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Welcome to the Sophia's Style collection of fabulous, affordable girls special occasion dresses, girls and boys special occasion outfits, boys suits, and more! At Sophia's Style, our goal is to bring you boutique looks and boutique quality for your infant, toddler, little and plus size girl or boy, at discount prices!

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Reflectionz Little Girl Burgundy White Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bow Clippie - SophiasStyle.com Tic Tac Toe Merlot Ultra Soft Lightweight Microfiber Tights Girls 2-10 - SophiasStyle.com Crystalmood Flexy Hair Styler 2-Camellia Up-do Stick Burgundy - SophiasStyle.com
Crystalmood Flexy Hair Styler Floral Up-do Stick 3-Flower Burgundy - SophiasStyle.com Pizzazz Maroon White 2 Color Plastic Cheer Single Pom Pom  - SophiasStyle.com Pizzazz Maroon Plastic Cheer Single Pom Pom  - SophiasStyle.com
Crystalmood Polymer Clay Flower and Burgundy Pearl Cuff Bracelet - SophiasStyle.com Burgundy Piccolo Heavyweight Opaque Toddler Little Girls Tights 2T-16 - SophiasStyle.com Burgundy Piccolo Lightweight Baby Toddler Little Girls Tights 0M-16 - SophiasStyle.com
Crystalmood Hand Beaded Sequined Burgundy Floral Hair Barrette - SophiasStyle.com Pizzazz Womens Maroon Racerback Dance Cheer Cheer Tank Top Adult Med - SophiasStyle.com Unisex School Uniform Top Burgundy Pique Short Sleeve Polo Shirt 5/6 - SophiasStyle.com

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Special Occasion Children's Clothing

Catch up on the latest trends, ideas, and news about children's special occasion clothes at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog!

Believe it or not, the lastest fashions in special occasion clothing change frequently, which is why the writers at Sophia's Style are keeping everyone updated on new looks and ideas with two blogs! For information on what trends are in, what special promotions are going on, and which Sophia's Style pages you should be checking out at the moment, read Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. To get some helpful tips or new ideas, check out Sophia's Style Blog. We post activity ideas, simple dinner ideas, and helpful tips on how to incorporate new trends and fashions into your kids' wardrobe! Check out specific blogs that target special occasion clothing, such as flower girl dresses, Communion dresses, boys suits, pageant dresses, holiday dresses, Halloween costumes, and more! We love writing about children's special occasion clothes, and we love getting reader feedback, so feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

Welcome to our collection of fabulous and affordable girls special occasion dresses, girls and boys special occasion outfits, suits and more! Sophias Style is dedicated to bringing you boutique looks for your infant, toddler, little and plus size girl or boy at discount prices. No matter what their next big event or special occasion is, you're sure to find the perfect dress, suit or outfit here at Sophias Style.

We offer unique birthday dresses, outfits and tops, exquisite holiday dresses, beautiful Easter dresses, christening and first communion dresses, stunning flower girl dresses and boys formalwear. At SophiasStyle.com you'll always find high quality, affordable special occasion dresses and outfits that will make your little one shine.