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Halloween celebrations are here! Kids and adults look forward to Halloween every year when fall rolls around. Halloween is ALL about the kids. Childhood joys for most of us was a cool night going house-to-house. We trucked along with our holiday greetings of trick or treat for family, close friends and awaiting neighbors. Scrumptious candy and fun Halloween prizes truly were the highlight of the night. The perfect costume is a requirement before parties, yummy food and delectable candy can be consumed!

All kinds of stores sell an array of Halloween costumes from the most simple to very elaborate. There are too many options for kids to choose from when selecting their Halloween ensemble and can be too trying to know where to start. Do you dress up as a princess, a prince, a superhero, something silly, something scary, favored animal, favorite food?

Okay now the kiddos have decided upon their costume idea… need makeup, masks, accessory items and do they do ready-made or homemade?

Online or instore selections are a perfect solution to finish their Halloween costume decision. But crafting from scratch with the appropriate tools like brightly colored paints, glue guns, clothes pins and glitter can get the creative fun juices flowing. Costume creations like a stuffed pumpkin, a budding scientist, a bubble bath, coffee drink or a little devil can be super fun to complete.

Check out some of the hand crafted Halloween costumes you can do easily which will bring loads of memories and pictures perfect for your scrapbook!

Halloween for Kids: Costumes, Last-Minute Ideas & Unique Outfits

This is the time of year when everybody gets all excited: Halloween is coming! Imagine all the carved pumpkins and the decorations. But the best part: the costumes!

If your kids wants to go Trick or Treating in the most unique outfit, get inspired from our list of the best & most popular Halloween costumes for kids! A perfect outfit that's made for their personality is clicks away.

If you don't know what to look for yet, don't worry. We did all the Halloween costume hunt and prepared an unique, cute selection of Halloween costumes for every age, from babies, to toddlers and big kids!

best-halloween-costumes-for-kids-2017Super Hero Costume for Girls

How to Choose a Halloween Costume for Your Kid?

There are lots of aspects to take into consideration before getting a new Halloween costume. Here're a couple of things you should put on your list before shopping:

Pay Attention to Safety

Getting into the Halloween atmosphere equals carved pumpkins, costumes, candies, but also lots of candles. Accidents relating fire can happen, so you should pick your kid's costume with attention. Look for materials that are flame resistant or have a slower burning rate. Natural materials such as cotton or linen are more flammable than synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon. Natural fibers will ignite, while synthetics will melt. Check out this safety tips list from Safe Kids for more advice.

tween-halloween-costume-ideas-2017 Wonder Woman Costume for Girls

Pick the Right Size

Finding the perfect Halloween costume that your kid loves calls for a celebration. But you shouldn't get too excited before your kid tries the costume on. If it isn't a good fit, the experience wearing it is going to be very stressful. If it's too large, your kid can trip on it, and if it's too small, your kid will feel strangled. So make sure you have the right size, or otherwise, check if you can adjust it before you buy it.

best-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers Minion Kevin Costume for Boys

Watch out for Sharp Accessories

If the costume you choose for your kid comes with accessories such sword or wands, make sure they are children safe objects and aren't sharp. Choose flexible or thin plastic instead of other solid materials. Train your little knight before taking off with his sword and make sure he understands that his sword is purely decorative.

unique-halloween-costumes-ideas-for-babiesPrincess Linens Costume for Girls

Dress Weather Accordingly

Halloween is taking place on the last day of October, so in the middle of the fall season. In most states, the weather in this period can be pretty cool. Dressing as a surfer or a ballerina can be nice, but they might prove not to be so fortunate choices. Make sure you have room underneath the costume for extra layers of clothing, such as a sweatshirt or a pair of comfy leggings.

baby-girl-cute-halloween-costumePaige The Dragon Costume for Baby Girls

Get the Right Shoes

Halloween involves lots of Trick or Treat sessions, so walking is required. Besides choosing a pair of shoes that match the costume, take the level of comfort into consideration. If you're getting a new pair of shoes, let your kid wear them at least a couple of time before the big night so he can get used to wearing them. Remember to check out the weather forecast before choosing the footwear. Ballerina flats are great, but not if it is snowing outside.

