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How to Buy the Best Baby & Toddler Shoes: From Crib to Walking

The moment to choose your baby’s first shoes is here. It's a wonderful phase of your life as a parent, but it can also become a hard one. You need to decide what shoes are the best to protect, support , fit well & be comfortable for your baby. And why not, look cute!

Of course, you're after the perfect experience for your baby’s first steps. And for that, you need to pick the right shoes.

Keep on reading & learn which baby shoes are the best for each of your baby’s phase and age: for when he’s in the crib, to crawling, learning to walk, and finally, walking and running around like a little bee!

should-babies-use-shoes Should babies use shoes?

Should a baby wear shoes?

Does your baby really need shoes? How important are they? This is the most common question asked by parents.

Although getting your baby first pair of shoes could be exciting, don’t hurry to go shopping. Even though baby shoes are important in protecting the baby’s feet, they are not necessary for the early months when the baby is in the crib or the stroller. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies' feet can develop well without shoes.

Baby shoes are not bad for babies - just not completely necessary in the beginning of their development. When your little one still crawling, leaving him barefoot and feeling the floor will help develop his balance, strength, and coordination.


Babies will need their first pair of shoes when they will start walking. Until then, you should just put your baby a pair of socks to keep feet clean and warm when needed. However, when you take your baby out in the world, you can give him a pair of soft soles for extra protection!

Types of Baby Shoes: What Are They Called?

You’re used to booties, sandals, sneakers, but chances are, if you’re a new parent, you don’t know the baby shoes "lingo", like pram or cruisers. They can come with names you’re not yet familiar with, however it’s all down to the stage the baby will be needing them: whether it's being protected inside the crib, or for when the baby starts to crawl,  stand up and learn how to walk, and finally when the toddler walks & runs freely.

There are a lot of babies shoes out there, one cuter than the other. But what types of shoes can babies actually wear?

Depending on the baby's age, here's a list of shoe types, so you will know exactly what kind of shoes are the best each period of your baby's feet growth:

    1. Crib shoes or pram shoes

    1. Pre walking shoes

    1. Walking & running shoes

    1. Soft soles shoes

    1. Hard soles shoes


A pair of good baby shoes will always be made out of comfortable and quality materials that are breathable, and so worth buying for your little one's feet.

What age can babies start wearing shoes?

You can start putting shoes on newborns even from the moment you bring them home from the hospital. Here are the main recommendations for each age group:

Baby Crib Shoes: for 0 to 9 months

It’s necessary for my baby to wear shoes as a newborn? This is the most common question asked by parents.  In the first months of life, it’s best to keep your baby barefoot. But sometimes, in the colder periods or when your baby is outside, crib or pram shoes and booties are a good choice.


Crib and pram shoes are almost the same kind of shoes. They are both newborn shoes, made of a soft bottom and they are meant to keep the babies’ feet warm and not touching the ground. Also, they are seen as a fashionable thing since babies still can’t walk. The pram shoes are usually worn when a newborn is out in a pram or chair walker.


If you find these shoes necessary or if you like them, pick a pair that is as comfy and light as possible. Also, look for crib or pram shoes to have elastic around the opening to be easier to get on and more likely to stay like that.

For your baby girl or boy, you can choose a pair of soft sole shoes or booties for newborn. These shoes are soft and light, crafted to offer comfort and freedom to your baby’s feet.

An alternative could be soft leather shoes or crocheted shoes. Both are comfortable and will successfully complete baby’ pure look.

baby-girl-toddler-shoes Crib Shoes for Baby Girls T-strap - Available here!

baby-boy-shoes-white-easter-lace Crib Shoes for Baby Boys and Girls - Available here!

If you prefer for yout baby to be more free, an alternative will be soft sole shoes for newborn. Soft sole shoes are not only soft and comfortable but are also perfect for photo shoots, parties and for any type of occasion.

baby-girl-crib-shoe-pink Crib Daisy Shoes for Baby Girls - Available here!

Whatever crib shoes you choose for your baby, they usually cost between $15 and $40.

Choosing the right shoe size for infant babies

Choosing the right size of your baby’s first pair of shoes could be tricky. Keep in mind that a good shoe should not be uncomfortable or restrict the baby natural feet stretches and toes. So pay attention to the average size between 0-9 months old baby:

Us/Canada Europe UK Inches CM  Age
0 Baby 16 0 3.25" 8.26 Baby Infant: 0 to 9 Months
1 Baby 16 0.5 3.5" 8.89
1.5 Baby 17 1 3.625" 9.21
2 Baby 17 1 3.75" 9.53
2.5 Baby 18 1.5 4" 10.16
3 Baby 18 2 4.125" 10.48

Pre Walker Baby Shoes: 9 - 12 months

Between 9-12 months your baby will start crawling around. He will try to explore the surroundings outside the parent’s arms. Some babies will also try to make some shy steps around 9 months.


What are Baby Cruiser Shoes?

In this period you need to know that there aren't any shoes that can help your baby stand or walk. Though, the protection and traction of the feet are really important. So the perfect shoes are the pre-walkers, or baby cruisers.

Baby cruisers are best for crawling - they are made out of soft materials and have a bendy sole, with an elastic around the ankle that makes them easy to take off. You can find this kind of shoes between $20 and $50.

baby-boy-toddler-shoes-leather White Leather Shoes for Pre-walkers - Available here!

baby-shoes-moccasins-dark-brown-leather Moccasins for Baby Boys - Available here!

baby-girl-shoes-leather-white White Leather Shoes for Pre Walkers Girls - Available here!

When there are no obstacles in your baby’s feet way, let him stay barefoot or just wearing some socks, for as long as possible. This way the feet can properly breathe and stretch.

When buying baby shoes, keep in mind that the average shoe size for a pre walker is the following:

Us/Canada Europe UK Inches CM Baby Age
Baby 9, 10, 11 or 12 months
3.5 Baby 19 2.5 4.25" 10.8
4 Baby 19 3 4.5" 11.43
4.5 Baby 20 3.5 4.625" 11.75

How can I help my baby learn to walk?

Usually, babies start to walk between 10 and 15 months. But every child is different. Do not worry if your little one will make his first step sooner than 10 months, around 18 months or even later. Give your baby the support he needs every step of the way and lots of encouragement. His first steps depend on genetics, his ambition and also his own weight. So just be patient and your baby’s walking will come naturally!

Be sure your house is child-proof for your little walker and you are around all the time. This way you will prevent any accident from happening.

Here is a list of steps to help your baby start walking on his own:

    • Step 1: Sitting

When your baby starts to pull himself up it's time to help him sit. At this stage, your baby develops his back & leg muscles. To help him do that, you can start by bouncing him on your lap with his feet on your legs. You can also place his favorite toys in near areas where he will need to sit to reach them.

Another good option for teaching your baby sit is buying him a bouncy chair. When you baby will start kicking with his legs, this chair will satisfy your baby’s desire for movement.

    • Step 2: Standing

In the beginning of the standing phase, your baby will still crawl. He will need your arm or some furniture support and later on, just your fingers. When learning to stand, it's important for your baby to understand how to bend his knees. This will help ease his fall when he starts walking. So support your baby to stand up and then teach him how to bend his knees to get back down.

