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Is Momma working from home while the kiddos are home?

Is mama working from home and trying to keep the kiddos busy? It’s a tough job but you can do it… moms can do EVERYTHING! Remember when riding your bike around the neighborhood, playing tag, kicking the can or pick up games were fun pastimes? Well, seems gone is the day of simple pleasures like these. Catch up to today where the average child from 8-18 is on electronics (phone, TV, iPad, games, etc.) 50+ hours a week. Research shows that kids who overuse electronics are extra disrespectful, sleep deprived, numb to violence, more aggressive and the list goes on. Getting kids to ease up on electronics is tricky. But teaching them the fun we had as kids will be memories you together won’t forget.

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9 Best Back to School Kids Backpacks

Getting the kids back to school requires more than just getting them back to school. There is a long list of planning involved. Some people think getting the kids through the door of the school is the hard part, it really isn’t, it is the easy part.

Planning and getting all they need ready for that walk through the door is the hardest part. In the planning process, getting the right backpack is yet another herculean task. Kids backpacks come in different styles, shades, and colors, and no matter how cool you think they look, if your kid does not agree, you do not get it.

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Back to School Shopping Checklist & Guide for Busy Parents

If you're a parent and you have kids in school, you know already that Back to School is getting closer. Start prepping for the for the biggest shopping session of the year as soon as you can. Avoid the unnecessary stress and make sure your kid has all the things he needs.

But don't worry! You don't have to bother about making shopping lists anymore because we already did that for you!

This complete Back to School Shopping Checklist & Guide will help you plan your shopping session so you can grab the best Back to School deals!

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