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Sale - Affordable Kids Clothes and Discount Baby Clothes on Sale and Clearance

Looking for high quality, designer girls and boys clothing at a price you can afford? Look no further than Sophias Style! You'll find boutique designer looks on sale everyday. Shop our selection of sale clothing and have money left over! All sale items are non-returnable.

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Crystalmood Antique Brass Rhinestone Flower & Butterflies Hair Clips Pink [Pair] - Crystalmood Peacock Feather Blue Jewel Accent Hairband Kit Adjustable - Crystalmood White Curly Feather Bridal Hairband Adjustable Removable -
Crystalmood Girls Handmade Carved Heart Lignum-vitae Wood Hair Stick - Crystalmood Womens Abstract Rhinestone Headpiece Bridal Tiara - Crystalmood Rhinestone Bindi with Teardrop Forehead Hair Accessory  -
Crystalmood Bridal Vine Pearl and Rhinestone 2-Prong  Hair Stick  - Crystalmood Bridal Accessory Rhinestone Choke Chain Clasp Necklace - Crystalmood V Shaped Bridal Rhinestone Jewelry Necklace Earrings Set -
Crystalmood LUX Purple Drops Swarovski Rhinestone Necklace Earring Set - Crystalmood Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Fashion Ring - Crystalmood Multi-colored Feather Earrings Sterling Silver Ear wire -
Crystalmood Green Feather Earrings with Sterling Silver Ear wire - Crystalmood Peacock Feather Blue Earrings Sterling Silver Ear wire - Crystalmood Pink Floral Czech Crystal Rhinestone 2-prong Hair Stick -
Crystalmood Handmade Gold-Plated Chinese Cloisonne Wing Earrings - Crystalmood Silver Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Bracelet Girls/Women - Crystalmood Red Black Chinese Bangle Bracelet Girls/Women -

18 Item(s)

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Shop our sale clothing and find a deal that'll make you smile. Sophias Style Boutique discount children