Celebrate Your Little Girl With A Birthday Dress

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A friend of mine got wonderful news this week and I’m so excited for her! Finally paperwork has come through from the Indian government and next month she and her husband will be traveling overseas to adopt two young sisters from India. They started this process more than a year ago, and now the adoption is nearly final. The girls were abandoned in a train station after their mother died, and I know my friend is anxious and excited to show her new daughters the love and care they’ve been missing.

To help her celebrate their arrival, friends and family are throwing a “gotcha day” party for the girls. This is a common occurrence, especially when families adopt internationally. Instead of celebrating the child’s birthday (which is often times unknown), they celebrate the day he or she was adopted – a “gotcha day.” It’s a great way of moving forward from a past that is often scary and painful. More importantly, it signifies a new beginning with a new family.

 Just because the celebration has a different name does not mean the girls should be without beautiful birthday dresses! I helped my friend pick out a birthday dress from SophiasStyle.com for each girl to wear to her party. They’ll be the perfect icing on the cake for their “gotcha day” celebration. I know their new dresses will make the girls feel like princesses on such an important day in their lives. I hope beautiful birthday outfits help them create memories with their new family that will truly last a lifetime!

How do you celebrate you daughter’s birthday (or “gotcha day”)? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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