Consider Getting Reflectors

Trick or Treat happens at night and children will be wandering the streets. If you're worried about your kid's safety, buy some reflectors and sew them on your kid's costume. This way you make sure the drivers in the area are going to see your kid crossing the street.

the-garden-princess-dress-halloween-costume Eden The Garden Princess Halloween Costume

The Top, Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids in 2017

The wish to have the best Halloween costume is widely spread among both kids and parents. Everyone is curious what other people are going to wear so we tried to put together a top of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids for this year. Here it is:

Popular 2017 Halloween Costumes for Boys

If you don't want to look like you've been living under a rock, get inspired from the most popular Halloween costumes for boys in 2017:

    1. Batman costume

    1. Spiderman costume

    1. Pirate costume

    1. Astronaut costume

    1. Vampire costume

    1. Harry Potter costume

    1. Animal costumes (dragon, monkey)

    1. Clown costume

    1. Zombie costume

    1. Cowboy costume

Discover more Halloween costumes for Boys!

Popular 2017 Halloween Costumes for Girls

    1. Wonderwoman costume

    1. Supergirl costume

    1. Minnie Mouse costume

    1. Mermaid costume

    1. Animal costumes (cat, unicorn)

    1. Disney Princess (Belle from Beauty & the Beast)

    1. Tinkerbell costume

    1. Cleopatra costume

    1. Witch costume

    1. Nurse costume

Discover more Halloween costumes for Girls!

princess-belle-halloween-costume-for-girls Princess Belle from Beauty & The Beast Halloween Costume

little-girls-pink-butterfly-wings-wand-halloween-tutu-3-pcs-setPink Butterfly Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes for Every Age

When you have so many options to choose from, picking ONE costume is tricky. Not to mention that the next shot of having the perfect costume is one year away.

best-halloween-costumes-for-girls Princess Halloween Dress

But the adults' uncertainty of how the right costume should look like is nothing compared to the children's dilemma. Fairy or princess? Police officer or Batman? Or maybe a doctor?

We tried to simplify the choices for you and we came up with a simple guide. Depending on your kid's age, narrow the search and find out what costume you should get.

Baby & Infant Halloween Costumes (3M-24M)

The firsts Halloweens are magical and you should make sure you take plenty of photos. Look for the most adorable Halloween costume for your baby, get your family and go Trick or Treat together for the best Halloween memories.

Baby Girl Halloween Super girl costume Baby Girl Halloween Super girl costume

The best Halloween costumes for babies are the ones inspired by animals. The best picks for baby girls are costumes inspired by bunnies, butterflies or ladybugs. For baby boys, lion, puppy, bees or dragon inspired costumes are the best. If you want something different, you can try dressing your little one in a job inspired costumes, such as a firefighter or aviator.

Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

Looking for some adorable costumes? Thisbaby bunny costume is perfect for your little one!

pink-piggy-little-girls-halloween-costumePnk Piggy Little Girls Halloween Costume

If you're looking for some more ideas for your baby girl's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:


princess-glinda-halloween-costumePrincess Glinda Halloween Costume

lady_bug_tutu_setLady Bug Halloween Costume

lamb-halloween-costume-for-girlsLittle Lamb Halloween Costume

Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

For your baby boy, an army or astronaut Halloween costume would be a perfect choice. If you're looking for adorable costumes, you should know that this year, baby pumpkin costumes and baby monkey costumes are very popular.

toddler halloween costume Special Forces Halloween Costume - available here

If you're looking for some more ideas for your baby boy's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

baby-boys-red-fire-department-motif-hooded-raincoatRed Fire Department Hooded Raincoat for Halloween

astronaut-halloween-costumeAstronaut Halloween Costume

flight-suit-halloween-costumeFlight Suit Halloween Costume


Toddler Halloween Costumes (2-6 y.o)

Looking for the coolest Halloween costume models for toddlers?

