10 Ideas for the Little Girls Holiday Dresses & Christmas Outfits

Christmas is that time of the year when is about family and friends, gatherings and special moments with the loved ones. Dressing to impress is not only a good idea, but a must for you and your kids. This kind of moments are unique and as the time passes so fast, we all have to be creative and to get the best out of every occasion.

Girls have different personalities and styles. That is the reason why so we’ve put together various outfits that meet even the highest standards.

For an extra dose of inspiration, we've combined a cool roundup featuring the best Christmas dresses & outfits for little girls from our huge collection!

Baby Christmas red Dress

A Charming Holiday Dress in a Traditional Color

Here are the cutest dresses for your little girl. Keep things simple, as she is still young, but choose the outfit that will make her part of the fairytale. There is nothing better than a dress with a little glitter, sequin, or lace. There is no way your girl will go unnoticed with this elegant choice.

Even if you want her to shine or to be natural, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Here are some of the gowns you can choose from for the big gathering or simply for a photo session.

reindeer christmas dress little girl Reindeer short sleeve Christmas dress - Get it here!

Rhinestone green Christmas dress - Get it here!

floral tulle christmas dress little girl Cute burgundy Christmas dress - Get it here!

A Fancy Dress, Perfect for the Christmas Dinner

If your girl is already a fashionista, then this is the right place to find her the dress of her dreams and to match her personality. If she wants a spectacular appearance, then you can go for a fancy dress. You won’t be disappointed with the result and for sure your little girl will be more than thrilled.

So if you make a big deal out of the Christmas events, then your little girl’s gown should be a little extra. Here are some examples that can inspire you to make the best choice for Christmas.

red white stripes dress Fancy Santa dress - Get it here!

silver christmas dress for little girls Fancy silver Christmas dress - Get it here!

gorgeous sequin dress little girls Fancy golden sequin Christmas dress - Get it here!

Comfy Can be Glamorous as well

If your little girl is not a big fan of complicated dresses, there is no point in making her wear one. Here are some other options for a Christmas Outfit that will work just fine.

Keep in mind that she should feel comfortable first. This way, everybody is happy. You can mix and match festive leggings with a blouse, or you go with a onesie for a cozy approach. And don’t worry, these Christmas patterns are the ones that will help her make a charming appearance.

golden star sequin dress Comfortable Christmas outfit - Get it here!

knitted burgundy dress Knitted Christmas dress - Get it here!

christmas dress little girl "Let it snow" Christmas dress - Get it here!


A Green Dress to Match the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is not only about Santa, but about traditions and family meetings, decorations and special occasions. So making sure your girl get in the holiday spirit is one of the things that have to do.

That’s why you can choose a dark green dress for your little girl that will make a statement about this celebration. This is an appealing color for girls and it brings a dazzling look for any girl. Velvet, tulle, sequin - all these precious textures are a great fit for a Christmas dress.

See here what combinations you can choose for your little girl.

green festive christmas dress Green sequin Christmas dress - Get it here!

green dress red roses christmas dress Green tulle Christmas dress - Get it here!

elegant green christmas dress Elegant green Christmas dress - Get it here!


A Burgundy Dress for an Elegant Outfit

Burgundy will never go out of style and it's the best alternative for a classic red dress this season. There are so many choices for this color, and your girl will make an exquisite appearance for sure. Buy a burgundy dress that will perfectly fit in the family photo for this Christmas.

If you choose a dress with pearls and embroidery, your little girl will melt hearts for sure. Choose the dress your little princess deserves this Christmas.

Even if you decide on a long-sleeved dress or a floral patterned one, your little girl will certainly melt hearts.

burgundy sequin christmas dress Burgundy Christmas dress - Get it here!

flower embellishment christmas dress Long sleeves Christmas dress - Get it here!

burgundy floral dress little girls Burgundy floral Christmas dress - Get it here!

A Red Dress for the Moment Santa Arrives

If you’re a fan of a classic celebration of Christmas, then you should definitely choose from a wide range of red dresses. This choice will bring warmth and joy at the dinner table and your little one will also impress once she will get her picture with Santa.

Be festive until the end and add some golden, tulle and sequin, or keep it simple and choose a plain red dress with a gorgeous waistband.

red dress christmas Precious red Christmas dress - Get it here!

red ribbon christmas dress Red sequin Christmas dress - Get it here!

red flower christmas dress Simple red Christmas dress - Get it here!

A Classic Plaid Christmas Dress

Do you want to add some patterns for your little girl’s outfit? Plaid is the answer for this Christmas. A tea-length dress with a colorful pattern is a great fit for this occasion and it will make your girl look all cute and adorable.

For the Christmas dinner or the school recital, this type of dress is the right choice, as it keeps a casual look and yet will look really festive. Here are some recommendations you can choose from.

https://www.sophiasstyle.com/rare-editions-little-girls-red-plaid-bolero-tea-length-christmas-dress-2t-6x.html Red plaid Christmas dress - Get it here!

ribbon plaid christmas dress Red velvet plaid Christmas dress - Get it here!

green red plaid dress Red & green plaid Christmas dress - Get it here!

The Big Sister Little Sister Dress

In case there is more than one young lady you have to choose for, don’t hesitate to match their outfits this Christmas. This way, you avoid creating any tension and you get double the cuteness.

As your big girl will probably have a word to say, show her some simple, plaid gowns that she will immediately adore. This way you’ll make sure all the family is happy and the girl you enjoy the moments and make great memories.

flocked burgundy christmas dress Flocked plaid Christmas dress - Get it here!

plaid pattern christmas dress Plaid pattern Christmas dress - Get it here!

Little Girl Dresses Styles You Can Choose from

There are so many styles you can choose from this Christmas. Pick fine fabrics and don’t be afraid to wear shiny dresses to give outfits a little sparkle. Here are some of the most appreciated styles for little girls:

    • Long sleeve

    • Short sleeve

    • No sleeve

    • Casual

    • Tutu

    • Tea length

blue golden christmas dress Blue Christmas dress - Get it here!

green red tartan christmas dress Green tartan Christmas dress - Get it here!

golden fashionable christmas dress Golden Christmas dress - Get it here!

Choosing the Right Shoes for Matching Christmas Outfits

After choosing the perfect dress, the next step is deciding about the shoes that match it. As we all know, no outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes, and if it’s about your little girl, you should take into consideration not only the appearance, but the comfort level. She has to be as free as possible to run freely around the Christmas tree.

little girl shoes christmas White Christmas shoes - Get them here!

red little girls shoes christmas Red Christmas shoes - Get them here!

golden christmas shoes for girls Golden Christmas shoes - Get them here!

Closing Thoughts

Now you are ready to get the best Christmas & Holiday dress or outfit for your little girl! Explore our latest collection of designer brand pieces and discover items for this special occasion.  Lace or tulle, red or ivory, with patterns or without, we have lots of designs to choose from that your little girl will love.

What's your favorite Christmas and Holidays dress this year?


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