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The Best Back to School Backpacks for Kids You'll Love This Season

They say all good things come to an end and so does the longest school break. We almost got that September ”Back to School” feeling and we’re thinking that maybe you feel the same!

With the summer holiday season coming to an end, it’s time to start searching for the best Back to School essentials. It’s a brand new year and the backpack is topping your kid’s must-haves list. With tons of choices out there, we prepared for you a list of best backpacks for elementary and middle school kids and picked some tips and tricks you should keep in mind before heading for the first bright colored school bag your kiddo loves.

What Are The Most Durable Backpacks?

When searching for the ideal backpack for your kid, the materials of the bag are important. Choose backpacks made from ballistic nylon or ripstop nylon. They look like luggage fabric, are durable and also lightweight. Durability and quality construction should be top attributes in your mind if the bag is going to last. Synthetic fabrics are more water-resistant, but if you’re more of an eco-friendly ambassador, you can choose a backpack made from natural fibers.

How To Choose The Best Kids Backpacks:

    • Choose the appropriate size. Preschoolers and toddlers need a school bag that fits and not overwhelms them and still has enough space for notebooks and books. If you want to know more about the health risks of a large and heavy backpack, check Time's article. 

    • Look for quality zipper pulls that zip smoothly. They will help your kid open the backpack

    • Make sure the backpack has various compartments, with both small and larger extra pockets

    • Check the backpack’s shoulder straps. They should rest comfortably on your child’s lower back.

    • Make sure the shoulder straps are curved and have some padding for your kid’s comfort

    • Look for cool backpacks with patterns, fun colors and stylish designs. Your kid will love it!

The Best Backpacks For School

Are you a schoolkid mom looking for the cutest and coolest backpacks and book bags for a fun start of the year?

We assessed a roundup of backpacks that are durable, practical and also have modern, stylish designs, suitable for every kid’s preferences. With the most adorable patterns, prints and canvas that are easy-to-clean, these kids’ backpacks are going to make the trip to school or kindergarten super-fun for kids of all ages.

Cute Backpacks

Colorful, practical and convenient. With the most adorable patterns and designs with materials that are easy-to-clean, these kids’ backpacks make going to school fun for kids of all ages. Your child's age and preferences are at hand and you have plenty of options to choose from!

[gallery size="medium" ids="3003,3002"]

Explore our models here: Blue Cupcake Backpack, Frog Face School Backpack.


Cool Backpacks

Whether your child likes a geometrical theme or pattern, hearts or cool written words all over it, you’re sure to find a kids backpack that will make him or her really happy with the new asset.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3009,3007"]


Explore our models here:Tribal Print Backpack, Dancers Doodle Backpack.


Pink Backpacks

Pink is a happy color and little girls love it! Plain pink, with pink animals or fun cat ears attached to the backpack, you can find a variety of pink school bags for middle-school kids and toddlers.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3012,4826,4827"]

Explore our models here: Pink Polka Dots Backpack, Pink Owl Backpack, Pink Animal Print Backpack.

[gallery ids="4828,4829,4830"]

Explore our models here: Cute Bear Backpack, Pink Horse Backpack, Fluffy Poodle Backpack

Mesh Backpacks

Mesh backpacks are easy to clean and are also water-resistant. It's a safe choice if your kid likes to play a lot outside, on his way back home.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3016,3017,3018"]

Explore our models here: Camouflage Backpack, Peach Bungee Backpack, Gray Orange Backpack.

Cheap Backpacks under 50$

Cheap backpacks don't need to be plain or ugly. With various patterns and colors, you can find cheap backpacks that can still be an impressive piece in a school kid garderobe.

[gallery size="medium" ids="4824,4823,4825"]

Explore our models here: Blue and Pink Spots Backpack, Triangle Print Backpack, Pink Ballet Shoes Backpack.

