Thank you, mom!

Dear mom,


Thank you.


For everything you are to me. For carrying me 9 months, through difficult days when you could hardly move, getting past the morning sickness, uncomfortable sleeping positions and the nervousness of having to go through labor. Thank you for having the courage to do it anyway and sacrificing all that for me.

You are my whole world. From the moment I went from the coziness of your womb into this cold, loud, bright world – your voice, your smell where there for me all the time. During day and during night, I am sorry I did not give you a break. But I felt scared, and your warmth gave me the comfort and assurance I needed to get past it.
Mother Care

Thank you for every day that you feed me, change me, dress me, wash me, pick up my toys, play with me. And for all those nights when you woke up for me – to comfort me and hold me. There is no better place for me than in your arms. You are such an amazing person, I look at you and your smile has the power to take away my hurt and sadness. I know when I am not well, you would give everything to make me feel better.

I understand you make the ultimate sacrifice and I could never pay that back. But I see it in your eyes and when you hold me – I make you happy.

Mothers-Day-FlowersEverything I have and everything I am – I owe it to you! You gave me the gift of life, raised me and you taught me how to love. There are no words to describe how amazing you are, mom!


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