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Baby showers can be daunting affairs, ones often faced with trepidation. The ominous gift issue raises its ugly head. You want to get something useful but cute, necessary but unique. What do you buy? Sophia’s Style has many adorable and unique gifts for baby that are perfect for baby showers. Choose from playful rompers, cute clothes and adorable accessories. Many items can even be personalized with baby’s name! When you get your baby shower gift from Sophia’s Style you can rest assured that not only will your gift be ultra unique and personal, but it will also be the very best one at the shower!

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At Sophia’s Style you can find the too-cute-for-words romper by Baby Baubles. This pink ballet romper comes with a matching hat! A little appliqué ballerina, roses and rhinestones frolic playfully amid the super soft couture material. Everyone will be oohing and aahing over this unique gift! Have it personalized by having her name embroidered on it for just $8.00 and you are set. You can also choose the Little Me Butterfly Romper with its flower buttons, attached sleeveless top and matching hat, or you may opt for the BT Kids Smocked Dress. This charming little dress comes with matching bloomers and a hat!

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Tickles and Giggles has delightfully unique little outfits that are sure to tickle your fancy. The handmade Pink Boa dress is always a hit. You may have seen this dress on Friends or Oprah. It is an adorable, handmade two piece white dress with pink boa trim. This is a precious keepsake for your baby. If you want something a little more showy, you may opt for the Tickles and Giggles handmade lavender and turquoise dress. The turquoise bodice is embellished with little lavender ribbons to match the lavender tulle skirt. She will look like a ballerina or a fairy princess in this dress!

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You can find everything you need at Sophia’s Style to complete the look. Browse through hair accessories, socks and tights, a unique selection of baby jewelry, bags and purses, gloves and even shoes. Sophia’s Style is your one stop shop for dressing your little girl or getting the “total look” outfit for a baby shower. Pick up a personalized baby shower gift or layette. Find the cutest little girl clothes you could ever imagine. Have your gift personalized. Everything you need to make your gift the best gift at the shower can be found at Sophia’s Style. Find it, buy it, personalize it, and fall in love with it.

Vacationing with the Kids – How to Pack, How to Have Fun, How to Survive

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While family vacations can be loads of fun, they can also be quite stressful. Packing for the kids seems to be quite an issue. Pack enough so that they have clean clothing to wear, but don’t pack so much that you end up on traction from carrying the suitcase! You want to cover all the bases as far as climate is concerned. But packing two sets of clothes, one for warm weather and one for cold, is out of the question. Then there are the four words that every parent dreads, “Are we there yet?” How do you keep your kids entertained on a long car ride (even considering a “long” car ride to be the two and a half hour one to grandma’s) and keep your sanity?
Packing the kids for vacation can be made quite simple if you are organized. First, determine how long you will be gone. Count driving or travel days from the moment you leave your driveway until you return. Make a list of every item you are bringing. List how many pair of underwear, how many t-shirts, describe dresses, even list shoes. Now, consider the climate for where you are going. Is it expected to be warm? Pack for warm weather, but add a sweater, long pants and closed in shoes. Is it expected to be cool? Pack for cold weather, but throw in a couple of tee shirts, light sweater, even a pair of short pants and some tennies. Cover all the bases and be ready for anything.

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The car ride can be fun or it can be a headache. When my children were younger, I made them a car activity pack. It had crayons, paper, coloring books, games, reading books and other fun activities. We also had silly little games that we played in the car, like I Spy. I would make up stories and we would sing songs. As they grew older, their needs changed, so we started talking more. We would discuss what we wanted to do in the future, what the future would be like and what they wanted to be when they grew up. The long trips we took in the car were some of the most special times of our lives. I learned so much about them and they still talk about their adventures in the car and the things we would do.
Family vacations can be a super fun time and a time for getting to know your kids a little better. As long as you are organized and prepared you should encounter very few bumps. Make your list, get together some car-friendly activities and you will be good to go. Take it easy, relax and get ready to have fun!

Picture Perfect – Dressing for that Perfect Picture

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As a professional photographer I have taken pictures of hundreds of kids. When I had my own studio I soon realized that kids are big business in the photography world. I have seen parents travel for hours to come to a certain photography studio to achieve that perfect photograph. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to get the look that the parents want. They, especially the newer parents, haven’t yet realized that when taking photos of kids you learn to be happy with what you get. Sometimes the parents can be more challenging than the kids when we’re all locked up in the studio.

