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Best Baby Clothes & Brands Checklist - All You Need for the Big Arrival

Your baby will arrive soon and you have no clue what baby clothes to get? Browsing through the vast area of tiny pieces of clothing can be overwhelming.  

Everybody loves baby clothes! They’re tiny, cute and funny. It’s tempting to buy entire aisles, but it’s wrong - you won’t need that many. Before adding everything to your shopping cart, remember babies grow fast. So we recommend you to shop wisely!

We compiled the most helpful list of newborn baby clothes you will need in their first months and beyond. You’ll avoid hours of staring at cute but useless baby outfits.

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20 Adorable Valentine’s Day Baby Outfits for Girls & Boys That You'll Fall in love With

We could not expect an event with more excitement than the one in which we celebrate love. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is preparing. The enthusiasm hits us like Cupid with his magic arrows. As we know the red color will be the dominant color of February, and it is rightly associated with love because it inspires trust and affection.

This year, make Valentine’s Day a true celebration and dress your kids accordingly and you’ll receive a lot of admiration. Sophia’s Style has got you covered. We’ve specially prepared a lot of outfits and looks, both for girls and boys, no matter if they are newborns or taking their first steps.

If you want extra inspiration for dressing your kids on Valentine’s Day or maybe just to take a look at nice ideas, we have what you need for the youngest member of your family.

Baby girls outfits for Valentine’s Day

Love should be celebrated at all ages and by everybody. Why not make your little princess shine in the prettiest dress for her first Valentine’s Day outfit?

Her 1st Valentine’s Day Outfit

Hot Pink Rose Sleeveless Tutu Baby Girl Bodysuit

Make her first meeting with the month of love an unforgivable story and you will enjoy together these wonderful moments.

Decked out with girly frills, this bodysuit it's perfect for any love celebration, not to mention the Valentine’s Day.

It features hot pink roses on the sleeveless hot pink top and your little baby will glow in it.

The Cutest Baby Girl Dress

Ooh! La, La! Couture Baby Girls Candy Pink Floral Print Bodysuit

How could you be more Valentine ready than in a pink rose dress that your little girl will adore and will stand out in any context? This Candy Pink Floral bodysuit dress from Ooh! La, La! Couture will make your little sweetie la plus belle girl in the room.

This nice piece comes with lap shoulders for comfort and a colorful rose print. Ruffle overlaid tutu skirt in matching tonal shades for added charm and grace.

The Comfiest Newborn Baby Girl Outfit

Raindrops Baby Red Owl Footie

If you want the little one not only to be beautiful but also to feel extremely comfortable, then it could not be a better idea to prepare a matching set for this Valentine's Day.

A little owl on her outfit might be the right you need to be cute and modern, but with a red touch.

An Awesome V Day Infant Bodysuit

Baby Girls Pink Spotted Pattern Hooded Bodysuit

Let's be honest, everyone's waiting for Valentines Day, and if this year you'll be waiting for it along with your little bundle of joy, then you'll have multiple reasons to celebrate. A hooded bodysuit will not only be extremely good looking on your little one but also very warm and will allow you to emphasize her smiles.

Happy Valentine’s Day Colorful Bodysuits

Bambini Baby Girls Multi Color Printed Variety 3-Pack Bodysuits

Made 100 percent from cotton, these colorful bodysuits are comfortable and inspire happiness so it’s easy to brighten up your Valentine’s Day. Do not forget that love is celebrated every day, but officially in the cold season, so a bodysuit would not be a bad choice at all.

A Designer V Day Outfit

Baby Girls Coral Flower Adorned Cascade Dress

Because your little bundle of joy deserves all the best, you can consider dressing her in a designer dress for such an important occasion.

A dress from  Shanil Inc brand has a gorgeous floral corsage adorns the waist.  Plus, it comes with a Zipper fastening at back and sash tie for a fitted style.

Dotted Lovely Bodysuit

White Polka Dots Tutu Short Sleeve Bodysuit

Polka dots and tutu? Say no more. This combination is made in heaven and might be your choice for this Valentine’s day outfit for your baby girl. She will be at the center of attention, for sure.  Decked out with girly frills it's a perfect item for the season of love and joy. It features red polka dots short sleeve top. Your girl can flaunt sensational style by wearing this ballet bodysuit.

Leopard Red Outfit

Leopard Red Trims Cotton Swing Set

This beautiful swing top set for your little girl is so cute and brings a fresh new look for Valentine’s Day! It features a pink color with a leopard pattern and a pink bows on the top and at braces. The bloomer also features a leopard pattern. Your little girl will be the most beautiful in the photos.

Pink Ruffled Onesie

If you want your baby girl to have a great time at the Valentine’s Day party, but also to look elegant, then you could pick this beautiful onesie with a butterfly application that will reflect both her tenderness and love. Give it a try and you'll see the results. The pink bodysuit comes with short elasticated sleeves, Minnie Bow detail center front, snap crotch closures. Ruffle trims at the bottom make the garment so cute.

