Of Soul and Body – Exposing your children to music, gymnastics, dance and other arts

The Greek philosopher, Plato, believed that children should be educated in music to shape the soul and gymnastics to strengthen the body. He spoke of this often, particularly in The Republic. Though that was hundreds of years ago, the advice is still sound. Expose your children to music, dance, gymnastics, art, anything that encourages them to reach inside themselves and find the person that they truly are. I was a dancer as a youngster, took gymnastics until I grew too tall (I am a 6 footer. Too much to throw over) to compete. I studied piano, took voice lessons, acted on stage and dabbled in art. Though I was very shy and awkward as a child, I shone onstage no matter what I was doing. As an adult I have noticed differences in myself, qualities that others who were not exposed to the arts, do not have. I have a certain confidence. I will tackle anything and feel absolutely certain that I can do it! There is just something there.

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Yes, gymnastics, dance and other artistic pursuits teaches self discipline and gives children a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle later in life. When children learn young how to take care of their bodies, are encouraged to exercise and eat right, it tends to stick with them. When your body is trained in dance or gymnastics it knows the “feel” of being healthy, toned and in shape. And as it gets older it does not forget that feeling. The main thing to remember is flexibility. If your child gets into something and realizes that it is not for him or her, just go with it. If you force the child to remain in an activity that he or she does not enjoy or you have a melt-down if they are not perfect or it just isn’t “them” then they will be afraid to try anything else new. Be understand and loving, but most of all be flexible.

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