Stylish Backpacks

If your kid is more stylish than most of the adults around here and also picky, a cheerful and multicolor backpack is sure to get his or her attention.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3022"]

Explore our models here: Convertible Tote Backpack

Roller Backpacks

Rolling backpacks are convenient and also a practical choice, even if your kid's school bag is heavy or not. Remember that not every path he or she walks on will be straight so he will have to be able to carry it when there's no way to roll it around.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3025,3026,3027"]

Explore our models here: Lady Bug Roller Backpack, Monkey Roller BackpackPink Teddy Bear Roller Backpack.

Canvas Backpacks

With great designs and colors, even with minimalistic patterns, keep the canvas backpacks for the sunny weather. You sure don't want your kid's backpack to take an involuntary bath with all the school pencil case, lunch or other items inside.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3028,3029"]

Explore our models here: Chic Canvas Backpack, Giraffe Canvas Backpack.

Floral Backpacks

They are evergreen backpacks for girls and will be much appreciated by a cheerful kid that likes colors and many little pockets with flowery designs.

floral backpack for girls Cute Floral Backpack

Explore our models here: Cute Floral Backpack


Backpacks for Girls

[gallery size="medium" ids="3036"]

Explore our models: Pink Giraffe Backpack


Backpacks for Boys

[gallery ids="4832,4833,4834"]

Explore our models here: Blue Orange Dino Backpack, Green Durable Backpack, Transportation Backpack

How To Clean Kids' Backpacks and Book Bags

    1. Empty the backpack and check all the pockets for things your little one forgot to get out

    1. Fill a bath with warm water

    1. Use detergent-free soap and add it to the warm water

    1. Scrub the bag with a soft piece of fabric and insist on the dirty areas

    1. Let it dry naturally 

Where Can You Get The Best School Backpacks For Kids?

We have a wide collection of backpacks and school gear for both girls and boys that will ensure you a fun start of the year. From designer backpacks to cheap school bags, we offer great value for money!

Do you already have a favorite? Time is running up and school is right around the corner, so make a list and make sure your little one has everything he needs to start the new school year with great vibes and energy! Find your inspiration here.

Back to School Shopping Checklist & Guide for Busy Parents

If you're a parent and you have kids in school, you know already that Back to School is getting closer. Start prepping for the for the biggest shopping session of the year as soon as you can. Avoid the unnecessary stress and make sure your kid has all the things he needs.

But don't worry! You don't have to bother about making shopping lists anymore because we already did that for you!

This complete Back to School Shopping Checklist & Guide will help you plan your shopping session so you can grab the best Back to School deals!

Why You Should Have a Shopping Checklist

Back to School is the biggest shopping event for parents and kids. This is the time you shop for school supplies, clothes, and gear. Every year many of parents are looking for school stuff for their kids in August and September.

Making a list when going shopping is a healthy habit that could save a couple of bucks. Besides helping you not breaking the bank, lists can help you rank your buyings. This way you should be able to estimate how much you want to invest in clothes, supplies, and gear. And focus on the important things.

If your kid has a school uniform, a checklist can be a life-saver! There are so many things to buy and it's easy to miss something out. If you're interested in how to buy the best school uniforms, this complete shopping guide is your go-to source.

Back to School Shopping Checklist

Before going shopping, take a look at this list. It can prove to be very useful when shopping for clothes, supplies and gear for your kid.


Buying clothes can be pretty expensive. Especially, If you're buying stuff without making an evaluation of the stuff your schooler already has. Many of the things can be re-used, like Polo t-shirts for example.
Re-using clothes is a great way to save money and invest the savings into another type of school essentials, like a new backpack or a good lunchbox.

If the school has a uniform or a dress code, pick a complete list of necessary items or recommendations before starting looking for new stuff.

Back to School clothes

Your kid's Back to School clothes should be high qualitative pieces. It is also very important to pick the correct size. A frequent mistake is to buy clothes that are too loose or too tight. Keep in mind that your kid must feel good and comfortable wearing these clothes at school every day.

