Newborn Baby Clothes Checklist: What You Need to Really Be Ready!

Your baby arrived and you have no clue what baby clothes to get? Browsing through the vast area of tiny pieces of clothing can be overwhelming. Don't worry! You came to the right place. We compiled all the information you need on newborn baby clothes in this comprehensive guide. You’ll avoid hours of staring at cute but useless baby outfits. Get your priorities straight, it’s easier than you think!

What to Know Before Buying Newborn Clothes?

Looking around you’ll find out there’s a huge newborn clothing selection. From designer clothes to time-savers outfits, you’d have to make some tough choices. Try to keep in mind that newborns don't actually need all the items we find interesting.They need to feel comfortable and safe!

newborn baby clothing checklist

May not look like it, but your baby will outgrow his tiny outfits before you know it. Resist the urge of buying dozens of clothes, each a different color! In a blink of an eye, they won’t fit your newborn anymore. You also have to consider buying at least three months ahead. But only after your baby is born. This way, you'll make the right clothing choices and be sure they'll fit. Make sure you know what are the essentials. We're here to help you find out exactly that!

Your goal should be practical newborn clothes. Avoid items that could be uncomfortable or a waste of money. Consider softness, quality, and safety. The style is not a priority!

Buy Comfortable Baby Clothing

Your best bet is to skip designer clothes. Even if they are the cutest thing ever. It’s like throwing money out the window! Your newborn will sleep most of the time. So, those adorable outfits won’t see the light of day! Even so, they are not worth the money.

How Many Newborn Clothes to Buy?

Not much! Before buying countless newborn clothes, remember that you’ll receive many of them as gifts. From your family, from your friends, from your coworkers, all will consider them gift opportunity. And they are! You don’t need to overspend.

how many baby clothes to you actually need

The exact amount you need depends on how often you plan to do laundry. If you plan on doing the laundry often, you can buy the minimum of 2 items from each category.

What Kind of Essential Newborn Baby Clothes to Buy? The Registry

Everybody loves baby clothes! They’re tiny, cute and funny. It’s tempting to buy entire aisles, but it’s wrong! Before putting your credit card on the table, remember babies grow fast. Look for soft, comfy clothes that are easy to take care of. With little spare time at hand, avoid fabrics that need ironing or hand washing. We recommend you to shop wisely! The expensive clothes shouldn't be on your list. 

Wondering how many baby clothes do you actually, need? Here you have a list of clothing and the average number of pairs you will need. These are the must-haves on your baby registry!

Undershirts 4-6 Items

You must put the undershirts on the top of your checklist. They offer great flexibility and comfort. Some models have ties on the side, so are easier to put on a newborn baby.

undershirt for newborn babies

Remember that most babies hate having clothing pulled down over their heads. Your best bet is to choose clothes that have zippers or buttons. Besides that, the undershirt is the best piece of clothing until your baby's umbilical cord falls off.

Onesies or Rompers 7-10 Items

Onesies are the one-piece cotton based clothes with long or short sleeves. Carefree outfit for the summer, under layer for the winter! Buy 7 onesies if you want to have one ready every day. Onesies are the main pieces in a baby's wardrobe.

newborn baby romper

They have snap crotch and make the changing business easy as pie! Usually stretchy and soft, they’re easy to wash and are available as different models.
Organic, with applications, embroidery or printed pictures, you can find them everywhere!

The Footed Onesie 4-6 Items

The footed onesie is one of the most useful pieces of clothing you can buy. It’s a one-piece pajama.

newborn footed onesies

You can also call it pajama with pants. It keeps your newborn baby warm and safe and takes care of it all. They are perfect for busy mommies!

Side-Snap T-Shirts 7-10 Items

They’re easy to get on and off, perfect for newborns! Side-snap t-shirts are your go-to piece when trying to change their pampers or washing their feet.

snap tshirt for newborn

More than that, they are necessary until the umbilical cord separates.

Infant Gowns 3-4 Items

With infant gowns, you can change your baby's diaper with your eyes shut! They keep your baby's feet warm and offer extra mobility.

infant gown newborn baby Infant gown - Available here!

You can dress him or her in infant gown by night but you can also rely on them in the summertime. Diversity is key!

Newborn Baby Socks 3-4 Pairs

Finding socks to fit little wiggling toes feels like an impossible mission. The problem with newborn baby socks is that they fall off quickly. Your best bet are the shoes tied at the ankle!

socks fit for newborn babies


Newborn Baby Shoes: Moccasins, Booties, and Soft Sole Shoes 3-4 Pairs

For your baby's tiny feet, you'll need a couple of soft sole shoes for everyday activities or even special occasions. This type of shoe is very comfortable and easy to put on.