Be sure you encourage and cheer for him with every progress! This will boost his desire to pass to the next level: cruising.

    • Step 3: Cruising

When cruising, help your baby gain balance by placing him in a standing position. Support him to take a few steps by holding hands together. Then, let your little one try walking by himself. Do that as much as possible and don’t forget to praise him for every attempt. This will encourage him to take more steps on his own and become more confident.

If he start walking, you can step to the next shoe category: the walking shoes!

Baby's first walking shoes - 12-18 months

The best walking shoes for babies? When should you get your baby's first walking shoes?

There is no right or wrong answer, as it depends on how your baby develops and starts walking. As a general rule: the baby's first shoes would be best suited for kiddos who already spend some time on their feet. So when your little one will take his first steps, he will need to be protected.


What are baby walking shoes?

Baby walking shoes are different from the normal newborn crib or cruise shoes, which are often crocheted, or extremely soft, and resemble socks or slippers. This type of shoes will have a a good grip (possible with velcro), a lot of ankle support, but are also flexible, non skid sole (oftentimes made of rubber) and a substantial upper. Their main role is to protect the baby' feet outdoors (and even indoors!) and on any surface that could be dangerous.

The best walking shoes are flexible ones that support the baby’s ankles and encourage natural foot movement. Soft, non-skid soles help beginning walkers feel the floor, move indoors and keep their feet under them. So babies will gain more confidence when walking.

When shopping for the first walking shoes, expect to find prices from $20 up to $60, depending on materials and style.

baby-girl-shoes-floral-sneakers Floral Sneakers for Baby Girls - Available here!

As its name say, Smart Steps shoes from bellow will help your boy walking with confidence. These white leather shoes are ideal for everyday casual wear.

baby-toddler-boy-shoes-lace Smart Step Shoes for Baby Boys - Available here!

Toddler Walking & Running shoes: 18-24 months

Babies are growing fast. So after walking, the running phase is just around the corner. When your little one starts running, you have to buy shoes that are a bit different than his first walking shoes.


The most important things at the toddler shoes are the fit and function. So check the length, width, and heel. Be sure that the shoe is not too tight to restrict your toddler’s feet natural movements. Also, the shoe should not be too large, so the walking test will say.

This sizing chart shoe table should help you pick the right size for your toddler:

Us/Canada Euro UK Inches CM Approx. Age

5 Toddler 20 4 4.75" 12.07 18-24 Months
5.5 Toddler 21 4.5 5" 12.7
6 Toddler 22 5 5.125" 13.02
6.5 Toddler 22 5.5 5.25" 13.34

Choose a pair of durable shoes that will provide your baby enough stability when walking or running. Also, you can pick shoes with lights and sounds (squeakers) that could make your toddler’s walk much more fun, so he can become more excited and eager to walk.

You can find walking and running shoes for your baby at $20 but also above $60.

Here you have some good examples of shoes for your little runner:

toddler-shoes-walking-running baby-girl-toddler-shoes-leather-shoes Toddler Girls Shoes for Walking - Available here!

toddler-girl-shoes-ivory Toddler Dress Shoes - Available here!

Find out more toddler shoes size from this sizing chart:

Us/Canada Euro UK Inches CM Approx. Age

7 Toddler 23 6 5.5" 13.97 2-4 Years
7.5 Toddler 23 6.5 5.625" 14.29
8 Toddler 24 7 5.75" 14.61
8.5 Toddler 25 7.5 6" 15.24
9 Toddler 25 8 6.125" 15.56
9.5 Toddler 26 8.5 6.25" 15.88
10 Toddler 27 9 6.5" 16.51
10.5 Toddler 27 9.5 6.625" 16.83

Soft Sole vs Hard Sole Baby Shoes: What to Choose?

Hard sole or soft sole - which one are the best for your baby? If you’re not sure, these clear differences between soft and hard sole will help you figure out:

The soft-soled baby shoe is made of soft, flexible that give comfort, warmth, and protection. This kind of shoes is best for newborns and beginner walkers since the traditional shoes are way heavier. This can be uncomfortable and could hinder your baby’s feet development. So you can continue to give your baby soft-soled shoes until he learns how to walk.


Babies need to start wearing hard soled when they already walking by their own or running outside. It is more short of protection and helps to prevent slipping and sliding. So you should buy this hard sole shoes when your baby is around 24 months. But of course, it depends on how fast he learns to walk.

Both soft and hard sole shoes are mandatory for your baby for when he is going out or needs protection or warmth. Apart from that, on safe surfaces, you can let your babies foot free.

What are the most common baby shoe sizes?

When choosing the best shoes for your baby, knowing the right size from the beginning is crucial. Especially if you don’t have time for stores and you prefer online purchases. Learn how to fast measure your baby’s feet and then match the baby’s feet measurements with the shoe size.

baby-shoes-sizes How big are baby shoes?

How to measure the right size of your baby's feet?

To choose the right size of your baby shoes If you’re wondering how to figure that out, it’s not that hard. Just pick one of the below measuring easy methods.


Tape measure method

What will you need:

    • 2 adults

    • Clipboard or straight surface

    • A flexible tape measure

    • A pen or a colored marker

How to measure

    • After gathering all the needed materials, ask the other adult to help the baby stand still on a straight surface.

    • Make sure that the foot is flat on the surface and the toes are not curled.

    • Take the tape measure and put the broad side of it on the outside. To obtain the length, measure from the heel to the longest toe. And for the width, measure the widest part of the foot.

    • Use the colored marker to make a sign on the tape measure that shows you how long your baby's foot is.

    • Do the same process for the other foot.

    • Write down the measurements and make sure you take them with you at shopping. It will be much easier to pick the right shoe size.

Paper and pencil method

What you need

    • Two adults

    • Clipboard or hard surface

    • Two sheets of paper

    • A pencil

    • A scissor

    • Some tape


How to measure

    • Fix the paper with the tape on a hard surface in a way that will not be moved during the process.

    • Bring your little one and position him on the paper. Ask the second adult to hold the kid still and ensure full weight is exerted on the foot.

    • Pay attention to the foot to not be arched and toes to not be curled. Gently press down on top of the foot and toes of your baby as best as possible.

    • Use the pencil to outline the baby’s foot.

    • Fix the second piece of paper and repeat the same process for the other foot.

    • In the end, cut out the outlines from both sheets of paper. And there you have it - two beautiful outlines of your baby’s feet!

    • Take the outlines with you when shopping. Use them as references at the next buying shoe session.

Shoe fitter method

Besides the two measured methods above, a more professional approach is measuring the baby’s feet by a qualified shoe fitter. You can usually find one in any baby shoe store.

Look for the shop to display a certificate of training or the fitter to wear a badge of merit. When you find one take your baby and go shopping. The qualified shoe fitter should help you measure the baby’s feet. Afterward, he will give you some guidance or recommendations about the shoes. In this way, you can find the shoes that fit properly for your baby.

Checklist for the right fitting

For best results when measuring your baby’s feet take into account the following advice:

    • Be patient, as you will probably need to outline your baby’s feet a couple of time. In the beginning, it’s a little bit hard to make your baby not move at all, even with another person's’ help

    • Keep a pair of socks on if the baby is going to wear the shoes this way.

