Designer Clothing with Minor Defects

We occasionally receive items from our manufacturers that have minor defects, but could easily be repaired. Rather than let these items go to waste, we've decided to offer them to our craftier customers at a discount! If you don't mind sewing on a button or gluing on a rhinestone every now and again, you've come to the right place. These items are marked way down, so you can get the designer styles you love at a fraction of the regular cost. Make sure to read the descriptions carefully to find out exactly what kind of defect the item has, and email us if you'd like to see a photo!

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Discount Damaged Kids Clothing

We carefully inspect every item of clothing at Sophias Style, and every now and then we find some that have a small defect. Rather than send these items back to the manufacturer or let them go to waste, we've decided to give our craftier customers the chance to buy them at a big discount! We only offer items that we think could easily be repaired or believe the defect to be minor enough to be ignored. Check out the descriptions for details on each item, and email us at if you'd like to see a photo!