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As a fitness instructor I am always looking for great new articles, or learning fit tips from others that are involved in this industry. I came across this article and thought to share it with you all.
Sophias Style Fit Tip- Since fitness levels can be hard to measure, many schools and local YMCA’s follow the President’s Challenge, a federally supported program for kids ages six to 17, to gauge physical fitness in kids and motivate them to get fit. The challenge offers five assessment tests to measure a child’s level of fitness in the areas of endurance, strength and flexibility. Through your child’s school or on his own, she can win awards of achievement, active lifestyle, and more. Visit to learn more. Encourage your child to practice to improve and reach the fitness targets for each test.

The Push-Ups Assessment Test:
This test measures your child’s upper body strength. Have her lie on the floor, face down, hands under shoulders, fingers straight, knees bent (or straight). Instruct her to lift her body, keeping knees/toes on the floor until her arms are straight. Lower down until her elbows bend at 90-degrees to complete one rep. See how many she can do in a row.

Push-Ups Fitness Targets:
7-Year-Olds: Boys 8, Girls 8
10-Year-Olds: Boys 14, Girls 13
14-Year-Olds: Boys 24, Girls 10
17-Year-Olds: Boys 37, Girls 16

Article Courtsey of Family Health and Wellness By SparkPeople

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