Then you should know that toddlers love character inspired costumes from their favorite cartoons. Girls usually dream of being a fairy or a princess, while boys picture themselves as superheroes or ninjas.

At this age, kids start thinking about what they'll like to be when they grow up. A Halloween costume can fulfill their desire of being an astronaut or a doctor.

Toddler Girl Halloween Costumes

Toddler Halloween costumes should be fun and colorful! For your little girl, this ruffle monster costume is not only a fun choice but also an adorable one.

Toddler Ruffle Halloween Costume Toddler Ruffle Halloween Costume - available here

little-girls-purple-butterfly-wings-wand-halloween-tutu-3-pcs-setButterfly Halloween Costume

If you're looking for some more ideas for your toddler girl's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

dorothy-halloween-costume Dorothy Costume

minnie-mouse-costume Minnie Mouse Costume

bumble-bee-halloween-costume-outfitBumble Bee Costume

Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes

Your toddler boy will crave for these job-inspired Halloween costumes. Secret agent or car driver, they're all awesome choices!

Toddler Halloween Costume Toddler Secret Agent Halloween Costume - available here

If you're looking for some more ideas for your toddler boy's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

wippette-little-boys-black-policeman-motif-hooded-raincoatPoliceman Hooded Raincoat for Halloween

swat-agent-halloween-costume S.W.A.T. Agent Halloween Costume

race-car-driver-suit-halloween-costumeToddler Car Driver Halloween Costume

Big Kids Halloween Costumes (7-16 y.o)

Big kids usually know what type of costume they'll want to wear on Halloween Day. But if they're out of ideas, here are few ideas you could suggest:

    • for a girl, try a princess or a fairy tale inspired costume

    • for a boy's outfit, an aviator, astronaut or doctor costume can be a great fit.

Big Girls Halloween Costumes 

Although pink isn't a Halloween's color, any outfit in this color will be loved by your big one. The best part? Pink goes well with lots of costumes, from princesses to doctors or cute kittens.

Girls Halloween Costume Pink Kitty Halloween Costume - available here

If you're looking for some more ideas for your girl's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

jr-dr-scrubs-halloween-costumePink Scrubs Halloween Costume

red-cape-halloween-dress-costumeRed Cape Halloween Dress Costume

princess-juliet-dress-up-halloween-costume Princess Juliet Halloween Costume

Big Boys Halloween Costumes

Probably at this age, your boy will want a costume that is more mature. Forget animal-inspired costumes and focus on job-related costumes for a great appearance.

Boys Halloween Costume Astronaut Halloween Costume Outfit - available here

If you're looking for some more ideas for your boy's Halloween costume, here's some extra inspiration:

aeromax-little-boys-black-firefighter-halloween-costumeFirefighter Halloween Costume

aeromax-little-boys-blue-flight-suit-halloween-costumeBlue Flight Suit Halloween Costume

white-lab-coat-halloween-costumeLab Coat Halloween Costume

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you're a busy parent and have no time to spend endless hours shopping for the perfect costume, that's alright. You can still whip up a great Halloween outfit for your little one using the stuff you already have in the closet. Or you can just buy one accessory and improvise the rest using make-up.

Here are a couple of tips & tricks you can start steal right now:

Get Creative

Even if you haven't bought a costume, your little one is still going to expect to wear the coolest and remarkable Halloween ever made. So you need to keep an open mind and get creative. Look around your house, in all your closets and start brainstorming ideas. Put that broken umbrella to use for a bat-inspired outfit or re-use that old plaid skirt for a college uniform costume.

Consider Using Your Clothes

Lots of parents don't even think about using clothing items they already have. A little black dress can be transformed in a tween Halloween costume very easy, especially if you want to recreate an Audrey Hepburn look or dark princess outfit. You have infinite options, just need to keep an open mind.