Shopping List For Boys

  • 3-4 Polo T-shirts

  • 1-2 Polo shirts with sleeves

  • 2 white/blue shirts

  • 2 pairs of trouser pants

  • 1 pair of short pants

  • 1 V-neck cardigan with buttons

  • 1 pair of school shoes

[gallery size="medium" columns="2" ids="3071,3257,3064,3107"]


Shopping List For Girls

  • 3-4 Polo T-shirts

  • 1-2 Polo shirts with sleeves

  • 2 Shirts

  • 2 Knee-length skirts

  • 2 Jumper dress

  • 1 pair of pants

  • 1 pair of short pants

  • 1 V-neck cardigan with buttons

  • 1 pair of school shoes

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="3093,3256,3090,3102"]



There are lots of schools supplies your kid can use. Still, he won't use everything you buy and that's a fact. Try to focus on the essentials for the beginning and buy extra stuff just when your kid runs out of something.

A schooler needs lots of pencils, crayons, erasers, folders, paper clips and lots of notebooks and this is just the beginning. Check out this Back to School supplies checklist from Real Simple if you want to simplify the planning process.

The best way to make sure you don't overspend on school stuff is to keep track of the supplies used in the previous year. We guarantee you this piece of advice it's going to prove pretty helpful in the long run, especially if you already have some forgotten supplies in some drawer somewhere.

School Gear

Back to School gear

Backpacks, messenger bags, lunch boxes or pencil cases are some essential items for going back to school. Without them, your kid wouldn't have a great experience during classes. These things are going to help your schooler get through the day. He'll use them daily so it's important to invest in a couple of great pieces.

We've gathered some cool stuff to help you make a great decision!


A good backpack will help him carry all his school stuff around so investing in a durable piece it's a must.

Make sure the backpack has ergonomic padded shoulder straps. It is important that the backpack has a decent size and fits the textbooks and school supplies needed for classes. Check out this backpack guide if you want to find out more on how to choose the perfect backpack.
Backpacks for Girls

[gallery size="medium" ids="3146,3147,3148"]

Explore our backpack models: Backpack with Colorful Pattern, Lady Bug Backpack for Toddlers, Pink Backpack with Kitty.
Backpacks for Boys

[gallery size="medium" ids="3152,3153,3154"]

Explore our backpack models: Army Style Backpack, Backpack with Blue Sharks, Light Blue Backpack.

Laptop Bags

A laptop bag can prove to be very useful for your high school kid, especially when working at the library with some classmates on a project. Check out this messenger bags for a very cool look!

[gallery size="medium" ids="3221,3219,3220"]

Explore our laptop messenger bags: Pink Laptop Messenger Bag, Green & Blue Laptop Messenger Bag, Snake Pattern Laptop Messenger Bag.

Pencil Cases

This is the most common piece of school gear for every student out there. Picking the right size is crucial if you want to stock a lot of pens and crayons in there. Remember that choosing a cheerful pattern can do wonders for your young schooler's mood!
Pencil Cases for Girls

[gallery size="medium" ids="3234,3235,3236"]

Explore our pencil cases for girls: Blue & Red Cupcake Pencil Case, Light Green Paris Pencil Case, Orange Ice Cream Pencil Case.
 Pencil Cases for Boys

[gallery size="medium" ids="3224,3225,3226"]

Explore our lunch boxes: Purple Multi-pocket Lunch Box, Orange Ice Cream Lunch Box, Garden Multi-pocket Lunch Box.

Lunch Bags

Lunch boxes are extremely popular among both parents and schoolers. It's a great way to eat a healthy and filling meal during the school lunch break without spending extra cash on food.

A lunch box usually is divided into a couple of compartments. When choosing your kid's lunch box make sure there's no leaking going on. You should also check out the closing system.

Putting a lunch box directly into the backpack isn't a good option, especially if your kid already has a heavy backpack. Try out this fashionable lunch bags for a stress-free lunch at school!

