The Best Girls' Christmas Dresses & Holiday Outfits for all Ages

That time of year when you get to feel all Christmassy is finally approaching! Feeling excited yet? Even though there's still time until Christmas, everyone is already enthusiastic about decorating the Christmas tree, unwrapping presents or gathering their loved ones around the dinner table.

Make your little girl's Christmas even more special and get her a Christmas dress or outfit that raises to the occasion. Whether you have a baby, toddler or big girl, you don’t have any excuse to skip getting a beautiful Christmas or Holiday dress that will melt Santa’s heart!

For an extra dose of inspiration, we've put together a cool roundup featuring the best Christmas dresses & outfits for girls from our huge 2017 collection!

Baby Christmas red Dress

Baby & Infant Christmas and Holiday Dresses (0-24 Months)

If this is your baby girl's first Christmas, make sure to introduce her in the Christmas spirit. Besides doing family activities together, getting her an adorable dress or outfit to wear is a must.

You'll probably take plenty of photos so make sure everyone is going to like them over the years, including your little one when she grows up.

How to Choose a Baby or Infant Christmas Dress

Here are some great tips on how to pick the best baby Christmas dress:

Keep safety in mind

For baby girls' dresses or outfits, make sure you choose a dress without too many adornments such as buttons or sequins. They may look edible to your little one.

Choose the Right Dress Length

The longer her dress is, the harder will be for her to wear it, especially if she just began walking.

Avoid incidents like tripping or falling while she's walking around the house. Infant babies tend to be very active and it'll be a shame not to let her fully enjoy the celebration. Instead of picking a long dress, try a short or tea-length Christmas dress. Make sure you provide some warm & qualitative stockings or tights so she won't get cold.

Comfortable dresses are Key

You may attend a formal event with her, such as a corporate Christmas dinner at your workplace and is easy to understand that you'll want the best dress.

Still, don't let yourself get carried away by choosing an impressive, or uncomfortable dress that she'll have trouble wearing.

The Best Styles for Baby's Christmas & Holiday Dress

If you don't know how your little snowflake's dress should look like, don't worry!

For our 2017 Christmas' clothing selection, we had so much fun checking out lots of designer's collections.

That's why we're ready to give you some valuable insights:

  • Choose simple models and patterns over sophisticated designs. When are you shopping for the perfect dress, always have in mind these 3 words: Less is more.
  • For a beautiful appearance, check out lace dresses, big bows and custom made embroidery dresses.
  • T-length and easy to wear dresses are very infant friendly.
  • the most popular colors for holiday dresses for babies are Christmas red and snowflake blue.

Check out this huge collection of Baby & Infant Christmas Dresses for 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months babies & up.

baby-girls-champagne-print-houndstooth-jacquard-christmas-dress Jacquard Christmas Dress - Available here!

baby-girls-red-white-sequin-faux-santa-christmas-dress Red White Snowflake Dress - Available here!

baby-girls-ivory-gold-polka-dotted-overlay-occasion-dress Polka Dotted Christmas Dress - Available here!


Toddler Girls Christmas & Holiday Dresses (2-6 years old)

We all know that getting the perfect toddler Christmas dress can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re little one is picky when it comes to clothes.

If you want to dress your little one in a special gown for the Christmas day, but turns out the perfect dress is harder to find than you thought, we've got you covered.

christmas-holiday-toddler-dress Christmas & Holiday Dresses for Toddlers - available here, here & here

What Christmas Dress to Get Your Toddler Girl?

Getting a Christmas dress for toddlers should be fun! Still, try to pay special attention to the dress' length so you won't have any incidents.

Even if your girl already learned how to walk and can wear long dresses without tripping or falling, getting a long dress is not the best idea. A long dress is restrictive and could limit her actions.

She'll probably want to play with her siblings or play around the Christmas tree and a long dress could be holding her back.

The best little girls' Christmas dresses are T-length pieces. They are safe and have a more playful and childish look that suits a toddler the best. Getting an over the top toddler dress is also a great idea!

For comfort and easy on, getting an over the top toddler dress is also a great idea.

Christmas Holiday Dress Toddlers Flower Adorned Christmas Dress - Available here!

The Best Styles for Tots' Christmas Dress

Finding a Christmas dress for a toddler should be easy, especially because all the big clothing retailers have big collections of pieces you can choose from.

Finding a dress your girl will adore could be a bit complicated, on the other hand.

Here are some tips & tricks for you to take away before hitting the stores in your search for the all-mighty Christmas or Holiday toddler dress!

Patterns & Designs for Tot's Holiday & Christmas Dress

Here are some top patterns & designs that are very popular this Christmas and your little fashionista is going to love:

  • Tulle dresses & tutu skirts for a princess look.
  • A-line dresses for Christmas dinner & other family events.
  • Snowflake patterns or embroidery.
  • Lace tops or straps for an elegant appearance.
  • Plaid and flowers for patterns.

toddler-christmas-dress Red Satin Mesh Christmas Dress - Available here!