You can choose as crib shoes between soft and qualitative pieces such as newborn moccasins, booties, and soft sole shoes.

newborn shoes baby Crib newborn moccasins - Available here!

Hats/Caps/Bonnets 1-2 Items

Hats and caps have the power to make any outfit adorable! Besides the cute side, bonnets help the newborn regulate his own body temperature. Using newborn hats and caps is a great way to conserve energy. You can help your little one to feel more comfortable too.

newborn baby hat

You can also help the newborn adjust to the room temperature if you put a hat on the baby's head. Babies' skin is very sensitive and even mild sunlight can bother them. Bonnets keep the baby cozy in the summer and warm in the winter. Don’t forget to put hats on your checklist!

The ”Coming Home” Baby Outfit

You've waited so much to hold your little one in your arms and now you get to take your kid home! Choose something soft, weather appropriate, comfortable and photo-friendly because everybody will be there to seize the moment and take a lot of pictures.

coming home baby outfit

They will become beautiful memories!

Newborn Sleepwear

For newborns, sleeping gowns are a perfect fit. They offer easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes. That adds extra minutes on your beauty sleep. That’s a huge benefit! Nighttime diaper changes are frequent in the first month.

newborn sleepwear

What to Consider Before Buying Newborn Sleepwear?

  • The weight of the fabric. Make sure you buy season-appropriate material. Babies get overheated easily.
  • Synthetic vs. natural. Choose natural fabrics. They are thermal regulators. Your newborn will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Do not buy a bigger size. Baby sleepwear is the only exception. Too much fabric can increase the risk of SIDS.
  • Consider one-piece baby sleepwear. Newborns have no patience and getting pieces of fabric on and off is not their favorite activity

Keep it simple and comfortable! Don’t overlook these details. Will ensure a good night sleep.

Nighttime Warmth

Keeping the baby at the right room temperature is crucial at the beginning. In the first months, you’ll want to swaddle your baby. It is also recommended to do that to make that mother - child connection more profound. After that, consider a wearable blanketMost of them are sleeveless and prevent overheating. Thus, they are a blast for a comfy night!

Sleepers/ Stretch Suits 3-6 Items

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends one-piece sleepers for newborn babies. That's because are easy to put on and also practical.

newborn baby onesie pajama Newborn Baby Sleeping Bodysuit - Available here!

Stretch suits are flexible and save you some hassle. The built-in feet feature will keep him cozy from chin to toe.

Sweaters or Blanket Sleepers 1-2 Items

If you have a winter baby, go for it! Otherwise, don’t cover him in too many layers. Sweaters are usually knitted garments fitted for the cold season. They keep your baby warm and safe in the wintertime and don't need special laundry treatment. 

Diaper Covers

Diaper covers are specially designed to meet the needs of your new little one, usually made to protect the healing umbilical area. With a waterproof layer, your child's clothing will remain dry when using cloth diapers.

newborn baby diaper covers Newborn Baby Diaper Covers - Available here!

Babies vary pretty much in size at birth, make sure you choose the correct diaper size that fit your newborn. Diaper covers provide absorption and ensure there will be no leaks. Most of them have an umbilical cord dip to allow for healing.

Newborn Baby Girl Clothes

It’s a girl! Prepare yourself to browse through thousands of deliciously sweet clothes that come in different shapes and sizes. Here we have a bunch of baby girl clothes to give you inspiration.

baby girl summer clothes Baby Girl Summer Costume

newborn baby girls pajama Baby Girls Pajama - Available here!

baby girls diaper cover Baby Girls Diaper Cover - Available here!


Newborn Baby Boy Clothes

Congrats, it's a boy! We know it's difficult not to fall in love with every baby boy item you see, so here's a catch! You can purchase one in every size. Babies grow quickly, so you can have that adorable outfit for him to put on when he grows in a couple of weeks. We're here to lift the weight from your shoulders and give you extra inspiration for baby boy clothing.

Baby Boy Sleepwear Onesie Baby Boy Sleepwear Onesie - Available here!

baby boy bloomers Baby Boy Diaper Cover - Available here!

baby boy costume Baby Boy Costume - Available here!

Which are the Best Summer Newborn Baby Clothes?

Overheating is a common thing with newborns. Make sure your baby is comfortable. If you’re hot, your baby could be too!


