Living Green with Your Kids | Don’t Just Stand There, Plant a Tree | Sophias Style | Louis Robinson

It is a pretty common school of thought that habits taught to your children when young, will translate into habits they practice when older. If we do our part to conserve the earth now with strong teachings of green living, we can knock out two goals at once, and I’m going to tell you how.

The first objective is to teach our kids strong conservation practices. Maybe you can start with something that will enrich the earth and your child’s mind. Get outside and plant a tree! Nebraska is the home of Arbor Day and we are all about increasing the amount of trees. Head to your local nursery and pick up a small tree that you and your children can plant together. Not only will you be doing something inventive and fun with your children, you will be doing your part to conserve the environment.

Other great outdoor activities range from the obvious sports and games, to some other not so obvious activities like nature camps and fun science projects. With spring finally here, you could start a leaf hunting project. Collect different types of leaves out at whatever local forests you can, and have them organize and identify them all.

The secondary goal of all this is to get kids up and more active. By providing them with fun and nature oriented activities, you are encouraging your children to get outside and be active! With the growing amount of overweight kids, it is more important now than ever before to encourage active healthy lifestyles!

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