The Cutest Colors for Toddler Christmas Dresses

Kids usually are more attracted to colors rather than cuts or designs when it comes to clothes. Here are the best colors you can pick for your little's one Christmas & Holiday Dress. She'll probably love these!

  • Pastels: peach, light pink or light purple.
  • Red: some popular shades among kids are blush & candy red or even velvet red.
  • Blue: teal, arctic or sapphire blue.
  • Green: mint or lime green are your go-to shades.

Avoid mature colors, such as black, dark brown or gray, especially if t These colors aren't suitable for small kids and neither Christmas colors.

Check out this selection of Christmas & Holiday dresses for toddlers for extra inspiration:

little-girls-teal-winter-sparkle-velvet-occasion-dress Teal Winter Sparkle Christmas Dress - Available here!

little-girls-peach-floral-pattern-bow-flower-girl-dress Peach Floral Pattern Bow Dress - Available here!

little-girls-burgundy-champagne-floral-lace-occasion-dress Burgundy Floral Lace Christmas Dress - Available here!


Girls Christmas & Holiday Dresses (7-10 years old)

Your little girls isn't that little anymore and she'll probably want to dazzle everyone with her Christmas look. You could consider getting a fancy dress for her, but watch out: don't go overboard and don't get her a dress from the grown-ups alley just yet.

Here are some of our top picks for your girls' Christmas & Holiday dress that should inspire you. Check out the tips & tricks part too, you might find it quite useful.

christmas-dresses-for-girls Christmas & Holiday Dresses for Girls - available here, here & here.

How to Choose your Girls' Christmas Dress

Now that your girl grew up, her outfits have to match her personality. Christmas is a special occasion and she has the chance to shine.

See bellow some tips & tricks that can help you and your girl in your hunt for that outstanding dress she has been dreaming about.

party-dress-for-christmas-girls Bronze Baroque Embroidery Christmas Dress - Available here!

How to Pick the Right Dress Style

Picking the right style is important, especially if you want the best for your little one. Depending on her personal taste in clothing and these light guidelines, you can make the right choice:

  • Length: long or T-length dresses are a good option, but try to avoid short dresses (above the knee). Christmas is a special occasion and the festive look of the dress matters. If the dress is longer, she'll look more elegant.
  • Tulle dresses look astonishing, but they are more suitable for smaller girls. Try A-line or simple cuts instead and you'll be surprised!
  • Unique patterns: make sure the dress has only one pattern for a chic look.
  • Keep adornments at a minimum: sequins, buttons & multiple patterns are great but going overboard with these embellishments isn't too classy, especially if you're aiming for a fresh look.
  • Accessories: Instead of adornments, try accessorizing the Christmas outfit with a brooch or a tiara. Your girl is going to feel like a princess! Too much jewelry on a kid could be too much, so try to pick a single piece for a nice final touch.

christmas-holiday-dress-girls Navy Sequin & Lace Print Christmas Dress - available here


Stylish Christmas Colors for Dresses

Here are some colors that look stylish, but not too grown-up:

  • Navy Blue: royal color, perfect for winter time!
  • White & Black: black on its' own is too mature for girls, but combined with other light colors it can be a cool option.
  • White or Ivory: although these colors aren't being associated with Christmas, a white or an ivory dress can be a perfect Holiday piece. And because of the clean color, your girl can accessorize it with Christmass inspired accessories (such as a red waist bow).
  • Pastels: great for every occasion, you cannot go wrong with a peach, light pink or green dress.
  • Gold or silver for a stylish appearance.

Check out this selection of Christmas & Holiday dresses for girls for extra inspiration:

big-girls-blue-floral-embroidered-brooch-tulle-christmas-dress Blue Tulle Christmas Dress - Available here!

champagne-brochade-bow-sash-short-special-occasion-dress Champagne Christmas Dress - Available here!

red-floral-lace-overlay-bead-adorned-waist-occasion-dress Floral Adorned Christmas Dress - Available here!

american-princess-big-girls-white-black-bow-pleated-occasion-dress White & Black Christmas Dress - Available here!


Christmas & Holiday Dresses Styles

If you don't know what kind of dress you should get this Christmas for your little snowflake, here is a list of top 2017 styles that could help you in your hunt:

Red Christmas & Holiday Dresses 

Red is the traditional color of Christmas and there is no better way to really get in that Christmassy spirit than a red dress. Quite popular among both parents and kids, you can your girls’ Christmas dress in many styles and at affordable prices.

red-christmas-dresses Red Christmas Dresses for Girls - available here, here & here

For an elegant look, choose a dress in a single shade of red. If you're looking for something more jolly, your daughter is going to love a piece with an adorable white pattern.

little-girls-red-ruffle-tiered-chiffon-bow-special-occasion-dress Red Ruffle Tiered Christmas Dress - Available here!

Check out more red Christmas dresses for girls and let her melt Santa's heart!