    • The best time to do the measuring is at the end of the day when your baby’s feet are at their largest.

    • Be aware that one foot may be longer than the other. It is recommended to use the measurement of the longest foot when purchasing the shoes.

    • When shopping, hold each paper outline of your baby’s foot against the bottom of its corresponding shoe. Each outline has to be a little bit smaller than the shoe.

Match the baby’s feet measurements with the shoe sizes

Now that you measured your baby’s foot length and width, you need to match the measurements with the shoe sizes. If for any reasons, you skip the measurement phase, you can simply follow the age column and you will find out the right shoe size.


Baby & toddler shoes Sizing Chart

Us/Canada Euro UK Inches CM Approx. Age
0 Baby 16 0 3.25" 8.26 Baby
(0-12 Months)
1 Baby 16 0.5 3.5" 8.89
1.5 Baby 17 1 3.625" 9.21
2 Baby 17 1 3.75" 9.53
2.5 Baby 18 1.5 4" 10.16
3 Baby 18 2 4.125" 10.48
3.5 Baby 19 2.5 4.25" 10.8
4 Baby 19 3 4.5" 11.43
4.5 Baby 20 3.5 4.625" 11.75
5 Toddler 20 4 4.75" 12.07 12-24 Months
5.5 Toddler 21 4.5 5" 12.7
6 Toddler 22 5 5.125" 13.02
6.5 Toddler 22 5.5 5.25" 13.34
7 Toddler 23 6 5.5" 13.97 2-4 Years
7.5 Toddler 23 6.5 5.625" 14.29
8 Toddler 24 7 5.75" 14.61
8.5 Toddler 25 7.5 6" 15.24
9 Toddler 25 8 6.125" 15.56
9.5 Toddler 26 8.5 6.25" 15.88
10 Toddler 27 9 6.5" 16.51
10.5 Toddler 27 9.5 6.625" 16.83

*Please note that this guide is a general one and the numbers may vary from child to child and from shoes to shoes.

How often should you get your baby’s feet remeasured?

Babies are growing fast, especially their feet. So you have to pay attention to that and re-measure the baby’s feet size to be able to buy him the right shoes or socks. At home or in a shop, it is recommended to measure your baby’s feet by these simple rules:

    • 2-6 weeks, once a month

    • 6-12 weeks, once every two months

    • 12 months and above, once every three months

Functional baby’s shoes are better than the trendy ones. But there are some occasions when you should mix both. In special moments, besides the outfit and his lil’ cute face, give the baby a pair of shoes that are not only comfy but also stylish. And don’t forget about the season!

Baby shoes for girls

Every little princess always needs her pair of shiny shoes. So why not choose the right shoes for the right occasion?

Baby Girl Soft Soles

If your baby girl is still a newborn, but you have to take her at some special events, put her in some cute, but also comfy shoes. Some pinky adorable soft soles with a tutu will melt everybody.

Also, it is a great idea to give your baby a pair of moccasins. For a more fancy look, choose some leopard print soft soles shoes.They are not only soft and comfortable but are also perfect for photo shoots, parties, and all occasions.

baby-girl-shoes-ribbon-tie-crib-shoes Baby Girl Shoes with Ribbon - Available here!

shoes-baby-girl-soft-sole-shoes Leopard Soft Sole Shoes for Baby Girls - Available here!

Baby Girl Boots

Wheter it’s raining, snowing or all sunshine, your baby girl has to be ready. When the colder season approach, choose her a pair of warmth boots. Soft and cute, colorful and stylish, booties fit well with pants but also with a nice skirt.

baby-girl-crochet-boots Crochet Boots for Baby Girls - Available here!

baby-girls-boots Soft Boots for Baby Girls - Available here!

Baby Girl Sandals

If it’s warm outside, then your baby doll has to shine! Complete her summer outfit with some cute sandals. Tan crochet slip-on will suit perfectly, as well as a pair of leather white sandals. Be sure they have a soft sole, for your baby’s best comfort.

baby-girls-crochet-sandals Crochet Sandals for Baby Girls - Available here!

toddler-girls-sandals Sandals for Toddler Girls - Available here!

Baby Girl Dress Shoes

For a special occasion, your little girl has to look like a star. Of course, the right shoes don’t have to miss. Choose some shoes with a festive bow, a pair of moccasins or a gold patent upper shoes. She will look perfect for any photo shoots.

baby-girl-shoes-moccasin-crib-shoes Moccasin Crib Shoes for Baby Girls - Available here!

baby-girls-shoes-festive-shoes Festive Shoes for Baby Girls - Available here!

baby-girl-shoes-bow-casul-shoes Goldy Baby Girl Shoes - Available here!

Halloween for Kids: Costumes, Last-Minute Ideas & Unique Outfits

This is the time of year when everybody gets all excited: Halloween is coming! Imagine all the carved pumpkins and the decorations. But the best part: the costumes!

If your kids wants to go Trick or Treating in the most unique outfit, get inspired from our list of the best & most popular Halloween costumes for kids! A perfect outfit that's made for their personality is clicks away.

If you don't know what to look for yet, don't worry. We did all the Halloween costume hunt and prepared an unique, cute selection of Halloween costumes for every age, from babies, to toddlers and big kids!

best-halloween-costumes-for-kids-2017Super Hero Costume for Girls

How to Choose a Halloween Costume for Your Kid?

There are lots of aspects to take into consideration before getting a new Halloween costume. Here're a couple of things you should put on your list before shopping:

Pay Attention to Safety

Getting into the Halloween atmosphere equals carved pumpkins, costumes, candies, but also lots of candles. Accidents relating fire can happen, so you should pick your kid's costume with attention. Look for materials that are flame resistant or have a slower burning rate. Natural materials such as cotton or linen are more flammable than synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon. Natural fibers will ignite, while synthetics will melt. Check out this safety tips list from Safe Kids for more advice.

tween-halloween-costume-ideas-2017 Wonder Woman Costume for Girls

Pick the Right Size

Finding the perfect Halloween costume that your kid loves calls for a celebration. But you shouldn't get too excited before your kid tries the costume on. If it isn't a good fit, the experience wearing it is going to be very stressful. If it's too large, your kid can trip on it, and if it's too small, your kid will feel strangled. So make sure you have the right size, or otherwise, check if you can adjust it before you buy it.

best-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers Minion Kevin Costume for Boys

Watch out for Sharp Accessories

If the costume you choose for your kid comes with accessories such sword or wands, make sure they are children safe objects and aren't sharp. Choose flexible or thin plastic instead of other solid materials. Train your little knight before taking off with his sword and make sure he understands that his sword is purely decorative.

unique-halloween-costumes-ideas-for-babiesPrincess Linens Costume for Girls

Dress Weather Accordingly

Halloween is taking place on the last day of October, so in the middle of the fall season. In most states, the weather in this period can be pretty cool. Dressing as a surfer or a ballerina can be nice, but they might prove not to be so fortunate choices. Make sure you have room underneath the costume for extra layers of clothing, such as a sweatshirt or a pair of comfy leggings.

baby-girl-cute-halloween-costumePaige The Dragon Costume for Baby Girls

Get the Right Shoes

Halloween involves lots of Trick or Treat sessions, so walking is required. Besides choosing a pair of shoes that match the costume, take the level of comfort into consideration. If you're getting a new pair of shoes, let your kid wear them at least a couple of time before the big night so he can get used to wearing them. Remember to check out the weather forecast before choosing the footwear. Ballerina flats are great, but not if it is snowing outside.

