple design of this pair is classic, and the lace up detail and fun color keeps them for looking boring. 

Girls Shoes
Laura Ashley Maryjanes

 2.  My next favorites are the beaded Laura Ashley sneakers.  Laura Ashley is a designer brand, and those shoes are so pretty and so well made.  They’re more fun than regular sneakers, warm enough for winter wear, and unique.  The photo really doesn’t do the colors justice, they’re even prettier in real life. 

3.  I swore to myself I wouldn’t post about anymore black shoes, but this pair of maryjanes by L’Amour is so pretty that I couldn’t help it.  I chose this photo because you can really see how nice the interior of the shoes is.  They’ll make great winter dress shoes, and because they’re black, they’ll go with almost any outfit.  They’re patent leather, and the little flowers on the straps are super pretty and have tiny rhinestones in the centers. 

You can go directly to the pictured pairs by clicking on their photos, or you can shop girls shoes or baby girl shoes at Sophia’s Style and see everything we have in stock.  Have your little girl help pick out her own shoes, it’s a fun activity and if you start early, she’ll love shopping with you!  My mom and I still shop together, it’s our favorite mother-daughter activity. 

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New Girls Shoes | Sophia’s Style

Girls ShoesWe just got some brand new girls shoes in, and they’re so pretty and perfect!  I especially love these little red ballet flats with the rhinestone strap across the tops.  The brand is One Ruby Lane, which is known for being very high quality and always stylish.  We also carry their boots, which are these really fun lace ups with interchangeable knit wraps around the ankles- so you can switch the color according to what outfit she’s wearing.  With leggings, jeggings, and skinny jeans, boots are the must-have footwear item for the fall and winter season.  The One Ruby Lane lace-ups are perfect for daily wear; they’re stylish, comfortable, versatile, and well-made so they’ll last all year! 
Shop baby girl shoes and shoes for little girls at Sophia’s Style, and find just what she needs!
Girls ShoesJessi 

It’s Always A Good Time To Shop For Girls Shoes | Sophia’s Style

Baby Girl Shoes

Kids just love getting new shoes!  When I was a nanny, the children were excited about their new pairs of shoes for weeks, sometimes months, after they got them.  Whenever I told the two year old girl, Ally, that it was time to go outside and to find her shoes, she’d raise her eyebrows and say, “My new shoes?” and when I said yes, she’d get so excited and run off to get them! 

Girls Shoes

At Sophia’s Style, we have so many adorable girls shoes!  My newest obsession is our Wee Squeak shoes, they have little removable inserts that squeak every time the child takes a step.  Evidently it helps toddlers learn to walk, and it makes keeping track of them in public places much easier (if you aren’t looking, you can hear if they start to wander away).  Those things aside, they’re incredibly well-made shoes, and they come in a zillion adorable styles.  They’re excellent baby girl shoes

We also have a ton of really pretty girls shoes.  In fact, yesterday I told my officemate about three different times how much I wish they made a grown up version of these faux-croc Laura Ashley maryjanes, because they’re absolutely perfect (and I’m obsessed with black croc and quilted shoes and purses right now), and the little silver detailed buckles on them are so pretty and vintage-y. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


Girls Shoes | Sophia’s Style

Girls Shoes

It doesn’t matter how old she is, girls just love shoes! It’s part of our DNA, and Sophia’s Style is more than prepared to help you and your little girl find just the right pair of girls shoes and baby girl shoes for any occasion. Whether she’s looking for a new back-to-school style, dress shoes, sneakers, or dance slippers, we’ve got a variety of everything in all kinds of gorgeous colors!

Here are a few pairs that I think belong in every girl’s closet:

This pair of black flats by L’Amour; they’re the perfect combination of girly and practical. These are the sort of shoes that will work with dress up clothes or for daily wear, they’re a wardrobe staple with a twist. We also carry them in white and light pink.

Girls Shoes

These red sneakers by Wee Squeak; every kid ought to own a pair of red sneakers, they’re the epitome of childhood footwear. These are for playing kickball or hide-and-seek in the schoolyard! These are kind of shoes kids have adventures in, she’s going to be wearing them when she brings home bugs in jars, they’ll be on her feet when she does her victory dance on the day you finally agree to let her have a kitten or a puppy. This is the pair of shoes she’ll wear holes in the soles of.

A pair of glittery fuchsia shoes by Luna International; girls like it when things sparkle and shine, particularly when it comes to jewelry and footwear. Enough said.

Girls Shoes

Click on any of these photos to shop those specific styles, or just stop by the Girls Shoes page at Sophia’s Style Boutique and browse the rest of our fantastic selection of girls footwear!

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