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Sale - Affordable Kids Clothes and Discount Baby Clothes on Sale and Clearance

Looking for high quality, designer girls and boys clothing at a price you can afford? Look no further than Sophias Style! You'll find boutique designer looks on sale everyday. Shop our selection of sale clothing and have money left over! All sale items are non-returnable.

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Mopas Women Rosy Leopard Patterned Fringed Scarf -

Mopas Women Rosy Leopard Patterned Fringed Scarf

Our Price $18.99

Sale Price: $15.19

Enchanted Shimmer Ivory Rosettes White Ruffle Gwenewiere Girls Headband Infant - Pinwheel Girls Pencil Case -

Pinwheel Girls Pencil Case

Our Price $16.99

Sale Price: $5.99

Reflectionz Pink Stretch Rhinestone Pearl Tulle Flower Headband  - Kellys Kids Pink Cotton Nylon Spandex Tights Little Girl XXS-L - Laura Dare Pink Nylon Ruffle Princess Little Girls Eyemask -
Pluie Pluie Raingear Pink Flower Kids Umbrella - Reflectionz Girls Pink Flower Stone Hair Clippie - Black Pink Dotted Boutique Small Roll Dance Duffel Bag -
Capezio Girls Pink Drawstring Netting Cheer Dance Shoe Bag - Reflectionz Girls Hair Accessory Bow Pink Flower Clippie -  

11 Item(s)

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Shop our sale clothing and find a deal that'll make you smile. Sophias Style Boutique discount children