Nice Hooded 2 Piece Outfit

Pink Minnie Bow Ruffle Trim Bodysuit

Not sure if you want to dress her in a fancy outfit? No problem, you can also decide for a two pieced hooded outfit. The set includes a long sleeve hooded top in red with pretty cat applique and full zipper closure. Coordinating red pants complete the set.


White Pearl Flower Tutu Skirt

No matter if she is a newborn or almost a year old, this dress will suit her just fine. Just imagine the most beautiful photos with your daughter wearing this dress. This adorable tutu set comes with a perfectly playful red tutu, white crochet top, and matching headband. Adding volume and fullness fluffy ruffles will make her love twirling around. The set includes a stretchy headband with coordinating flower with beaded center.


Pink Floral Cotton Swing Set

Your little girl will turn heads at the Valentine’s Day celebration if she wears her new swing-top bloomer set. This beautiful swing top set for your little girl from Wenchoice is so cute and brings a fresh new look for the V Day. Don’t forget to put a smile and your face and everything will be just as you wished for.

Baby boys outfits for Valentine’s Day

His 1st Valentine’s Day outfit

Blue Red Plaid Bowtie Short Sleeve Bodysuit

Is this Valentine’s day the first one you young boy celebrates? Dress him like the elegant man you want him to become someday and be sure he’ll melt everyone’s hearts.  Featuring a bow tie, a white shirt, and a plaid vest, he will look so sharp and yet feel comfortable wearing this one piece bodysuit. It also has a snap opening at legs for easy diaper changes.

A Newborn comfy outfit

Raindrops Baby Yellow Love Footie Set

Newborns are very adorable and you should consider dress them in a fancy outfit, but you also might think of being comfy while looking good. This Baby Yellow LOVE Footie, Cap and Fruit Bib Set by Raindrops will fit just perfect.

An adorable outfit set

Raindrops Baby Red Owl Set

Owls are pretty and funny and can be suitable prints both for boys and girls.  The set has an appliqued and embroidered owl footie and receiving blanket with a matching cap. You can’t be wrong with this choice.

Valentine’s baby boys chic costumes

Black Red Vest Shirt Bowtie Velvet Knickers Hat

If your little baby boy is not chic on Valentine’s day, then when? Dress him to impress. Choose this cute and dapper vest set that includes a red jacquard vest, black velvet knickers, and a hat.

A funny look

Yellow Long Sleeve Cute Animals Bodysuit

You can combine cute prints and colorful outfits for a great appearance for this Valentine’s Day. This 2 piece costume set includes two bodysuits that moms will love for their precious babies! The long sleeved bodysuits are here to brighten up any look and they're perfect for your baby as they feature an enchanting pastel color, yellow and cute animal prints.

They also have a snap opening at legs for easy diaper changes. Your baby will look adorable in these lovely bodysuits and in your valentine’s day photos.

The best V Day Baby Boy Bodysuit

Baby Boys Grey Polka Dotted Print Full Body

Healthtex footed bodysuit is perfectly sized for babies who can enjoy playing along with their buddies or spending time with their family on Valentine’s Day. Featuring soft texture with polka dot print all over, full body with a hoodie, the garment is great for sweet little baby boys.

Valentine’s day designer looks for baby boys

Black 5 Piece Vest Jacket Tuxedo

If you're thinking about choosing a classic, elegant look that is the creation of a designer, I suggest you take a look at this cut tuxedo. From 3 to 24 months, all little boys will enjoy being in the spotlight with their cuteness and elegance.

Romantic looks for baby boys

Fuchsia Poly Silk Vest Necktie Special Occasion Set

If you want your baby boy to feel comfortable but have that touch of elegance, then this poly silk vest and matching clip-on necktie is more than suitable. The two-piece special occasion set includes a fuchsia button down vest and perfectly shaped coordinating clip-on tie.

Because it's always better to arrange everything in advance, we hope our ideas will give you the motivation to organize your Valentine's Day party so that the whole family will be only smiles.

For more beautiful looks, check our Valentine’s Day Collection and you can start the searches on your own.

Your Kids Winter Clothes Essentials: Outfits to Beat the Cold

The cold season is already making its presence felt and its time to start making some extra room in our kids' closets for all those necessary sweaters, coats, and fleece shirts!

If you're a cautious parent and you don't want to forget anything your little one may need this season, your prayers have been answered! We've put together a complete checklist with all the winter essentials you should definitely get this season.

Keep on scrolling and you'll find out what's the best outerwear for kids and how to get durable boots & warm hats, gloves and scarves  both for girls and boys, at all ages.