Lunch Bags for Girls

[gallery size="medium" ids="3158,3160,3242"]

Explore our lunch boxes for girls: Garden Multi-pocket Lunch Box, Purple Multi-pocket Lunch Box, Pink Leopard Lunch Box.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3207,3206,3208"]

Explore our lunch bags: Pink Camo Pattern Lunch Bag, Lunch Bag Girls Owl Pattern, Lunch Bag Girls Zebra Pattern
 Lunch Bags for Boys

[gallery size="medium" ids="3171,3168,3167"]

Explore our lunch boxes for boys: Light Blue Game On Lunch Box, Green Dino Multi- pocket Lunch Box, Blue Sharks Multi-pocket Lunch Box.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3211,3212,3213"]

Explore our lunch bags: Lunch Bag Army Pattern, Lunch Bag Blue PatternLunch Bag Grey Pattern.

School Sets

School sets usually include matching gear such as backpacks, lunch boxes, and pencil cases. Buying a school set can save you a couple of bucks and moreover, your schooler will always know how his things look like so he won't forget them behind or switch them accidentally with someone's else stuff.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3251,3252,3253"]

Explore our school sets: School Set Grey & Green Robots, School Set Blue & Green Cupcakes, School Set Red Zoo,

Back to School Shopping List for Every Age

Now that you know what stuff your kid's going to need in school, take a look at these pieces of advice for every group age.

Kindergarten (3-4 years old)

The required dress code in kindergarten is not as strict as in primary school, for example. However, depending on the demanded school uniform, make sure you choose qualitative clothes, that allow the skin to breathe. Kids are very active at this age and it's very important to make sure they're feeling comfortable.

For boys: T-shirt and pants; if the weather is warm, short pants can be a good option.
For girls: A comfortable jumper dress.

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="3094,3025,3073,3006"]

At this age, the children will need some proper supplies for creative work. Drawing, crafting, playing - just a couple of fun activities that your kid will do on a regular day. Among the needed supplies, there are colored pencils, a glue, erasers or a pencil box.

pre-school crayons

Elementary / Primary School (5-10 years old)

In elementary school, all students have to dress accordingly to the school's dress code or wear the uniform on the daily basis. Polo T-shirts are very practical, for both boys & girls.

If your girl will start wearing a skirt, make sure it's long enough and it respects the dressing guideline. The last thing you want is to be called by the principal and asked to take your girl home or bring her change clothes.
The backpack has to be large enough to fit all those notebooks and textbooks. Be sure it has ergonomic padded shoulder straps for a comfortable wear.

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="3073,3065,3093,3148"]

Another mandatory item on the list is the lunch box. There are plenty of options from which you can choose from. They came in all kind of shapes and sizes. Some of them have a water bottle included. Before choosing a lunch box discuss with you kid and try to figure out how the lunch is going to look like. Some kids don't eat very much at lunch so a huge lunch box will be a waste of space.

Middle School (11-13 years old)

Students in middle school are already pretty used to wearing a uniform during classes. However, there are a couple of changes in the way kids at this age see themselves and their colleagues.

They'll became eager to express their own personality and have a personal style, maybe even bend the rules of the school just to wear something they like.

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="3065,3091,3103,3259"]


Always shop for clothes and other school supplies together. They can become pretty picky when it comes to stuff they have to wear at school.
Balance is the key: respect their personal taste, but keep in mind the school's dressing guidelines when going shopping.

Some girls will want to trade a proper school backpack for a fancier option, like a tote bag. Carrying heavy textbooks and notebooks isn't that fun when you don't have a good backpack. A cute, but small bag isn't proper for school use so try to convince them to stick to the old classic option: it's safer and healthier in the long run.

High School (14-18 years old)

Before shopping for new clothes, reconsider the things your kid already has from last year and figure out if there are a couple of pieces that can be re-used. There's no point in buying another skirt if the old own is still a good fit for your daughter.


