Sophias Style | 5 Minutes of FUN For Babies and Toddlers


If your children keep you busy and you need 5 minutes of free time, keep these quick ideas in mind. You can get your task accomplished and they will have fun while you work.

1. Give them a calculator, or old cell phone- the buttons are very enticing for young children and they always seem to be mesmerized by these simple everyday items.
2. Photo albums work well – they always like seeing old pictures of themselves, ie.. she will remember her favorite birthday dress and might recognize her cousins and friends too.
3. Let them clean- hand them a damp wash cloth and have them wipe off counters and tables “like mommy does.” They will feel proud to help you.
4. Lay out a foam place mat and foam stickers. They will spent quite a bit of time sticking the sticker on and then pulling it off.
It does not always have to be a big deal the small things really do matter . Keep them smiling and you will be a much happier mommy too. Share some of your 5 minute activities or post a comment, we would love to hear from you.

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Courtesy of Parents; April 2008 : 100 ways to keep little kids happy

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