Use Make-up

Using make-up can be really fun and effective at the same time. Combine some regular clothes and then put your skills to work. For a Japanese or a Joker look, make-up completes the clothes you choose and can transform any boring look into a unusual one. For interesting suggestions, check out this post on pretty and scary halloween makeup ideas from Family Holiday.

Halloween Make-up kids Halloween Make-up - photo source: pexels.com

Last Minute Halloween Outfit Ideas

Here are a couple of outfit ideas you can whip out right away:

Cowboy Look

For a cowboy inspired look, here are the things you'll need:

    • Plaid shirt

    • A pair of jeans

    • A pair of cowboy boots

    • A cowboy hat hat

    • A bandana

    • Braids (for girls)

young-ht-little-girls-pink-plaid-mesh-ruffle-stone-legging-setCowboy Plaid Shirt with Pants Set

toddler-kids-cute-green-cowboy-waterproof-bootsGreen Leather Cowboy Boots

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams Wednesday Addams - photo source: pinterest.com

Remember Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family? She's quite a character! If your girl ran out of ideas on what the wear, well, this look can really fit into the whole Halloween atmosphere.

The items will need to recreate Wednesday's look:

    • Black Jumper dress or a black skirt with a black blouse

    • White collar

    • Black tights

    • Black flats shoes

    • Black nail coat

    • 2 braids

    • Pale skin (or make-up)


Minions Halloween Outfit Minions Halloween Outfit - photo source: metrokids.com

For this adorable outfit, you'll need just a couple of basic items, that you probably already have in the closet:

    • Yellow hoodie

    • Yellow shirt

    • Jeans Jumpsuit

    • Googles

    • Black Gloves

Train Conductor Halloween Costume Train Conductor Halloween Costume - available here

Halloween Accessories for Kids

Getting some Halloween accessories can be a real lifesaver. You don't need the whole outfit for an amazing costume, but a couple of accessories you can mix & match with some clothes your kid already has.

For a police officer costume, buy a helmet and improvise the rest: a white shirt and some pants should do it. If you have a toy gun in the garage, your little one is ready to go!

[gallery size="medium" ids="3609,3608,3610"]

See more details about these Halloween Accessories: Armed Forces Pilot Costume Helmet, Fire Fighter Costume Helmet,Airline Pilot Costume Cap.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3614,3615,3616"]

See more details about these Halloween Accessories: Halloween Career Gear Shirts, Chef Halloween Costume Hat, Cowboy Costume Brown Hat With Bandanna.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3613,3612,3617"]

See more details about these Halloween Accessories:Halloween Pumpkin Tote-em Bag, Halloween Doctor Stethoscope, Astronaut Halloween Costume Space Pack.

When is the Best time to Buy a Halloween Costume for your Kid?

Finding the perfect costume can be quite a hunt. One minute you agree with your little one what costume to get, the next minute he changes his mind. Sounds familiar? Don't worry, that happens to all parents at least once.


You are the only one that can deal with your kid's whims. The best option is to show your kid a couple of costumes and let him pick out the costume he likes the best and buy it. Waiting is not an option, especially because regular children stores ran out of costumes in mid-October so don't postpone.

The best time for buying a Halloween costume is in early September. Retailers' still have all the costumes in stock and you'll be able to find all the models your kid wants.

If you're ordering online, take into consideration that you'll need extra time for shipping. Not to mention the time you'll need to do changes if the costume isn't a perfect fit.

Closing Thoughts

Even if Halloween seems far away and you're probably just beginning to think about it, two months aren't really so much time to prep.

Many parents prefer to avoid the last minute rush and start looking for their kids' Halloween suit early. September is the best time to shop and to find all the cool models you can think about. Start brainstorming with your little one and plan ahead. Sooner, the better!

If you already know what the perfect costume should look like, here is our Halloween costumes for girls and for boys categories to browse through for more inspiration. Enjoy!

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