BONUS: Tips on how to dress a child appropriately for the biting cold and how to master layering like a pro included!

PS: And if you're looking for amazing Christmas & Holiday dresses for kids, get inspired with our 2017 Christmas Outfits Guide!

What winter essentials should you get for your kid?

This is a pretty popular question among parents and there’s a solid reason why. Once the cold strikes, your kid is going to need winter clothes and accessories right away. Unfortunately, there's no postpone button you can hit to keep the cold away. The best you can do is to plan ahead and get all the pieces your kid needs before the official start of the Winter Season.winter-baby-clothes


Winter Essentials Checklist

So, what winter pieces does your kid need exactly?

Here's a quick list for you to use:

    1. Warm coat or jacket

    1. Waterproof boots

    1. Sweaters & Shirts

    1. Hoodie Jackets 

    1. Gloves & Mittens

    1. Beanies, Hats & Ear Muffs

    1. Scarves

Let's find out how to get the best essentials and talk a bit about each section:

1. Winter Coats for Kids

Besides being really cool fashion pieces, coats are also a must-have winter essential.

No one can keep on doing normal daily activities without a proper jacket or coat, especially kids.


Getting the best coats for girls and boys can be quite a challenge, but here's why all the hassle is worth in the end: the right piece will prevent the cold to infiltrate underneath and allow your little one to enjoy fun winter activities, like playing in the snow, skiing or hitting the slopes.

boys winter coats jackets Red Padding Jacket for Boys

boys winter coats jackets Red Colorful Stripes Padding Jacket

Blue Contrast Sleeve Hooded Padding

Depending on the region you live in, you can buy different styles of coats for your little one.

Here are some main guidelines you may find useful:

    • For deep cold & windy regions: pick puffer coats; they provide great insulation and help by keeping the warmth around the core.

    • Rainy weather: waterproof jackets have the ability to keep your kid dry, no matter how many times he forgets his umbrella in the morning.

    • Warmer climates: trench coats are a good option if the temperature is above 50 degrees.

girls winter coats Navy Bow Padding Jacket

girls winter coats Pink Cherry Blossom Coat

toddler girl winter coats Pink Woven Jacket

Yellow Floral Print Padded Jacket

2. Kids’ Winter & Snow Boots

We all know that having a cozy and durable pair of rain & snow boots is a must-have. Investing in a couple of pairs is definitely not a waste. However, less can be more. Rather than having 3-4 pairs of snow boots in many styles & colors, you should invest in two solid pairs for your kid.



Cold feet are a real problem, especially if you don't have the option to put on an extra pair of socks right away or change with something else.

Not to mention that wet feet during school hours can turn into a horror story - just imagine your little one not having the option to change immediately and having to stay wet all day long. Not good, right?

You’ve probably bought some boots by now and have some experience, but it never hurts to go over the basics again before heading to the store. Here are some great tips:

    1. Check for waterproof or water-resistant properties

    1. Rubber sole that provides proper traction and stability on icy roads

    1. Inner lining for keeping your kid's feet always warm

cowboy boots for boys Leather Cowboy Boots

baby winter boots Black Low Rise Boots for Boys

Toddler Rubber Rain Boots Boys Toddler Rubber Rain Boots for Boys

If you’re interested in knowing more on how to buy the best winter footwear for kids, check out this fashion guide for more insights. Baby and toddler sections included as well!

Water Resistant Rain Boots

toddler winter boots Brown Suede Leather Boots

Brown Buckle Side Zipper Quilted Boots

leather winter boots Pink Leather Ruffle Boots

3. Sweaters & Shirts for Kids

Kids sweaters are seasonal pieces fit for wearing only in winter time. They're cozy, comfy and you can dress your kid for tons of occasions that's to their versatility.

Mix & match a sweater with a pair of jeans, add some cowboy boots, and a trendy coat and there you have it: the ultimate winter look to put together for kids and grown-ups as well!

girls sweater Colorful Striped Sweater

boys sweater White & Navy Stripe Sweater

Striped Pattern Long Sleeve Sweater

Solid Cardigan Solid Sweater



4. Kids' Hoodies

Hoodies are great in keeping the cold away and are also very practical: they are a good fit for going to school and for other many fun activities, both indoor and outdoor (with a proper jacket on, of course).

You can convince a boy to wear a hoodie pretty easy. Don't be surprised if an old hoodie is going to be his first option when you ask him what he likes to wear the most. Invest in a couple of 3-4 pieces, in different colors and you'll be covered for the rest of the cold season.

For girls, we recommend bright colors, such as pink, purple or red. Depending on your little one's personal style, you can get her more hoodies this season.