Consider Getting Reflectors

Trick or Treat happens at night and children will be wandering the streets. If you're worried about your kid's safety, buy some reflectors and sew them on your kid's costume. This way you make sure the drivers in the area are going to see your kid crossing the street.

the-garden-princess-dress-halloween-costume Eden The Garden Princess Halloween Costume

The Top, Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids in 2017

The wish to have the best Halloween costume is widely spread among both kids and parents. Everyone is curious what other people are going to wear so we tried to put together a top of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids for this year. Here it is:

Popular 2017 Halloween Costumes for Boys

If you don't want to look like you've been living under a rock, get inspired from the most popular Halloween costumes for boys in 2017:

    1. Batman costume

    1. Spiderman costume

    1. Pirate costume

    1. Astronaut costume

    1. Vampire costume

    1. Harry Potter costume

    1. Animal costumes (dragon, monkey)

    1. Clown costume

    1. Zombie costume

    1. Cowboy costume

Discover more Halloween costumes for Boys!

Popular 2017 Halloween Costumes for Girls

    1. Wonderwoman costume

    1. Supergirl costume

    1. Minnie Mouse costume

    1. Mermaid costume

    1. Animal costumes (cat, unicorn)

    1. Disney Princess (Belle from Beauty & the Beast)

    1. Tinkerbell costume

    1. Cleopatra costume

    1. Witch costume

    1. Nurse costume

Discover more Halloween costumes for Girls!

princess-belle-halloween-costume-for-girls Princess Belle from Beauty & The Beast Halloween Costume

little-girls-pink-butterfly-wings-wand-halloween-tutu-3-pcs-setPink Butterfly Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes for Every Age

When you have so many options to choose from, picking ONE costume is tricky. Not to mention that the next shot of having the perfect costume is one year away.

best-halloween-costumes-for-girls Princess Halloween Dress

But the adults' uncertainty of how the right costume should look like is nothing compared to the children's dilemma. Fairy or princess? Police officer or Batman? Or maybe a doctor?

We tried to simplify the choices for you and we came up with a simple guide. Depending on your kid's age, narrow the search and find out what costume you should get.

Baby & Infant Halloween Costumes (3M-24M)

The firsts Halloweens are magical and you should make sure you take plenty of photos. Look for the most adorable Halloween costume for your baby, get your family and go Trick or Treat together for the best Halloween memories.

Baby Girl Halloween Super girl costume Baby Girl Halloween Super girl costume

The best Halloween costumes for babies are the ones inspired by animals. The best picks for baby girls are costumes inspired by bunnies, butterflies or ladybugs. For baby boys, lion, puppy, bees or dragon inspired costumes are the best. If you want something different, you can try dressing your little one in a job inspired costumes, such as a firefighter or aviator.

Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

Looking for some adorable costumes? Thisbaby bunny costume is perfect for your little one!

pink-piggy-little-girls-halloween-costumePnk Piggy Little Girls Halloween Costume

If you're looking for some more ideas for your baby girl's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:


princess-glinda-halloween-costumePrincess Glinda Halloween Costume

lady_bug_tutu_setLady Bug Halloween Costume

lamb-halloween-costume-for-girlsLittle Lamb Halloween Costume

Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

For your baby boy, an army or astronaut Halloween costume would be a perfect choice. If you're looking for adorable costumes, you should know that this year, baby pumpkin costumes and baby monkey costumes are very popular.

toddler halloween costume Special Forces Halloween Costume - available here

If you're looking for some more ideas for your baby boy's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

baby-boys-red-fire-department-motif-hooded-raincoatRed Fire Department Hooded Raincoat for Halloween

astronaut-halloween-costumeAstronaut Halloween Costume

flight-suit-halloween-costumeFlight Suit Halloween Costume


Toddler Halloween Costumes (2-6 y.o)

Looking for the coolest Halloween costume models for toddlers?

Then you should know that toddlers love character inspired costumes from their favorite cartoons. Girls usually dream of being a fairy or a princess, while boys picture themselves as superheroes or ninjas.

At this age, kids start thinking about what they'll like to be when they grow up. A Halloween costume can fulfill their desire of being an astronaut or a doctor.

Toddler Girl Halloween Costumes

Toddler Halloween costumes should be fun and colorful! For your little girl, this ruffle monster costume is not only a fun choice but also an adorable one.

Toddler Ruffle Halloween Costume Toddler Ruffle Halloween Costume - available here

little-girls-purple-butterfly-wings-wand-halloween-tutu-3-pcs-setButterfly Halloween Costume

If you're looking for some more ideas for your toddler girl's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

dorothy-halloween-costume Dorothy Costume

minnie-mouse-costume Minnie Mouse Costume

bumble-bee-halloween-costume-outfitBumble Bee Costume

Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes

Your toddler boy will crave for these job-inspired Halloween costumes. Secret agent or car driver, they're all awesome choices!

Toddler Halloween Costume Toddler Secret Agent Halloween Costume - available here

If you're looking for some more ideas for your toddler boy's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

wippette-little-boys-black-policeman-motif-hooded-raincoatPoliceman Hooded Raincoat for Halloween

swat-agent-halloween-costume S.W.A.T. Agent Halloween Costume

race-car-driver-suit-halloween-costumeToddler Car Driver Halloween Costume

Big Kids Halloween Costumes (7-16 y.o)

Big kids usually know what type of costume they'll want to wear on Halloween Day. But if they're out of ideas, here are few ideas you could suggest:

    • for a girl, try a princess or a fairy tale inspired costume

    • for a boy's outfit, an aviator, astronaut or doctor costume can be a great fit.

Big Girls Halloween Costumes 

Although pink isn't a Halloween's color, any outfit in this color will be loved by your big one. The best part? Pink goes well with lots of costumes, from princesses to doctors or cute kittens.

Girls Halloween Costume Pink Kitty Halloween Costume - available here

If you're looking for some more ideas for your girl's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

jr-dr-scrubs-halloween-costumePink Scrubs Halloween Costume

red-cape-halloween-dress-costumeRed Cape Halloween Dress Costume

princess-juliet-dress-up-halloween-costume Princess Juliet Halloween Costume

Big Boys Halloween Costumes

Probably at this age, your boy will want a costume that is more mature. Forget animal-inspired costumes and focus on job-related costumes for a great appearance.

Boys Halloween Costume Astronaut Halloween Costume Outfit - available here

If you're looking for some more ideas for your boy's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

aeromax-little-boys-black-firefighter-halloween-costumeFirefighter Halloween Costume

aeromax-little-boys-blue-flight-suit-halloween-costumeBlue Flight Suit Halloween Costume

white-lab-coat-halloween-costumeLab Coat Halloween Costume

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you're a busy parent and have no time to spend endless hours shopping for the perfect costume, that's alright. You can still whip up a great Halloween outfit for your little one using the stuff you already have in the closet. Or you can just buy one accessory and improvise the rest using make-up.

