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First birthday parties are lots of fun to arrange, especially because it’s a party for yourself even more than it is your baby (but, don’t tell anyone!). After all, your little prince or princess doesn’t really understand what the whole ruckus is all about. While you’re celebrating a year since giving birth, which in itself is an exhilarating occasion, you’re also celebrating that your little tyke is moving forward (literally). The staff here at is here to help make that first birthday party planning easy and less expensive. Let’s chat about party invitations.

A diaper invitation is a great idea for first birthday parties. You simply would cut a piece of paper into a square, fold it in half to make a triangle and fold the corners of the triangle toward the center. This should look somewhat like a diaper. You can even add a real safety pin to hold the triangles. Wording the invitation can be a fun experience as well. You can write the invitation like a newspaper headline: “_______Just Turned One!!” You can also print on them a little story like “One year ago, on (date of birth) a little angel blessed our lives. We named her/him (baby’s name). In the past year, she/he has learned so much…how to drink from a cup, feed herself/himself, crawl , almost walk, talk, laugh and love. Now, she/he is calling on her/his favorite friends and family to help celebrate a wonderful past year and big kick off for the next. Your presences is requested at the very first birthday party for (baby’s name)”. You can add the location, date and time. You can even photocopy or scan a picture into your invite. What a memorable keepsake this will be for family and friends. Make sure that you keep a few extra to put in her baby book. Who knows, maybe she’ll use this idea for her child’s first birthday!

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