Tutu Christmas & Holiday Dresses

Getting a Christmas dress doesn't have to be restrictive. If your little girl's wish is to feel like a ballerina, here you have it: baby girl Christmas tutu dresses is your go-to style.

baby-tutu-christmas-dresses Baby Tutu Christmas Dresses - Available here, here & here.

This style is perfect for both infant and toddler girls. Playful, cheerful and funny, your little one's going to have a wonderful time wearing these dresses. Pick it in a Christmassy color and that's it!

But be careful: she might not want to take it off after the Christmas dinner!

Long Sleeve Christmas & Holiday Dresses 

It may be a little cold outside, so here's a great alternative to a sleeveless dress. Long sleeve dresses are great for Christmas, especially if your girl unwilling to wear a bolero or a jacket to complete her outfit.

Pick a natural material for the dress, such as cotton and try to avoid wool or thick fabrics. If she's still cold, you can convince her to wear an extra jacket, but if she's too warm, you can't help her very much.

long-sleeve-christmas-dress Long Sleeve Christmas Dresses - available here, here & here.

Navy Blue Christmas & Holiday Dresses

Although navy blue doesn't seem like a Christmas color, it is great for a festive look!

It has a beautiful contrast to the white snow outside and it is elegant enough to take to every family or corporate dinner.

navy-blue-christmas-dresses-girls Navy Blue Christmas & Holiday Dresses - Available here, here & here.

Lace Christmas & Holiday Dresses

Lace dresses have a distinctly vintage vibe about them. You can choose between dresses made entirely out of lace or pieces with details on the top. Perfect for Holidays, lace dresses are a must have piece for every girl.

Lace Christmas Dresses - Available here, here & here

Lace dresses are perfect for festive events or special occasions and Christmas makes no exception.

navy-blue-holiday-dress Lace Christmas Dress - Available here!

Girls' Christmas Dresses & Outfits for Special Occasions

If you're looking for a special dress for your girl this Christmas, we've got you covered! Find out what kind of dress is suitable for every Christmas activity you can think of.

Girls’ Christmas Dresses for Corporate Parties

If you're working at a company that plans to organize a special Christmas party or cocktail for both employees and their kids, here are the best styles for your girl.

party-christmas-dresses-girls Christmas Dresses for Parties & Events - Available here, here & here.

For Christmas parties and events, your best best is a T-length dress, with a light pattern. Colors such ivory, peach or blue are fit for these occasions. Choose a dress with a black pattern if you aim for a sophisticated look for your girl.

party-christmas-dress-girls Party dress for Christmas events - Available here!

Lace dresses are also a good fit if you want your girl to make quite an impression. Try embroidered pieces as well, for an elegant look.

Girls' Christmas Outfits for Family Activities

Kids' love Christmas activities and crafts. Here's a great roundup of Christmas activities for kids you can do this Christmas with your whole family. Dress your girl accordingly and get a funny & adorable outfit that your girl can wear at your family's Christmas activities.

Comfortable pieces adorned with reindeer, trees or winter ornaments - these pieces are very popular amongst children, so don't worry! Your girl is definitely going to love wearing these outfits!

christmas-outfit-for-girls Christmas Outfits for girls - Available here, here & here

Suitable for unwrapping presents, decorating the Christmas tree or even helping out with the decorations!

little-girls-red-santa-applique-christmas-2pc-legging-set Santa Christmas Outfit Set - Available here!

Baby Girl Christmas Outfits (0-24 months)

Dress your little bundle of joy in a themed Christmas outfit! Make her first Christmas special and get the best gown for her.

Let her feel like she's part of holiday's spirit with these adorable Christmas outfits for newborn or infants. Either if she's 3, 6 or 12 months & up, you can find the right piece if you start looking for it soon. Lots of parents start searching for best baby Christmas outfits months in advance, so hurry up!

baby-christmas-outfits Baby Christmas outfits - Available here, here & here

Toddler Girl Christmas Outfits (2-6 years old)

Santa's a toddlers' best friend, so convincing your girl to wear an outfit with Christmas inspired elements should not be hard at all. Here are some of our best models of toddler Christmas outfits:

toddler-christmas-outfit Christmas Outfits for Toddlers - Available here, here & here

Girls' Christmas Outfits (7-10 years old)

Even if your girl has grown up and now she's older, that doesn't necessarily mean that she's ready to forget all about the Christmas magic. Here are some pieces for older girls that can inspire her:

Here are some pieces for older girls that can inspire her:

christmas-holiday-outfits-girls Christmas & Holiday Outfits for Girls - Available here, here & here

Closing Thoughts

Now you are ready to get the best Christmas & Holiday dress or outfit for your girl! Explore our latest collection of designer brand pieces and discover items for babies, toddlers or big girls.  Lace or tulle, red or ivory, with patterns or without, we have lots of designs to choose from that your little girl will love.


What's your favorite Christmas and Holidays dress this year?