Here are a couple of tips & tricks you can start steal right now:

Get Creative

Even if you haven't bought a costume, your little one is still going to expect to wear the coolest and remarkable Halloween ever made. So you need to keep an open mind and get creative. Look around your house, in all your closets and start brainstorming ideas. Put that broken umbrella to use for a bat-inspired outfit or re-use that old plaid skirt for a college uniform costume.

Consider Using Your Clothes

Lots of parents don't even think about using clothing items they already have. A little black dress can be transformed in a tween Halloween costume very easy, especially if you want to recreate an Audrey Hepburn look or dark princess outfit. You have infinite options, just need to keep an open mind.

Use Make-up

Using make-up can be really fun and effective at the same time. Combine some regular clothes and then put your skills to work. For a Japanese or a Joker look, make-up completes the clothes you choose and can transform any boring look into a unusual one. For interesting suggestions, check out this post on pretty and scary halloween makeup ideas from Family Holiday.

Halloween Make-up kids Halloween Make-up - photo source:

Last Minute Halloween Outfit Ideas

Here are a couple of outfit ideas you can whip out right away:

Cowboy Look

For a cowboy inspired look, here are the things you'll need:

    • Plaid shirt

    • A pair of jeans

    • A pair of cowboy boots

    • A cowboy hat hat

    • A bandana

    • Braids (for girls)

young-ht-little-girls-pink-plaid-mesh-ruffle-stone-legging-setCowboy Plaid Shirt with Pants Set

toddler-kids-cute-green-cowboy-waterproof-bootsGreen Leather Cowboy Boots

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams Wednesday Addams - photo source:

Remember Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family? She's quite a character! If your girl ran out of ideas on what the wear, well, this look can really fit into the whole Halloween atmosphere.

The items will need to recreate Wednesday's look:

    • Black Jumper dress or a black skirt with a black blouse

    • White collar

    • Black tights

    • Black flats shoes

    • Black nail coat

    • 2 braids

    • Pale skin (or make-up)


Minions Halloween Outfit Minions Halloween Outfit - photo source:

For this adorable outfit, you'll need just a couple of basic items, that you probably already have in the closet:

    • Yellow hoodie

    • Yellow shirt

    • Jeans Jumpsuit

    • Googles

    • Black Gloves

Train Conductor Halloween Costume Train Conductor Halloween Costume - available here

Halloween Accessories for Kids

Getting some Halloween accessories can be a real lifesaver. You don't need the whole outfit for an amazing costume, but a couple of accessories you can mix & match with some clothes your kid already has.

For a police officer costume, buy a helmet and improvise the rest: a white shirt and some pants should do it. If you have a toy gun in the garage, your little one is ready to go!

[gallery size="medium" ids="3609,3608,3610"]

See more details about these Halloween Accessories: Armed Forces Pilot Costume Helmet, Fire Fighter Costume Helmet,Airline Pilot Costume Cap.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3614,3615,3616"]

See more details about these Halloween Accessories: Halloween Career Gear Shirts, Chef Halloween Costume Hat, Cowboy Costume Brown Hat With Bandanna.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3613,3612,3617"]

See more details about these Halloween Accessories:Halloween Pumpkin Tote-em Bag, Halloween Doctor Stethoscope, Astronaut Halloween Costume Space Pack.

When is the Best time to Buy a Halloween Costume for your Kid?

Finding the perfect costume can be quite a hunt. One minute you agree with your little one what costume to get, the next minute he changes his mind. Sounds familiar? Don't worry, that happens to all parents at least once.


You are the only one that can deal with your kid's whims. The best option is to show your kid a couple of costumes and let him pick out the costume he likes the best and buy it. Waiting is not an option, especially because regular children stores ran out of costumes in mid-October so don't postpone.

The best time for buying a Halloween costume is in early September. Retailers' still have all the costumes in stock and you'll be able to find all the models your kid wants.

If you're ordering online, take into consideration that you'll need extra time for shipping. Not to mention the time you'll need to do changes if the costume isn't a perfect fit.

Closing Thoughts

Even if Halloween seems far away and you're probably just beginning to think about it, two months aren't really so much time to prep.

Many parents prefer to avoid the last minute rush and start looking for their kids' Halloween suit early. September is the best time to shop and to find all the cool models you can think about. Start brainstorming with your little one and plan ahead. Sooner, the better!

If you already know what the perfect costume should look like, here is our Halloween costumes for girls and for boys categories to browse through for more inspiration. Enjoy!

Baby Outfit Ideas That are Too-Cute-for-Words & Tips for Adorable Pictures

Just because your baby is still in diapers, it doesn't mean their clothes & wardrobe should lack style. So keep in mind baby fashion when it's time for those first pictures & dress your baby up in stylish clothes -- you'll be looking at these photo albums for so many times over the years!

Whether you want something truly unique, funny or you're going for a Disney theme, there's a baby outfit for everyone. And even though newborns are already adorable on their own, throw in one of these cute, creative baby photo outfits & you will make your photo album ten times more memorable!

Keep reading & steal inspiration from our shoppable baby & toddler clothes for girls and boys to use during photo shoots (and still reuse for other occasions!). The best outfits for your baby pictures are one click away!

What do you need for a baby photoshoot?

Tips & Tricks:

A baby photo shoot is not much different than a normal photo session, but you will need to set up everything beforehand so you can keep things moving fast - any prep work, like setting up all the baby clothes, will help avoid tiring your baby or keeping them on set for too long.


So if you want to take a bunch of adorable baby photos you'll need to bring props like baskets, bowls & of course, super cute, stylish outfits that are comfortable, soft and weather appropriate.

The good news is baby photography gives you a lot of freedom. So you can choose the best outfits for your baby without having to worry about 2017's trends or fashion. The scenery, backdrops and even the environment will vary depending on what you like.

We guarantee you'll have so much fun dressing your baby up in fun, little outfits!

When's the best time to do baby photoshoots?

Consider at least one photoshoot in the first weeks, because infants grow up fast. Really fast.

Newborns under two weeks of age will be able to pose naked, and won't have problems to change their clothes or outfits, so dressing them will be easier. You'll be able to take womb curly poses, when the baby is asleep, resulting in beautiful & peaceful newborn baby pictures to cherish for a lifetime.

baby-girl-soft-wings-setfor-pictures Baby Girl Soft Wings Set - Get it here!

Bigger babies & toddler do mind being unclothed, so you will need to have ready very comfortable & fun outfits. Consider taking photos at 3 & 6 months - both good milestones. Afterward, you can do one every time your toddler (up to 3 years) is up for the task!

Outfit Props Ideas & Baby Poses 

Some of the must take baby photo shoot creative shots are:

    • The baby comes home photo

    • The Buritto Baby

    • The curly womb photo

    • Same photo every month:  take a picture each month of him wearing the same type of outfit (a baby romper would be good!), laying on the same blanket.