The summer onesie to the rescue! It’s cotton-based, soft and comfy and you can even add layers in the summer evenings.

newborn baby summer onesie Newborn Baby Summer Onesie - Available here!

Baby Leg Warmers

Baby leg warmers are adorable and perfect for summer evenings.

Put them on and changing diapers becomes easy peasy!

Lightweight Cotton Hat

A cotton baby hat the go-to accessory for summer. A sun hat would also be helpful for outside play.

summer apparel for newborn babies

Choose one with a wide brim. It fits better and it won’t fall off. They have built-in SPF, so they protect your newborn skin and keep him comfortable.

Lightweight Blanket

Overheating is bad. But the light cotton blankets are the best sun protection for your newborn.

newborn baby blankets Newborn Lightweight Blanket - Available here!

Drape it over the baby in their carrier and you’re good to go! Don’t use sunscreen. It can irritate the baby’s skin. Don’t forget to use light colors to keep your baby cool!

Which are the Best Winter Newborn Baby Clothes?

When winter makes its first appearance, your baby should stay warm and dry. You may be tempted to bundle your baby up and add too many layers of clothing even when you're inside. We recommend you to don't go overboard and use appropriate baby winter clothing.

newborn baby winter jacket Newborn Baby Winter Jacket - Available here!

Fresh air, even when the weather is chilly, is important for your baby. Winter babies should wear the same as you, with just one more layer. That’s a good guiding principle for winter!

Long-Sleeved One-Piece Fleece

You should dress your newborn in long-sleeved one-piece only on cold days. Don’t exaggerate putting too many layers. Your best bet is to avoid keeping the baby outside on low temperatures.

one piece long sleeve newborn baby clothes Newborn Baby Long Sleeve One Piece - Available here!


Make sure the weight and the fabric of the sweater are appropriate for the season.

newborn baby sweater Newborn Baby Sweater - Available here!

Anything that buttons or zips up will do the trick.

Hat, Mittens, and Fluffy Socks

When out, cover your newborn’s head with a cap or a hat. Newborn lose body heat quickly! A soft one will help keep out the cold. You should also put some baby mittens on.

mittens and foot wear for newborn babies

Warm socks and booties are a necessity only when going out!

Baby Shoes

These boots are made for walking! Newborns aren’t really walking down the hall these days, aren't they? Keep the footwear strictly for warmth.

baby shoes pink Newborn Baby Shoes - Available here!

You should put them on in the cold season. Otherwise, your newborn’s little toes need to feel the breeze.

Newborn Clothing Size Guidelines

Most labels make it seem like size depends on baby’s age. It can get confusing when thinking which baby clothes size to buy. Truth is, newborn fits many sizes. Keep in mind that your baby will grow faster in the first 2 weeks. Clothes will be a bit loose in the beginning. It safer to look at the baby’s dimensions.

US Newborn Clothing Guide

Preemie (P) fits babies with height between 10 and 18 inches and weight 0 to 5 lbs

0 - 3 months fits babies with height between 19 and 23 inches and weight 4 to 11 lbs

3 - 6 months fits babies with height between 24 and 26 inches and weight 12 to 15 lbs

6 - 9 months fits babies with height between 27 and 28 inches and weight 16 to 18 lbs

Australian Newborn Clothing Guide

0000 (newborns) -  fits babies with height between 49 and 54 cm and weight up to 4 kg

000 (0 - 3 months) – fits babies with height between 56 and 61 cm and weight 4 to 6 kg

00 (3 - 6 months) – fits babies with height between 63 and 69 cm and weight 6 to 8 kg

0 (6 - 12 months) – fits babies with height between 72 and 76 cm and weight 8 to 10 kg

European Newborn Clothing Guide

newborn -  fits babies with the height between 54 and 56 cm and weight up to 4,5 kg

0 - 3 months – fits babies with height between 58 and 62 cm and weight up to 6,5 kg

3 - 6 months – fits babies with height between 64 and 68 cm and weight up to 8 kg

6 - 12 months – fits babies with height between 66 and 74 cm and weight up to 10 kg

How to Change a Newborn

  • Choose a warm room and place your newborn on a soft surface
  • Stretch the neck of the item and put it on from the back. Be careful holding your baby’s head!
  • When undressing, do the reverse. Make sure the fabric doesn’t touch your baby’s face.

how to change a newborn baby

  • When using a jumpsuit, unbutton it and lay him on top. Place his arms and legs into the holes. Zip or snap fasteners.
  • Make sure you cover your baby’s legs and arms when going out. Don’t expose them to the sun!

