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Make her first communion memorable with a beautiful first communion dress, communion veil and gloves from Sophia’s Style Boutique. Shop our collection of exquisite first communion dresses, veils, gloves, tights and dress shoes. You will love the heirloom quality of our 1st Communion dresses as well as the affordable discount prices.

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Little Girls White Satin Rosette Sequin Waist Organza Flower Girl Dress 2-6 - Big Girls White Chiffon Roses Organza Flower Girl Communion Dress 8-12 - Little Girls White Chiffon Roses Organza Flower Girl Communion Dress 2-6 -
Big Girls White Satin Tulle Silver Sequin Flower Girl Communion Dress 8-12 - Little Girls White Satin Tulle Silver Sequin Flower Girl Communion Dress 2-6 - Sweet Girls Big Girls White Cross Hatch Satin Broach Communion Dress 6-16 -
Sweet Kids Big Girls White Sheer Yoke Satin A-Line Communion Dress 6-16 - Rainkids Big Girls White Sequin Sparkly Ruffle Organza Communion Dress 7-16 - Rainkids Little Girls White Sequin Sparkly Ruffle Organza Communion Dress 6 -
Rainkids Big Girls White Rhinestone Pearl Off Shoulder Communion Dress 7-16 - Rainkids Little Girls White Rhinestone Pearl Off Shoulder Communion Dress 6 - Chic Baby Big Girls White Bead Sewn Satin Bolero Junior Bridesmaid Dress 8-16 -
Chic Baby Big Girls White Ruffle Satin Bolero Junior Bridesmaid Dress 8-14 - Calla Collection Little Girls Ivory Floral Ribbon Flower Girl Dress 4-6 - Calla Collection Big Girls White A-Line Ribbon Back Communion Dress 8-16 -
Calla Collection Big Girls White Lace Top Ribbon Junior Bridesmaid Dress 8-12 - Calla Collection Big Girls White Tinker Bell Junior Bridesmaid Dress 8-16 - Calla Collection Big Girls Ivory A-Line Ribbon Back Communion Dress 8-16 -
Calla Collection Little Girls Ivory Mesh Top Full Length Flower Girl Dress 4-6 - Calla Collection Little Girls White Lace Top Tulle Flower Girl Dress 2T-6 - Calla Collection Little Girls White Organza Embroidered Flower Girl Dress 2T-6 -
Calla Collection Big Girls White Rhinestone Satin Junior Bridesmaid Dress 8-14 - Calla Collection Little Girls Ivory Raindrop Sparkle Flower Girl Dress 2T-6 - Calla Collection Big Girls White Cinderella Embroidered Pageant Dress 14-16 -

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How to Choose a First Communion Dress

Try and stick with colors like white: It is highly recommended that you don’t look at colors apart from white. More often than not, most churches have very strict rules when it comes to the color code for communion dresses. The bottom line is: White is the only appropriate color for a communion dress. Keeping this in mind, don’t waste time and money buying communion dresses that aren't white unless and until the church has explicitly stated that it’s OK to do so.Pale pink or off white are usually acceptable, but if white is the only choice, then you can dress it up a bit by adding a colored sash or adding flowers to make the First Communion dress a bit more vibrant. However, be cautious and avoid glaring colors, as you want the overall look to be elegant, natural and understated.

Decide on a budget: Just like with everything else in the market, prices for First Communion dresses vary a lot depending on the style, quality and the overall look and feel. Having a budget in mind is very important for reasons that are quite obvious. The quality of the fabric used and the craftsmanship decide the price of the dress. First Communion dresses that are made of finer materials like silk cost more as they are tougher to source. When it comes to craftsmanship, a combination of machine and handmade work costs more as it involves sewing and addition of embellishments.First, these dresses tend to be very expensive, which is why you need to start looking around as early as possible. Since communion season is usually in the spring, planning beforehand, around the months of December and January is highly recommended. Second, when you start shopping early, you will have a wider choice and selection to pick from rather than scrambling till the very last minute to find a good dress. Third, you will also be able to accommodate the prices of accessories and other miscellaneous expenses when you shop at affordable prices. It is best that you are frank and upfront about your budget before you step out of the house, so that you don’t exceed the limit.

