Living Green with Your Kids | Greener Lunches Pt. 2 | | Louis Robinson

So I don’t know anybody over at but I’m hoping a few of you checked out their awesome recycled lunch container. I thought about using one of them myself and making my co-workers at “green” with envy (corny, I know)! Now that you are on your way to greener lunches with a new recyclable lunch box, and you’ve stopped buying those pre-made lunches for the kids, let’s talk about what to put in our box.

Kids love to get down and dirty and eat with their hands. And why wouldn’t they, it’s a completely natural and fun way to get your daily meals. A nice way to get them involved is to prepare lunches together, and make items that they can make and eat with their hands. Lunch wraps in organic tortillas are a perfect idea, and you can use the same foods you would put in your sandwiches normally. Try quesadillas or soft tacos, or you could even put the fixings for the sandwich in your re-usable container and have them put it together themselves once they get to the lunch room.
For clean-up, pack them a re-usable cloth napkin. Not only does it eliminate waste, it cuts down on the amount you have to spend on paper products from day to day. Make sure they bring it home to rinse and re-use and you also lower your impact on the school itself.
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