When making the appointment for your child’s photo session, consider the time of day. Try for after nap, before dinner. That is the perfect time, but things can always go wrong. Maybe your child will fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio. They won’t be particularly happy about you waking them to have a photographer dance around them, talking in a shrill voice, wanting them to smile. Try to get to the studio or near the studio about 30 minutes prior to your appointment to walk around and wake up if the unexpected nap occurs. Other unforeseen issues can arise such as the child falls down, wets himself or herself, gets upset over something, doesn’t feel well or just is not in the mood to sit and have his picture taken. It happens, they are kids, kids are unpredictable, but trust your photographer. If you have chosen a photographer who is specialized (and I highly recommend that) you should have no problems.

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Dress your child in clothing that is comfortable and that she likes. This is more important the just about anything else. If the child feels good and comfortable, the photos will look great. If she has a particularly funky style you can compromise and take a couple of photos in the outfit you choose and a couple of shots in her own unique ensemble. You may be surprised. Avoid large prints and geometrical shapes. Also, try to find out the color or colors of the backdrops so you do not dress your child to blend in with them and become the “invisible person.” Black, white and red are colors that even top notch cameras have trouble with sometimes. If you are determined to use these colors, break it up a little, don’t go all one color. Flashy jewelry reflects light. You may get a glare if you child wears anything shiny. Eyeglasses are OK to wear in a photo, but avoid shiny frames. If your child does wear eyeglasses you can angle them slightly, tipping the bows up slightly off of his ears. This keeps the light from reflecting on them and making your child look like an alien.

Just be flexible and realize that sometimes the best photos with the most engaging smiles are not the ones you planned when you made the appointment. Let the child, the real child, shine through. Let the real smile emerge, the real expression, the mussed hair. Years later you will look at that photo and see who your child really was. And the memories of that day will bring you many, many fond memories and smiles. Finally, you can try these tips at home and achieve amazing results.

Of Soul and Body – Exposing your children to music, gymnastics, dance and other arts


The Greek philosopher, Plato, believed that children should be educated in music to shape the soul and gymnastics to strengthen the body. He spoke of this often, particularly in The Republic. Though that was hundreds of years ago, the advice is still sound. Expose your children to music, dance, gymnastics, art, anything that encourages them to reach inside themselves and find the person that they truly are. I was a dancer as a youngster, took gymnastics until I grew too tall (I am a 6 footer. Too much to throw over) to compete. I studied piano, took voice lessons, acted on stage and dabbled in art. Though I was very shy and awkward as a child, I shone onstage no matter what I was doing. As an adult I have noticed differences in myself, qualities that others who were not exposed to the arts, do not have. I have a certain confidence. I will tackle anything and feel absolutely certain that I can do it! There is just something there.

If your daughter decides to take the plunge and pursue dance or gymnastics, Sophias Style can outfit her. Sophias Style has hand dyed leotards and tutus at awesome prices. They also have handmade ballet shoes in sizes to fit any little ballerina’s foot. From baby ballet shoes to toddler ballet shoes to dance outfits to bags and accessories, can outfit your little dancer in classy, cute apparel that is easy to move in, easy to wear and easy to clean.

Yes, gymnastics, dance and other artistic pursuits teaches self discipline and gives children a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle later in life. When children learn young how to take care of their bodies, are encouraged to exercise and eat right, it tends to stick with them. When your body is trained in dance or gymnastics it knows the “feel” of being healthy, toned and in shape. And as it gets older it does not forget that feeling. The main thing to remember is flexibility. If your child gets into something and realizes that it is not for him or her, just go with it. If you force the child to remain in an activity that he or she does not enjoy or you have a melt-down if they are not perfect or it just isn’t “them” then they will be afraid to try anything else new. Be understand and loving, but most of all be flexible.

