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Flower Girl’s Dresses

From low-key weddings on the beach to extravagant weddings in a Cathedral, Sophia’s Style has a wide variety of flower girls dresses for your flower girl. Brand names from designers like Bonnie Jean and Lito at great discounted prices. It’s hard to find a better deal anywhere else with such a variety of sizes from infant flower girls to plus size flower girls. Don’t forget the flower girl accessories. Add a sash for a colorful splash or tiara for extra sass.

Leading the Procession….Stealing the Show Flowergirl Dresses

Girls Clothes,flower girl dressesYour little one has the royal privilege of leading the wedding procession down the aisle. This is an awesome responsibility to headline the show in the perfect flower girl dress from Tossing lovely petals prior the procession signifies the elegance and royalty of what is to follow. We all dream of the perfect wedding and mostly a long loving married life together.

Fresh rose petals were used as wedding throws in the middle ages, since they are known to have been used to decorate the bride’s hair from very early times.The wedding throw was initially a pagan rite, and grains and seeds were thrown rather than rice, which spread from the orient to the west in the Middle Ages. What people threw would naturally depend on the crops indigenous to the area, and the idea was that the fertility symbolized by the seeds would be passed on to the couple.

Completing the procession of flower Girl dresses with the perfect flower basket, lovely sparkly shoes, head and hair accessories complete the specialness of this important day. And you larger families don’t fight over who will be the flower girl just have all the little girls in the wedding and change the color of the sash and add a flower of the same color to the dress

The baby flower girl dress is also available in all colors and sizes for your lovely day! This will be a grace filled day certain to go down in “one of the funnest days ff my life” book as you grow up.

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In your Easter Dress…. Bonnet…. with all the Frills Upon It….


I remember when it was Easter time my mom would say
“there’s the Easter bunny” and I would run to the window AS FAST as I could to see it—-
but she would say “oh you just missed it!”

Girls Clothes/dresses/easter bx=Don’t MISS this great sale on darling Easter dresses! Sophia is always thinking ahead of what to wear (she’s been making Christmas gifts lately too shhhh!) Now she is thinking of what little sisters baby Easter dress will look like. Sometimes mom dresses them alike because there are so many sizes available at in girls Easter dresses.

Little sis LOVES to do everything Sophia does even wear the same shoes and bags with matching hats!

Your little one will look beauty FULL in these lovely little Easter dresses that could be a flower girls dress or vice versa!

Remember the gift baskets at it’s a good way to replace that candy!
Easter reminds me of the caterpillar that said
“just when I thought it was all going to end, I turned into a beautiful butterfly!”

Enjoy today but plan for tomorrow,
This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

It’s Prom Time! | Special Occasion Dresses for Girl’s Prom at Sophia’s Style Boutique



Buy Special Occasion Dresses Direct from

It’s Prom time again! The dresses, the corsage, the shoes…the hair! All of the fun glamorous things that make up the perfect prom outfit. Alot of the times the little girls feel left out. They see their big sisters or cousins getting all “dolled up” for prom and then they go off to their rooms to make up their own perfect prom night. Why not throw a junior prom night at your very own “junior-junior” prom at your house. Planning would be simple, but make sure to start early! You want to make sure you give parents about 3 weeks notice so they can have the perfect outfit picked out. has the perfect little girls dresses for this occasion. The bonus is that you can re-purpose these for Easter, weddings, family functions, etc.
Invitations – simple print out on the computer. Give the nudge to some of the Dads or big brothers to be their “dates”. Have the event be just 2 hrs or so. Enough to play a few songs, have some hors d’oeuvres and take pictures. Remind parents to bring their cameras so they can capture all of the smiles and moments from their first big dance. A great idea would be to ask the parents to bring in a picture from their high school prom. What a great conversation starter for the parents to remember “when”.

Music – easy! Download some music onto your computer and play it. Of course, make sure that there is a couple of Jonas Brothers or High School Musical songs on there. Nothing too loud or hard for them to understand.
Decorations – make it cheesy! Crepe paper, balloons. If you can find a disco ball to hook up that would be great. Make sure to have an area set up for picture taking. Offer to take the pictures with your digital camera and send copies to the parents. Make sure to get a picture of each girl and their “date”. A group picture would also be fun.
Snacks – punch, cookies..simple, easy and a crowd pleaser. Make sure that you have plenty of napkins and that it’s not a dark red punch.
You can make it a fun way to bring in spring and celebrate those special occasions with your little girl and her friends. Remember, girls clothing store has a large selection of little girls dresses. We have everything from formal dresses, accessories, shoes…everything you need to make this “prom” special for your little girl.

Have a great party planning idea? Want to share your stories, hints or tips? Click here to share with us your ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

Finding the perfect Flower Girl Dress


It’s hard to believe what planning goes into a wedding. Affordable Flowergirl Dresses can assist you in picking out that perfect dress for your little flower girl. Matching up the colors, style and sizes can pose to be quite the challenge. With all the stress you have in planning for that big day, we’re here to help. We offer many styles in a wide array of colors. We also have the accessories to complete that look. We have tiaras, gloves, tights and even shoes that will match up with our dresses and make your flowergirl get the oohs and aahs from the congregation.

Visit Affordable Flowergirl Dresses for the latest styles in sizes from toddler to plus size. Make one stop for your dress and accessories. Cross one more thing off your list as DONE!

It’s Easter Dress Time


The weather is getting warmer, and our thoughts are turning towards spring and those special days ahead. Affordable Flower Girl Dresses has the best selection to make those Easter events the most special they can be. The Easter Dresses that are available are top of the line, boutique quality by manufacturers such as Rare Editions and Biscotti. Lovely pastel colors with ribbons and lace will accent those Easter pictures and fresh spring smiles. Accessories such as gloves, petticoats and shoes are also available to complete that outfit.

Your little girl will be the hit of the Easter Parade if you shop at Affordable Flowergirl Dresses. Spring is in the air and the season will be that much more special with a new Easter Dress.

Easter Dresses | Find the Perfect Easter Outfit at


Easter season is in full bloom at Sophias Style girl’s clothing store. Many exquisite Easter dresses are already here, and more Easter dresses for your little girl are arriving daily. Easter 2008 is on Sunday, March 23, which is rapidly approaching. As Easter is earlier this year, many of our spring Easter dresses have already begun to sell out. To be sure she has the perfect Easter outfit, shop today! Free shipping for all US orders over $50!

Yellow flower girl dress


Yellow the color for friendship,innocence, and cooperation. When choosing a yellow flower girl dress keep in mind that yellow is cheerful and sunny and a great attention grabber. She will not only be the one to set the stage for the entrance of the bride, but also the general feel of the wedding.

You can choose just one shade of yellow, or for more of a monochromatic look use many different shades of yellow. With yellow you can choose patterns and textures as they are more visible on lighter colors.

So have fun, let her shine in a yellow flower girl dress! Yellow flower girl dresses may be found directly on Affordable Flower Girl Dresses.

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