The Cutest Baby Girl Easter Dresses & Outfits to Melt Your Heart this Spring

That special moment of the year when all the kids get excited about the Easter celebrations is almost here. The Egg hunt, the family gathering, and all the spring activities will make everyone full of joy and gratitude.

Spring makes us all packed with energy and with good vibes, but for babies, it’s even more refreshing as they’ll get to encounter nature and the gentle touch of the sun’s rays - perhaps even for the first time! If this is the very first Easter celebration with your bundle of joy, you can make the most of it by dressing her in an alluring outfit.

In this article, you will find all you need to embrace spring in a big style. For inspiration and great ideas, look no further than our suggestions and make sure you’ll dress your baby girl in the cutest Easter baby dresses & outfits perfect for a family photo shoot. Someday you’re going to be looking through your Easter photos with your grown-up baby and really appreciate her fashion style.

baby girls easter dresses and outfits

Here are some of the cutest baby girl Easter outfits & dresses ideas you can try this Spring:

The Fancy Easter Baby Girl Dress

Fanciness has never seemed better than for Easter celebrations. We all know that wearing new clothes on Easter means good luck for the rest of the year. Give your little baby girl the best start in life by dressing her not only new apparel but in a fancy dress who will be loved by the entire family.

Tulle will make any dress look fancy and adorable. Add a bow or a little accessory and the look will spark joy!

The Perfect White Easter Outfit

White reminds us of purity, innocence, so this color is perfect of newborns. And why not admit it, white suits them very well. Give your baby daughter the spoiling she deserves. Make sure she will look just amazing in a simple authentic dress.

A sleeveless dress in light color shades or maybe an elegant and bright dress. Decide what could suit her best. You have multiple options to choose from.

The Smocked Spring Easter Dress

A butterfly sleeve dress with smocking across the chest will look absolutely precious on your little girl! But don’t stop there. This type of Easter clothing for babies complements a lot of patterns, shapes, and styles.

From red, long-sleeved smock dresses to floral prints, dainty baby easter outfits, they all make a fine choice for this year.

The Trendy Dress in Living Coral - 2019’s Color

Whether you opt for an embroidered dress of for a floral printed one, choosing the trendiest color for this year, living coral, will make your baby girl look stunning. The photos will be just amazing and you’ll make great memories this Easter. Or maybe you just want a pastel shade so why not giving it a try?  

A Beautiful Princess Baby Easter Dresses  

Embroidery - especially florals - is perfect for special occasions, as it can’t be worn on a daily basis. But on Easter, your newborn baby girl can easily be in the spotlights with a mint embroidered floral dress or a cute peach white Easter dress that will surprise everybody with its cute, gorgeous details.

The Baby Floral Easter Dress 

When talking about floral designs, the possibilities are almost endless. Choose from printed, embroidered, lace made or simply put flowers everywhere, including the dress’ accessories. The newborn Easter dresses are simply the cutest thing this spring!

Floral Silk Tulle Easter Dress for baby girls Floral Silk Tulle Easter Dress

Floral Printed Easter Dress Floral Printed Easter Dress

The Polka Dots & Unique Prints Spring Dress

Easter is one of the happiest times of the year for many reasons. The family reunites, spring is here and nature is playing with colors again. So why not choose colorful patterns for your baby girl’s dress? With various designs, dresses with patterns are a joyous choice for the cute outfit for babies. Polka dots, stripes, and geometrical shapes are playful patterns for any kid. We really enjoyed selecting these gorgeous dresses for the Easter collection in 2019.

The Easter Dress with a Cute Bonnet

For an adorable baby girl, the best accessory is a funny hat or bonnet. This kind of accessories is ideal for a festive Easter. You can add a bonnet for the church, family brunch and even for the Easter egg hunt. Find the cutest option for your infant from our selection!

The Cute Jacket Outfit, for a Cold Easter Day

Just in case spring is still around the corner this Easter, choose a stylish jacket or coat that will still say it’s time for celebration. A vintage baby easter coat with a bonnet or a classic black bolero will keep your baby warm and chic. You can also use it for future outfits, too.

The Long Sleeve Baby Easter Outfit

For your baby princess, you should put comfort first. There is no problem if this Easter you prefer a long sleeve dress. They are as fashionable as the ones with no sleeves.

There are many options to choose from. We got our eyes on a two pieces outfit and few dresses with marvelous prints and details like dazzling lace.

Long T-Shirt Sleeve Colar Long T-Shirt Sleeve Colar

Deciding on the cutest Easter outfit has never been an easy task, but if you look in detail you’ll find adorable ideas and fashionable looks. Make sure this Easter celebration is about love and family and only choose the best for your baby girl.

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Happy Easter!