    • Family Photo. Don't miss out on the chance to take photos with grandma & grandpa, or the baby's siblings

    • Inside the Baby's Nursery

    • Baby in Daddy's hands

    • Crawling and the baby's First steps


Some of the best baby photo props are:

    • Blankets

    • Banners with different sayings (a welcome to the world message, or with the baby's name)

    • Balloons

    • Cute bibs & other accessories

    • Bowls, baskets or cradles

    • Cake

    • Animals: Puppy, kittens or baby chicks are the most popular. But you can even go wilder with a Deer or a Calf!


Cute Outfit Ideas: What Should the Baby Wear for Pictures?

Babies fashion can be serious business in 2017 -- luckily we're here to give you a healthy dose of baby clothes inspiration, so you can dress your baby with style. You won’t get to choose their outfits forever, so enjoy playing dress up with your kids while it lasts!

Here are some of our favorite & best ideas for every step of your baby's milestones:


Newborn Baby First Pictures Outfit Ideas (up to 3 months)

We know babies fashion might not be on your mind so soon after coming back from the hospital, but don’t worry: it's actually really simple to choose outfits for newborn photos, since your little one barely moves, doesn't mind being changed and sleeps quite a lot (those sleep smiles will be the best!).

PRO TIP: Buy all your pictures outfits before the baby comes!


Follow these tips:

    • Comfortable baby outfits can still be fashionable. Don't go for baby pajamas or sleeper onesies - there are plenty of stylish options on the market to dress your baby girl or boy!

    • Choose a pure theme. Let your baby naked or just with a pair of bloomers. Add extra cuteness with a beautiful flower headband, some delicate wings, and a cute ruffled blanket.

    • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Especially in the summer, when you don't want to dress them up in too many layers, use accessories like headbands, hats, bandana bibs, or scarves. Bandana bibs are also multifunctional: all that teething drool gets soaked up, and the baby still looks like a million bucks!

    • Use the bed or baskets. Take photos of your baby in the bed or in a basket. Put them on their tummy with the head on their hands or on their back. Make sure that he is comfortable and you’ll get some adorable pics!

    • Baby wraps blankets. On photo shoots, baby wraps blankets are perfect for newborns. Swaddle your baby in a blanket and it will ensure comfort during the shooting. Your baby could easily get asleep, but this is normal in the beginning of life. So do not worry about photos, your baby would look even more adorable when sleeping.

    • Pick soft sole shoes, or go barefoot. If you’re wondering what shoes to give your baby for shooting, in the first months of life it's better to leave he or she barefoot most of the time. If you have a special outfit that will go pretty good with a pair of shoes, choose a pair of soft sole shoes. They are cuddly and you can find numerous styles and colors to choose from for both baby girls and baby boys.

Check out our newborn baby outfit collection!

1. Fashionable Newborn Baby Girl Outfits

Check out these fashionable, stylish newborn baby girl clothes:

Baby Girly Stylish Bodysuits

A frilly bodysuit set is just perfect for your stylish baby girl’s first photo shoot. Add some cute leg warmers, matching booties and do not forget a lovely headband with a bow. Your baby girl will look like a mini diva indeed!

newborn-baby-outfits-bodysuits Frilly Tutu Bodysuit Set - Get it here!

baby-girl-headband-for-photos Baby Girl Headband Set - Get it here!

Cute baby girl dresses

One piece outfits are easy put on & take off, so they're great for newborn baby girls. For her first photo shooting, dress up your baby girl infant in a really nice dress and outfit her with a precious headband, sparkly as a crown. Never too young to feel like a princess!

babygirl-dress-photoshoot Baby Girl Dress with Ribbon Bow - Get it here!

headband-baby-girl-photoshoot Headband for Baby Girls - Get it here!

Check out our newborn baby girl outfit collection!

Two pieces outfits for newborn baby girls

Choose baby girl clothing  set that includes a pinky top and some cute ruffle bloomer.  Take pictures from behind and she'll look adorable showing it off!

baby-girl-ruffle-swing-top-bloomers Ruffle swing and top bloomers for baby girls - Get it here!

Newborn Baby girl Tutus

Ooh La La! A fluffy ' tutu will add a charming touch to your stylish baby girl's look. Add a pair of fashionable soft shoes and you have the perfect recipe for an adorable photoshoot!

baby-girl-tutu-dress Pink Tutu Dress for Baby Girl - Get it here!

crib-shoes-baby-girls Crib Shoes for Baby Girls - Get it here!

tutu-outfit-for-baby-girls Tutu Outfit for Baby Girls - Get the look here!

Check out our newborn baby girl outfit collection!

2. Newborn Boy Cool Outfits Ideas 

Check out these cool newborn boy clothes:

Newborn Baby Boy Bodysuits

For the first baby boy photoshoot, you won't go wrong with a baby boy bodysuit outfit. The funnier and colorful, the better. You will end up with a ton of smiley photos!

baby-boy-bodysuits-set-for-photo-shoot Baby Boy Bodysuits set - Get it here!

Two pieces outfits for newborn baby boys

Instead of a bodysuit, you can combine little bottoms and nice tops for your baby boy pictures. He will be comfortable and relaxed, looking all natural. 

baby-boys-shirts Baby Boy Shirts - Get it here!

baby-boy-bottoms-for-photoshoot Funny Bottoms for Baby Boys - Get it here!

baby-boy-bottoms-for-photoshoot Baby Boy Bottoms - Get it here!

Check out our baby boy outfit collection!

Baby Infant Outfits for Pictures: Tips to dress them (3–12 months)

    • Look into both baby gender sections, so your outfit is not restricted to a certain category. You can definitely mix and match and don't be afraid to pick up unisex baby clothes!

    • Play with patterns in the same color.

    • It's always a good idea to add ruffles. 

    • bring baby toys. About the 6 month milestone, your baby will start grabbing for toys, laughing, crawling around and he'll also try to stand up! This is a great age and one of the best times to take pictures.

    • At the 12-month milestone age, you can really let their personality shine through the clothes!

Check out these cute baby outfit ideas for boys & girls!


1. Outfit Ideas for Baby's First Birthday

It's happening! Your little baby's first birthday anniversary. Time to save great memories of this special moment. So dress your baby accordingly and start taking some photos!

For both boys and girls, decorate the place with colorful balloons. If you prefer, choose an outdoor setting (the garden or in a quite park). 

If you want to have a party and a separate photo shoot, bring him a great looking cake just for photos. Make sure you share the cake during the last part of photoshoot because he will make a little bit of a mess. But he will still look lovely!

baby-girl-birthday-photoshoot Baby Girl 1st Birthday Photoshoot

Check out these unique & trendy baby boy & baby girl 1st birthday clothes:

1st baby birthday outfits for boys

For 1st baby boy birthday pictures, choose for your baby boy a costume. Match a pair of elegant shoes and a bow or a tie. He will look like a little dapper man - now that's a cool baby!

baby-boy-outfit-set-pants-shirt-hat Baby Boy Outfit set - Get it here!

baby-boys-formal-costume-photoshoot Formal Costume for 1st Birthday Baby Boys - Get it here!

baby-boy-oxford-shoes Special occasion shoes for Baby Boy - Get it here!