[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="3081,3108,3090,3091"]

Your kid will need extra stuff that helps him to stay organized and keep up with the papers and homework he has. From day planners, folders to color highlighters or even gadgets, there are many things that a high school student can use.
Ask your high-schooler to make a full list of the stuff he needs and review it together. While making the list, ask him to look through the stuff he already owns and cross out those things.

high school back to school

Don't try to buy everything! Stick to the essentials for the beginning. Focus on the big spends and leave your kid to handle the little things. If there is anything else he needs, he can pick those stuff next time he's going to the store. By now your kid has for sure things from last years that he can use again, like pencils, markers or pencil cases.

We hope that this Shopping Checklist & Guide will help you shop more efficiently for Back to School stuff. There's no much time left so you better start Google-ing for some amazing offers!

How to Shop the Best School Uniforms for Your Kid - A Full Guide

September is just around the corner and that means one thing: your little one is going Back to School!

Before the first day of school, there is another challenge yet to conquer: shopping for the whole school year in just a couple of days. You'll find yourself chasing all the offers out there to get the best school uniform essentials for your kid. You don't need to break the bank nor to buy all the things you can find out there.

This guide will help you to find out what clothing staples to buy for your schooler. Don't miss our life-saving tips on how to shop for Back to School clothes if you want to avoid headaches.

But First...What Are School Uniforms?

A school uniform is a standard style of dressing and it's quite common in elementary school, middle school, high school or college. Each school has its own guidelines and rules which are mandatory for all the students, without exception. Kids have to wear school uniform daily at school. They even have to wear it at special school events or occasions that take place outside the classrooms and regular hours.

Uniforms are different from school to school and that means they came in all kind of styles and colors. The most common clothing staples are polo shirts, khaki pants or knee-length skirts. Here's a great roundup from Huffington Post on what it looks like to dress for school around the world.

What Do School Uniforms Stand For?

Wearing a uniform is a common way to show others that you're part of an organization. In both companies and public institutes (schools, army, medical system) uniforms are quite necessary.  
School uniforms stand for equality among students and sense of community. Moreover, wearing a uniform expresses the pride of being a student at a certain institution.

Uniforms help pupils and students to be more organized and encourage discipline. Having a common style of dressing serve the primary purpose of a school as well: helping students learn while they aren't distracted by other kids' designer clothes.

School Uniforms vs a Dress Code

Having a dress code is different than adopting a uniform in schools. While a dress code gives you the liberty in choosing your own clothes according to the school's guidelines, a uniform is more restrictive.  A dress code may permit pupils to wear polo T-shirts in any darker color, while a uniform lets pupils wear only dark blue T-shirts, for example.
Kids can be pretty inventive and they'll all try to bend the dress code just to wear something they like once in a while. So it's harder to enforce a dress code in schools than to adopt a uniform.

Not having a clear set of dressing rules can easily become confusing for parents. They'll wonder what they should buy for their little ones. Is this yellow polo shirt permitted or should you buy a black one instead? This kind of questions is inevitable while trying to respect a certain way of dressing.

Pros and Cons of a School Uniform

There are lots of debates about school uniforms and everyone wants to know the same thing: are uniforms bad or good for the kids?

The teachers are generally pleased with uniforms and believe it's easier for the pupils and students to focus on the learning process rather than fashion. Still, there are lots of studies that had shown that wearing uniforms doesn't have any real impact on the students' academic results or grades.

Parents want to know why uniforms make schools a better place for their kids and what's the consequence of buying tons of uniforms staples for their kids.
Providing a bullying-free environment is one of the most powerful arguments. Spending a lot less money on fashionable items due to the social pressure is also a good thing, especially for poor families.


  • Sense of belonging and school pride

  • Increase student’s safeness

  • Help to focus on education, not fashion

  • Reduce bullying

  • Improve attendance and discipline


  • Restricts self-expression and creativity

  • Bullying is not always clothes-related

  • Don't improve school results

  • Financial burden

  • Difficult to enforce

How Does a Uniform Look Like?