How to Store and Organize Newborn Baby Clothes

  • Buy hanging dividers
  • Sort everything by size
  • Separate them (play clothes from dress clothes, short sleeves from long sleeves etc.)

how to organize the newborn baby dressing

  • Pack away everything that’s currently too large
  • Use canvas boxes to store
  • Use drawer organizers 

You can make little stick-on labels for the lip of the drawer. You’ll know in a blink of an eye which goes where. Remember that many relatives will stop by to help. This practical move can be a huge time saver.   

How to Wash Newborn Clothes

You can wash baby clothes with the rest of your laundry. Be aware of strong detergents that can irritate your baby’s skin. You can wash your baby's clothes at 30 - 40 degrees C. Remember you won’t have much free time. Look for the machine-washable label.

newborn baby clothing laundry

Pre-Washing Baby Clothes

It’s recommended to wash all the baby clothes before using them. Pre-washing removes residues and prevent skin rashes. It's a safety practice. Thus, protects the sensitive baby skin. Don’t forget to read the care label when washing for the first time. Follow the instructions and you won't have any problems.

How to Do Baby's Laundry

  • Remove all tags from new clothes. If you forget, the adhesive will melt into the fabric. That will leave a permanent unwanted scratchy crust spot.
  • Wash baby's clothes as you would any other clothes. We recommend you to use fragrance-free detergent. Skip bleachers and stain removers. They may irritate baby’s skin.
  • Use the regular dryer. You can also dry them on a clothesline. Sunshine on diapers ensures perfect cleaning.
  • Keep dirty clothes in a separate basket. Due to diaper leaks and spit-up, the pile will grow fast. Keep the baby’s clothes separate and organized. It's easier to keep track of them and know when you'll need to wash more.
  • Cloth diapers should be kept and washed separately. Soak cloth nappies and clothes soiled with poo in nappy sanitizer before washing.

how to wash newborn baby clothing

Choosing a Detergent

You may be thinking of using baby detergent, but health experts say it’s not necessary. Unless your baby has very sensitive skin or other skin problems, the usual one will do the trick. A liquid detergent may be preferable. They usually rinse out better than powders. You don't need another stain to worry about. Anyways, try detergents with no dyes or fragrances.

How to Remove Stains from Newborn Baby Clothes

Baby stains come with the territory! Everybody loves babies. The amazing amount of dirty stained laundry is the usual downside. But don't worry! You'll get the catch before you know it and washing them out will get easy peasy with time. You should scrape off the remnants stains before you treat it for the laundry.

newborn baby clothes stained

Soak the newly stained item in cool water. This can help to fade the stain. Depending on the type of stain, treat it different. See below how to treat each category of stain with minimum hassle.

  1. Protein Stains. These are the most frequent stains you'll have to face on a regular basis in the first year. Formula, milk, leaky diapers, spit up, all these will need a small amount of an enzyme cleaner. Brush softly and the enzyme cleaner will digest the protein of the stain. If there remains a stain, treat with an all-purpose stain remover.
  2. Greasy Stains. Unfortunately, oils and greasy creams are common in a new mommy's life. And they are particularly hard to get out. The good news is that they do fade with cornstarch or talcum powder. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Scrap off the powder afterward and do the regular laundry.
  3. Juices and Fruits StainsIt's kinda hard to juice stain your baby clothes just now but there's always a chance. You need to be prepared for all the unfortunate circumstances. They are a bit more difficult to get out, but it’s doable. Pre-treat with a vinegar solution. One part vinegar and two parts water and apply it to the stain. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Apply a combination solvent and wash on your regular cycle.

How to Save Money on Newborn Baby Clothing

  • Embrace baby clothing stains. With a newborn, stains are a fact of life. Do the laundry and don’t fear a few yellow patch.
  • Shop after they’re born. Buying before knowing your baby’s birth weight can be tricky. Newborns have sudden growth spurts. You want to have the clothes for more than a few days.

newborn baby clothing on a budget

  • Make lists and stick to essentials: food, sleep, safety.
  • Choose unisex shades and styles. Watch for sales and think ahead. You can’t foresee the future ;)

Closing Thoughts

Plan ahead, don't window shop before meeting your newborn and follow this guide for a worry-free mommy experience! Stick to essentials and don't overspend. You will have plenty time to do that when he or she will grow up.

Where Can You Buy Newborn Baby Clothes?

Check the baby collection from Sophia's Style. As an online retailer that carries designer children’s apparel and accessories, we have a wide selection of newborn baby clothing brands that can help you work out the last details!

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