1st baby birthday outfits for girls

For 1st baby girl birthday pictures, you will never go wrong with a pink dress or a tutu skirt and a cute pair of shoes. A little crown should not miss so your baby girl will feel like a princess. Birthday hats are another accessory that will make that big day even more special!

baby-girl-1stbirthday-tutu-dress-photoshoot Tutu Dress 1st Birthday Baby Girl - Get it here!

baby-girl-shoes-first-birthday 1st Birthday Shoes for Baby Girls - Get it here!

Check out our baby girl birthday collection and our toddler girl birthday collection!

2. Go for Disney outfits for baby pictures

A baby photo shoot cannot be complete without some Disney outfits. All the Disney characters are pretty and for sure your little one will be adorable wearing clothes with them.

Baby Girl Disney Outfits

Add magic in your baby girl pictures with a soft bodysuit feature well-known princesses for Disney. Or make your little girl a princess by dressing her up in Disney Frozen Elsa tutu short sleeve dress.

disney-tutu-dress-for-baby-photoshoot Disney Tutu Dress for Baby Girls - Get it here!

disney-bodysuit-for-baby-girl-photoshoot Disney Bodysuit for Baby Girls - Get it here!

Baby Boy Disney Outfits

For a smiley photoshoot, transform your baby boy in the best known Disney character, Mickey Mouse. Choose a set of pants and Mickey printed hooded top with ears and he will look pretty charming.

disney-outfit-set-for-baby-boy-photoshoot Disney Outfit set for Baby Boys - Get it here!

3. Summer outfits for baby pictures

Pretty baby girl dresses for casual summer days

For outdoor photo shoots during casual summer days, you can always choose a pretty dress with a pair of comfy shoes. Accessories are also very important, so a cute necklace will complete the look perfectly. Anyway, don’t overdo and let her look as natural as possible, for more authentic memories.

baby-girl-casual-dress-for-photoshoot Baby Girl Casual Dress - Get it here!

baby-girl-necklace-for-baby-summer-photoshoot-outdoor Necklace for Baby Girls - Get it here!

casual-shoes-for-baby-girl-photoshoot-summer-outdoor Casual shoes for Baby Girls - Get it here!

Check out our baby girl summer dresses collection!

Baby girl beach outfits 

When going to the beach, you have to prepare your lil’ girl clothes accordingly, especially when planning a shooting day. Start with a stylish swimsuit with UV protection and cool flip-flops or let your baby barefoot. Don’t forget the sunglasses for protection and a more glamour look, of course.

swimsuit-toddler-girl-picture Swimsuit for Toddler Girls- Get it here!

sun-hat-for-baby-girl-photoshoot-at-the-beach Reversible Sun Hat for Baby Girls - Get it here!

toddler-girl-swimsuit-pictures Toddler Girls Swimsuit - Get it here!

Cool baby boy outfits for summer

In the summertime, photo shooting your baby boy is pretty simple as you have a lot of clothes to choose from. Even if you prefer taking photos on the playground or at the beach, here are some ideas for your baby boy outfits.

Baby boy outfits for casual summer days

During the hot days, settle a photo shoot of your baby boy in the park. Give him a super cute overall or a pair of short pants and a t-shirt with some of his favorite cartoons. Also, choose a pair of sandals with hook and loop fastener closure that will let your baby’s feet breath. He will move freely and he'll surely enjoy this summer photo shoot!

shorts-tshirt-outfit-for-baby-boys-photoshoot Casual Outfit for Baby Boys - Get it here!

fisherman-sandals-for-baby-boys-photoshoot Fisherman Sandals for Baby Boys - Get it here!

Baby boy outfits at the beach

If you want to take some photos of your baby boy at the beach, his outfit should be as comfy and light as possible. Choose swim shorts with cartoon characters pictured and a cute sun hat. Don’t forget to look for a high UV protection. As long as the playground is safe you can let your baby barefoot.

baby-boy-swim-shorts-upf50-for-pictures Swim Shorts UPF 50+ for Baby Boys - Get it here!

sun-hat-for-baby-boys-pictures-at-the-beach Reversible Sun Hat for Baby Boys - Get it here!

swim-shorts-upf50-for-baby-boy-beach-photoshoot Swim Shorts UPF 50+ for Baby Boys - Get it here!

4. Baby Crochet Outfits

From cocoon to sandals, there is a lot of crochet items for baby’s photoshoot. Crochets are quite different from the normal materials, so crochet outfits will add that extra cuteness into the frames.

For baby girls and boys photos, you can let your baby naked and put a fun crocheted hat. Choose hats that include long tassels with pompoms at the bottom for a more cute effect.

For your baby girl photoshoot, match to a nice dress or skirt, a pair of crochet sandals.

soft-knit-hat-bear-toy-set-for-baby-girls-photoshoot Soft Knit Hat & Bear Toy Set for Baby Girls - Get it here!

crochet-sandals-for-baby-girls Crochet Sandals for Baby Girls - Get it here!

You should opt for a smooth and neutral background, that will pop-up your little one and his beautiful crochet outfit.

tassels-crocher-hat-fro-little-girls Tassels Crochet Hat for Little Girls - Get it here!

5. Babies outfits with Sayings for funny photoshoots

Besides fashionable photo shoots, for sure you will want some funny pics with your baby. If your little one can’t yet make funny faces at the request, the clothes can speak for him or her. So pick some outfits with sayings that will cheer everyone up.

At this kind of photoshoots consider to let your baby barefoot and without accessories for the message to pop up.

Cute baby girl & boy clothes with Sayings

For your baby girl, choose some colorful bodysuits with a funny message. This will definitely inspire a few laughs. Besides looking cute, this kind of pictures will be great memories for your little baby once he grows up and understands the jokes from the outfits.

funny-baby-bodysuit-for-photoshoot Bodysuit with Funny Sayings for Baby Girl - Get it here!

tshirt-with-funny-message-for-little-kids T-shirt with a Funny Message for Little Kids - Get it here!

What better way to say you love yourself and your mommy even if you are too young to speak? Well, a "Birth Nailed It" message seems to be the answer. For a memorable baby photo shoot, pick a bodysuit with this message.

funny-baby-bodysuit-sayings-for-photoshoot Baby Bodysuit with Funny Sayings - Get it here!

Check out our funny bodysuits collection for girls and for boys!

6. Funny costume for baby photos

Even if it’s not Halloween, a photo shoot of your baby in a costume is totally worth it every time. Just be sure the costume is not too tight or too large because he will probably put a fuss or start crying. And you want a happy baby in photos, right?

If your little one is still a baby, you can dress him up in a cute costume as teddy or chick. He will look beyond adorable and everyone around will cheer up.

lamb-costume-for-babies-photoshoot Lamb Costume for Babies - Get it here!

tedy-costume-for-babies-photoshoots Tedy Costume for Baby Boys - Get it here!

Toddler Outfits for Pictures: Tips to dress them (1–3 years)

As your baby grows up, he will start loving cartoons, have favorite characters or even let you know what he wants to be later in life (astronaut, chef, scientist, firefighter perhaps?).