My Daughter is the Flower Girl! – How to Survive Having Your Child in a Wedding


OK, your sister, a blushing bride-to-be, has just asked you if your little girl can be in her wedding. Your imagination is alive with visions of your little princess floating down the aisle, dropping rose petals, displaying a charming toothless grin while she does everything absolutely perfect, right? Dream on. Certainly you have seen those funniest home video shows with their wedding editions. Pay close attention, most of them involve children. But this does not have to be a bad thing. Children add flavor and originality to weddings. Children are delightfully unpredictable and can turn a wedding video from a garden variety video to a personal keepsake that will be forever treasured.
This special event should be fun for your child. After all, you don’t want a stressed-out, teary eyed flower girl sulking down the aisle, do you? Make it fun, exciting, let her have some say in what she wears, even it is only the undergarments that she is allowed to select. Try to choose a flower girl dress that she at least likes a little bit. I must interject here, though, as a mom of a daughter I have learned that little girls change their minds daily, sometimes hourly. Last month my 14 year old daughter absolutely hated two things: sandals and sleeveless shirts. A couple of weeks ago I took her shopping and do you know what she chose? You guessed it, sandals and sleeveless shirts. When I asked her about it she only replied, “Well, I like them now.” OK, “whatev.” Throughout her young life I have experienced this with her from dresses to eggs (still an ongoing daily change, I think she likes them on Tuesdays and Sundays) to the color pink (which she hates). My point here is that what she likes today she may loathe tomorrow. I only tell you this as a friend so you can prepare yourself.

Suppose your daughter is totally against any form of flower girl dress or special occasion dress. That certainly stinks and presents a bit more of a challenge, but it can be overcome. I have found that focusing on one aspect of the outfit like the pretty lace, the bow that is in her favorite color, the fact that she looks like a “real live princess” often does the trick. However, when all else fails, bribery usually works. Offer her a dollar after the wedding if she does as she is supposed to, or ice cream, or Chuck E Cheese (the great old standby), a new car when she is 18, hey, desperate times call for desperate measures! Try the same with the hair accessories, but remain realistic here. It is just a simple fact of life that with some kids the only way you are going to keep that tiara on her head is with Superglue and a straight jacket.
Just as children add spice to our lives, they can do the same for weddings. As long as you keep your sense of humor and try to be patient, having your child participate in a wedding can be an exciting and fun activity. It can also be a great bonding experience as you work closely with your child and learn about her, her personality. Keep your eyes and ears open and your feet on the ground. Don’t take it all too seriously, relax, live a little, enjoy this special time because before you know it she will be choosing her own flower girl.

FASHION WATCH! – Birthdays by Sophia’s Style

You want your child’s birthday to be special in every way, right down to the birthday outfit. But you don’t want to break the bank doing it. Sophia’s Style has beautiful birthday dresses and adorable outfits at a fraction of what you would pay in a child’s specialty store. At this specialty boutique you get the discount price without having to sacrifice quality. And you will have a treasured heirloom that will be passed down for generations to come.
Find adorable clothing for girls and boys and a mere $8 will get your item personalized. From size 12 month to 6X, you can get that 1st birthday dress and still have enough left to go all-out on your little man’s or little girl’s birthday party. Sophia’s Style also offers accessories such as birthday hats, bows, shoes, socks and tights. It is a one-stop shopping experience with everything you need to complete the look.

Your little guy can dress like the “big guys” and you little girl can dress like a princess while you pay a fraction of what you would at the mall. Little boys can choose from sweet little blazer and pant sets, skateboard jacket and pant set and dozens of different pant and shirt and shorts and shirt sets. Little girls can pick and choose among fresh and fun outfits and frilly, pretty dresses. These ensembles are great for his or her 1st birthday. Give as a gift that will be cherished always and passed down as a precious family keepsake.

Birthdays, especially first birthdays, are important milestones and you want everything perfect, especially the pictures. Sophia’s Style fashions range from trendy to traditional and will help you create photos that will last a lifetime. Give your little one the perfect dress, perfect cake, the perfect birthday! She will forever treasure the memories you create through your photographs of the event. Just picture those vibrant colors and sweet look on your little one as she blows out the candles on her birthday cake – while you capture it on film, of course!

Sophia’s Style rises head and shoulders above the rest with personalized attire and accessories, handmade fashions, unique ensembles and some of the cutest little hats and bows you will ever see. Imagine your little girl in a pink “birthday Princess” birthday party hat with glitter and marabou trim. Picture your little boy in a Nanette three piece linen pinstripe blazer set. Your child’s birthday will be one to remember, and treasure always, in togs from Sophia’s Style.

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