Getting the right measurements: With online shopping becoming rather popular today, buying a Holy Communion dress has become rather easy. All websites always have a size chart that act as guide when it comes to finding dresses with those specific measurements. Ensure that you get those crucial measurements right the first time to avoid the hassle of returning the dress or choosing multiple dresses with the hope that you will find one that fits well. Some of the most common measurements that you need to make are: bust, waist, hips, inside sleeve, hollow to hem, arm width, inside sleeve, nape to waist and shoulder to shoulder.

Understand the terminology: Holy Communion dresses are formal dresses, which means they have their own glossary when it comes to describing the different styles and cuts. To make it easier for you, some of the most common words that are often used in the product descriptions of these dresses are included right below. These terms are relevant, be it whether you decide to shop online or visit a brick and mortar store.Empire Waist: In this Holy Communion dress, the waist is much higher than the natural waistline. Sometimes it goes as high as the bust level, which gives it a distinctive look.Tea Length: These Holy Communion dresses are fitted on the top and go wider towards the bottom. The hemline stops mid-calf. A-Line: As the term suggests, these Holy Communion dresses are shaped exactly like the capital letter A., which means they are fitted at the hip/waist and just like tea length dresses, widen towards the hem gradually.

Know your child’s personality: Little girls also have different personalities. Not every girl is the same. Get to know what your daughter likes and is comfortable with, so that she can carry herself with confidence and grace in her First Communion dress. Some girls love big dresses, some girls like dresses that are simple and understated. Don’t force your daughter to wear something she doesn’t like at all. While the dress is important, this day is bigger than wearing the right outfit; it’s also about acknowledging and understanding the importance of the day. Find out what your child like first and then go shopping to make it enjoyable.

Choose the style: The First Communion is all about celebrating a young girl’s beauty and honor, which is why the dress that you choose should also reflect that. Being a very important day, you should think about selecting a dress that not only looks good, but is also considered appropriate attire for the church. The rules for the length of the skirt, the type of sleeves, the style of veils and other adornments vary widely depending on the rules of the church or parish.Contacting the church office beforehand would make it easier for you to make a decision, so that you can save time finding an appropriate dress that meets all requirements. This will also give you ample time to pick the right accessories that go along with the dress to add the finishing touches that complete your child’s First Communion dress ensemble.

Be careful about the length: Finding the right dress is only one part of the task. You also need to pay attention to the length of the dress for the First Communion. The ground rule for any of these occasions is not to wear short dresses, which means anything that rests above the knees is definitely inappropriate. Choose a dress that extends till below the knees. While ankle length may really not be necessary from a comfort standpoint, going with Holy Communion dresses that are tea length is absolutely fine.

Be mindful of the vanity: We know you love your children and want to do the best for them, but a First Communion dress is also about showcasing the innocence and beauty of the child. This is not an event for vanity and high-end fashion. While there is an ongoing debate about what is modest and what is not, use your discretion when it comes to picking a dress that is classy, elegant and above all, tasteful. Strapless dresses and spaghetti straps are not okay because this is not just another regular party. Most churches do not accept First Communion dresses that look like they were meant to be worn at a wedding.You can opt for a dress that is sleeveless, but it makes sense to buy a matching jacket to go with it to avoid being frowned upon. If you want to play it safe, opt for First Communion dresses that either have medium length or full-length sleeves. This is a big day for your child, which means the dress should be about reverence and not distraction. The same rule goes for the veil, accessories, jewelry, and shoes. Avoid bling and glam and embrace beauty for this occasion. Your little girl should not look like a princess or a bridesmaid. Teach her to honor the day by checking the vanity of the outfit.Hope you find the perfect dress for your beloved girl’s First Communion. Following the tips mentioned should take care of everything, so that you can sit back and enjoy the day. Happy Shopping and here’s wishing your child a memorable First Communion!

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