Surprise your baby and offer them a photo shoot with his favorite Superhero theme or his desired "profession".

baby-girl-wonder-woman-costume-pictures Wonder Woman Costume for Baby Girl - Get it here!

minions-costume-for-little-boys-photoshoot Minions Kevin Costume for Little Boys - Get it here!

firefighter-costume-outfit-for-little-boys Firefighter Costume for Little Boys - Get it here!

Check out these cute toddler clothes for girls & boys:

Toddler Girls Stylish Outfits

Toddler Girls Dresses

Your toddler girl will never go out of style with a cute dress and a pair of fashionable shoes. Choose her elegant but also casual dresses for different kind of photoshoots.

toddler-girl-multicolor-dress Toddler Girl Multicolor Dress - Get it here!

toddler-girls-dress Toddler Girls Elegant Dress - Get it here!

toddler-girl-shoes Toddler Girl Shoes - Get it here!

Check out our toddler girl outfit collection!

Toddler Boys Stylish Outfits

Toddler Boy Suits

For your toddler boy photoshoot, choose some stylish costume so he can stand out. To enjoy the photoshoot at its best, put him a pair of great comfortable shoes.

little-boys-suit Little Boys Elegant Suit - Get it here!

little-boys-shoes Little Boys Elegant Shoes - Get it here!


Family Photoshoots Checklist:

family-baby-photoshoot-happy Baby Photoshoot with parents

Before you plan a baby photoshoot with the whole family, follow these tips:

    • The baby comes first, so your outfit shouldn't steal the spotlight. Both parents and siblings should be dressed in simple outfits with minimal patterns, in neutral colors. This way the focus will be on the baby.

    • For an elegant photoshoot, moms can choose a long solid dress and dads a pair of pants and a shirt, that will complete the softness in the picture.  

    • For more casual shots, a pair of jeans and a solid shirt it is just perfect for parents.

    • The parents should match the colors of their outfits. That will bring a sense of family’s unity in the picture.

    • Do separate and together shoots. Moms, dads, and siblings could do some separately photos just with the baby. Also, few picture with the parents and the baby together will be lovely and you will love to look back on them

    • Keep your baby close. Even if you do separate or together shoots, keep your baby close to your face. It will give a sense of connection between you and your baby. And that will make the photo very special!

    • Pay attention to your baby’s legs. For sure your little one will look cute in every way, but why not make the photos look as cute as it can. When holding your baby, cross his little legs under him. If the legs stick out, it could be easily distracting.

    • All the faces to the camera. Make sure you and your baby will have the faces turn to the photographer. When you hold your baby, it could be a little bit hard for both faces to be directed to the camera. For sure the photographer will give you a hand on that.

    • Just your hands and your baby. Maybe you already saw a lot of this kind of photos. Dady’s or mommy’s hands and the body of the naked baby. But isn’t that adorable? Black & White should look perfect.

Tips to photograph your baby like a PRO!

Now that you’re all set with the clothes, you need to learn or to improve your photography skills for your baby photo shoot. You just need a phone or a camera, setting the right mood and ...Lights, camera, action!

Indoors - how to take baby photos at home

When your baby is in his first months of life, indoor photo shoots are the best. And photographing your baby at home is not that hard. Just pay attention to lights, backgrounds, and props and enjoy the precious time with your baby.

baby-photoshoot-at-home Baby Photoshoot at Home

Light - The light is a major element in every photo. The natural light is preferred in baby photos because it gives a more authentic look. Of course, if you have some studio lights that offer you a better lighting, use them. Avoid using the flash, since it gives hard shadows to the picture and they will simply ruin it. It can also disturb the baby.

Position your baby in best relation with the source of the light. The most common angle for light is the 45-degree angle that will give that special catchlight in your baby’s eyes.

Background. You have a plenty options for the baby’s photos background, from simple neutral backgrounds to colorful dreamy ones. Depending on the mood you want to create, choose bright tones on the background for a happy shoot or dark tones in order to add some mystery into the scenes.


If you look through professional baby shoots, you can see that props (like the baby's name) are indispensable for newborn portraits. That is because props add plenty of possibilities to the scenes of photography.

Blankets and scarves should be the most appropriate things you’ll find in your home and use for baby photos. They create leading lines that will give a nice effect to the photo, especially if you photograph from the blanket’s level.

You can also choose different baskets, bespoke bean bags or even a chair where you should place your baby comfortably. Make sure that whatever props you choose they are not affecting in any ways your baby’s skin or make him feel uncomfortable.

baby-photoshoot-with-props-basket Baby Photoshoot With Props - Get the Headband here!

Positioning and angles- When taking indoor photos, you don’t have too much action into the frame, especially if your baby is still a newborn.

One thing you can do is to try different poses of your baby. This will help you to bring more life into your photos. Gently position your baby on his tummy with the head on his hands. This is the most common pose of a baby and it is the best if the baby is naked. You should have a nice view of baby’s entire pure body and also see the baby’s face without his hand in front.

After positioning your baby in one of the poses above, add more action into the frame by playing with angles. Besides a frontal and a central shot, try to photograph your baby from above or get down low. Details shots can also help. Every perspective that is unusual can add dynamics to the photo, resulting a better visual impact.

If your baby became already a toddler, then the whole house could be your photo studio. Little details describing your relationship are also very lovely in photography. So try to catch scene when your child is in touch with you or want to reach you. Also capture natural important moments like when the baby is crawling, taking first steps, hiding behind curtains or clothes. This will make really special and intimate memories.

Outdoors - taking baby photos in nature

Taking pictures outside will give you a wide range of possibilities of cool shots with your baby. 

Light - Usually, the best time to photograph outdoor is about an hour after sunrise and around an hour before sunset. This way you’ll avoid the harsh shadow on your baby’s face.

Positioning and angles - When you have already a toddler, get him on the playground. Let him play with other kids and capture the joy of those moments. You can also play with him and have another person to photograph you.

boy-playground-photoshoot Little Boy on the Playground

Baby photography checklist for parents

To have an awesome baby photoshoot at home or in a studio, ensure that nothing will be missing. So be aware of few things before and during the photoshoot:

    • Before the session, make sure that the room has the temperature of 80–85 degrees.

    • Before dressing your baby for the photo shoot, take off their diaper so your baby doesn't have any marks on their skin.

    • Feed your baby before the photoshoot. This will ensure a happy and sleepy baby.

    • Take extra baby wipes & burp clothes. The babies can’t control themselves, so sometimes, accidents could happen. Be ready for a little bit a mess!

    • Take breaks. Even moms feed the baby in the beginning of the session, the baby could get grumpy. So few breaks are always welcome.

    • Be patient! A baby session involves a lot of work and time because your baby has to be completely safe and comfortable. So one baby photoshoot could last from 2 up to 4 hours.

Closing Thoughts

Always keep a photo camera close: just in case your baby girl & baby boy will start crawling, making their first magical steps or posing so funny that you can’t help yourself taking a photo! Just because they're babies, it doesn't mean you should ignore fashion - have fun to dress your baby up in a mini version of your style!

Now that you’re all ready for you baby first photo shoot, start shopping a couple of cool, stylish baby outfits, accessories & decorations to make your little kid stand out!

You can never go back in time. Capture the important moments while they last with the cutest baby outfit ideas!

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