A uniform’s style will differ from school to school, but usually, there are a couple of common clothing items that are evergreen:

  • Polo/Golf shirt with long or short sleeves

  • Trouser pants: khaki, gray, navy blue or black

  • V-Neck cardigan with buttons

  • V-Neck sweater vest

  • Jumper dress

  • Capri short pants in the summer

  • School shoes - that are worn only at school

Clothing items for boys' uniform

Polo T-shirts


[gallery size="medium" ids="3064,3063,3065"]

Find more Polo T-shirts here.

Trouser Pants

[gallery size="medium" ids="3072,3071,3073"]

Find more uniform pants here.

Polo Unisex shirts with long sleeves

[gallery size="medium" ids="3081,3083,3082"]

Find more Polo shirts here.

Clothing items for girls' uniform

School Skirts

[gallery size="medium" ids="3090,3091,3092"]

Find more skirts here.

Jumper Dress

[gallery size="medium" columns="2" ids="3093,3094"]

What School Shoes Should You Get?

Shoes for kids need to be functional and very comfortable. Keep in mind that this pair of school shoes is going to be worn almost daily, for a few month minimum. Quality should be your priority, even if often the kids care only about the latest trends.

Try to find a middle ground with your youngster, but don't sacrifice the quality over quantity. Don't buy 3 cheap pairs of footwear just because they're on sales and they look pretty, but instead, try to find one comfortable pair.

For this kind of shoes, you will want to pick a dark and solid color - black, dark blue or dark gray are the best options. They must match with everything else so a pair of electric blue shoes may not be the best choice.

Girls Shoes

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="3103,3102"]


Boys Shoes

[gallery size="medium" columns="2" ids="3108,3107"]


Sometimes a school uniform can feel pretty restrictive. Still, your kid has lots of great pieces he can choose from and that's the great part. There are countless mix&match possibilities. Check out more Back to School outfits for some more variety.

Besides shopping for uniform staples, there are a lot other stuff you should consider buying. Check out this Back to School Shopping Checklist & Guide for Busy Parents if you want to make sure you have everything marked.

When to buy school uniforms

Start prospecting the market and look for good offers and discounts during August. The best time to shop for school essentials is late August or at the beginning of September.
Pro tip: Avoid any last minute shopping sessions because you can risk not finding the exact items your little one needs. Remember the Back to School shopping sessions can be pretty exhausting and taking your time can prevent you from going insane!

How to buy school uniforms

In-store shopping

Before hitting the stores make sure you get a full list of required items from the school.

Try to do your own list with the clothing pieces your kid already has stacked up in the closet. Buy only the things the kid doesn’t have yet.

You don't have to buy one polo shirt for each day of the week. Workaround what you already have and try to have a minimalist approach at first. You can always buy an extra shirt, but returning back the other 7 you have can be tricky.           


If you want to skip those never-ending queues and agitation, online shopping may be a good option for you. There are lots of parents forums and discounts sites where you can find promotions or coupons, especially at this time of year.

Your kid can't try the clothes on before so this can be a disadvantage. But you can still return whatever products you think don't fit right or replace them in another size. Make sure the website you're ordering from has a return policy and read it closely. Checking out the website’s size chart is a pretty good idea as well.

How much do uniforms for school cost

Uniforms don't have to cost a fortune. You can choose affordable alternatives for the required pieces. For example, a polo shirt and a pair of trouser pants can be purchased with less than $25.

The price for a jumper dress for girls can vary from $17 to $30.

May sound like a lot at first, but the advantage of a uniform is that you can buy a couple of basic items that your kid will wear on a daily basis. The best thing? You don’t have to invest in any other clothing item for school and you’ll save some money this way. Think that you’re making a long-term investment which is going to pay off in time.

Going Back to School isn't a very pleasant thought for many kids, at least at first. But this isn't going to last very long because soon he's going to look forward to hanging out with his classmates.

It's your job to make sure your schooler is ready to begin an amazing school year. Be ready for Back to School shopping early in August and try to find the best deals you can find. With proper planning and the right attitude, this shopping spree can be a pretty exciting.

What's Back to School clothing staples you consider buying this year?

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