The best kids' hoodies are the ones with a zipper; your little one can ventilate when necessary and take the piece off if he's feeling too warm.

disney hoodie jacket Disney Hoodie Jacket

girls hoodie jacket Fuchsia Zippered Hoodie

boys hoodie jacket Green Zippered Hoodie Jacket

 5. Kids' Gloves & Mittens that stay on

The body's extremities are most exposed to cold and it can be quite a challenge to protect your child properly. Gloves aren’t very popular among kids, but nevertheless, they can be pretty efficient in protecting the hands of your baby, toddler or teenager. That's why many parents are looking for pieces that stay on and are also easy to wear.

Look for the best gloves & mittens and we'll promise you it's going to pay off big time.


Black Hoho Print Print Gloves

toddler snow gloves Black Dotted Winter Gloves

Knit Soft Winter Gloves

Try getting mittens on strings if your little one has a history of losing them and also consider getting waterproof kids gloves if you know that your boy likes to play in the snow with his buddies after school.

kids gloves-with-fingers White Sheep Puppet Gloves - Available here!

6. Kids Beanies, Hats & Ear Muffs

Protect your kid's head in the cold season and encourage him or her to wear a beanie, hat or ear muffs all the time! Make sure to get a piece your little one's going to love and your chances of him or her to actually wear it is going to skyrocket.

Winter Hat Boy - Available here!

Make sure the winter hat you choose for your kid is a good fit. The last thing you want is the beanie to slide and cover the eyes, making the wear feel uncomfortable and awkward.

The most common pieces you can find out there are knitted hats and earflaps, with or without a pom pom on top. The first one is a good choice and gets the job done pretty well.

However, earflaps are more efficient in protecting the whole head, including the ears. Depending on the overall temperature, you can choose between them. Or, why not, you can get a piece of both styles and alternate between them.

Black Melange Bear Face Knit Beanie Hat

Blue Tan Bear Face Knit Beanie Hat

Pink Melange Pom-Pom Detail Bear

Unisex Grey Melange Pom-Pom Beanie Hat

7.  Kids Scarves

Complete the perfect winter look with a cool scarf for kids.

A great piece is going to offer a lot of neck insulation and will prevent the cold air from making its way through the coat.

Dark Brown Gradient Print Fringed Scarf

Fuchsia Pattern Fringed Edge Scarf

kids winter scarf Daisy Purple Pattern Knit Scarf

Extra: Kids' Sets with Gloves, Beanie Hats & Scarves

If you want to match your kid's winter accessories, the best way is to shop pieces from the same brand or simply buy a set that includes all of these items.

Often times, this is an economy option and your kid's outfit is going to look very stylish!

Red Winter Set

winter set kids Yellow Heart Winter Set

winter set kids Blue Winter Set

How to Dress your Kid with Layers during Winter

If you're wondering how exactly you should dress your kids, the answer is quite simple: in layers of clothes.

Layering clothes is a super-skill that every parent should master to perfection! Your little one is going to stay warm when he's outside and will be able to easily remove unnecessary clothes when he's indoor.winter-kids-clothes

Here are the two main layer principles:

If you're going to just stroll through the park and enjoy the snow,  or go watch a hockey game, be sure to wear a thick jacket or a puffer coat and make sure your little one is dressed in multiple layers of clothes.  Lighter activities like standing in one place outside, are most prone to lose body warmth by not protecting the core.

When your kid is active, not protecting the hands, head or feet is the easiest way to lose body warmth. If your kid wants to get out more often to snow fight or even learn how to ski, try to get some qualitative accessories that can protect his extremities from the biting cold.

Here are some tips & tricks you can take away right away to start dressing your kid in layers like a pro:

    • The first layer or the inner layer

Keep the warmth of the body and the moisture under control with the first layer of clothes. For this layer, use fitting and light clothes, such as tights, thermal shirts, and leg warmers.
Avoid cotton if your little one is doing an energetic activity because of its ability to retain water. Pick wool instead or other synthetic fibers.

    • The second layer or the mid-layer

This layer provides insulation and protects your little one from the cold. The purpose is to retain heat and keep it around the core. For this one, you can use sweaters, blazers, or fleece pieces.

    • The third layer or the outer layer

This layer is the most exposed to rain, snow or wind. So pick a comfy coat, but beware of the fact that often bulky doesn't mean better. Longer coats are the best, especially if the temperature goes under 32 degrees. Make sure your kid's coat has buttons or a zipper so the ventilation can happen easily. This is important if he wants to remove clothes when he's inside as well.

how to dress your kids in layers

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, our checklist is going to simplify the way you shop for clothes.

The cold season brings snow and rain that sometimes can be difficult to handle. However, you and your family can share beautiful moments during winter: organize different outdoor activities and of course, make sure to enjoy the Holidays together.

These winter essential clothing pieces are going to help you protect your kids during winter and enjoy any type of activity you have planned.

Getting the best kids outwear or snow boots doesn't need to be difficult nor stressful if you plan ahead and don't let the cold take you by surprise!


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