Best Baby Clothes & Brands Checklist - All You Need for the Big Arrival

Your baby will arrive soon and you have no clue what baby clothes to get? Browsing through the vast area of tiny pieces of clothing can be overwhelming.  

Everybody loves baby clothes! They’re tiny, cute and funny. It’s tempting to buy entire aisles, but it’s wrong - you won’t need that many. Before adding everything to your shopping cart, remember babies grow fast. So we recommend you to shop wisely!

We compiled the most helpful list of newborn baby clothes you will need in their first months and beyond. You’ll avoid hours of staring at cute but useless baby outfits.

Here’s how many you’ll need of each item and what you need to know about getting the best baby essentials for your baby’s first wardrobe:

best baby clothes


Baby Essentials for the homecoming


Side-Snap T-Shirts

They’re easy to get on and off, perfect for newborns! Side-snap t-shirts are your go-to piece when trying to change their pampers or washing their feet. It's perfect if you've prepared 7-10 pieces.

best baby clothes Short Sleeve Side Snap - Available here!

best baby clothes Long Sleeve Side Snap - Available here!

Onesies or Rompers

Onesies are the main pieces in a baby's wardrobe. Onesies are the one-piece cotton-based clothes with long or short sleeves. Carefree outfit for the summer, under layer for the winter! You’ll be fine if you get around. Buy 7 to 10 onesies if you want to have one ready every day. They’re easy to be taken down due to their button crotch closure, so they’re perfect for newborns. Plus, the material which most of the onesies are made from is cotton, so your baby will feel very comfy.

best baby clothes Black Onesie - Available here!

best baby clothes Printed Onesie - Available here!

Footed Onesies

Footed onesies are one of the most useful pieces of clothing you can buy. It’s a one-piece pajama. They’re great for both day and night time because will keep your bundle of joy comfortable. Plus, the textures are very soft and the patterns full of joy.

best baby clothes White Yellow 3 Piece Set - Available here!

best baby clothes Multicolor Onesie - Available here!


You must put the undershirts on the top of your checklist. They offer great flexibility and comfort. Some models have ties on the side, so are easier to put on a newborn baby. You can think of six or seven undershirts.

Remember that most babies hate having clothing pulled down over their heads. Your best bet is to choose clothes that have zippers or buttons. Besides that, the undershirt is the best piece of clothing until your baby's umbilical cord falls off.

best baby clothes Organic Cotton Undershirts - Available here!

They have snap crotch and make the changing business easy as pie! Usually stretchy and soft, they’re easy to wash and are available as different models. Organic, with applications, embroidery or printed pictures, you can find them everywhere! You can also call it pajama with pants. It keeps your newborn baby warm and safe and takes care of it all. They are perfect for busy mommies!

More than that, they are necessary until the umbilical cord separates.

best baby clothes Preemie Bodies - Available here!

Newborn Baby Socks

Finding socks to fit little wiggling toes feels like an impossible mission. The problem with newborn baby socks is that they fall off quickly. Your best bet is the shoes tied at the ankle! It's good to have 10 pairs.

best baby socks Newborn Socks - Available here!

best baby clothes Newborn Socks - Available here!

Diaper Covers

Diaper covers are specially designed to meet the needs of your new little one, usually made to protect the healing umbilical area. With a waterproof layer, your child's clothing will remain dry when using cloth diapers.

Babies vary pretty much in size at birth, make sure you choose the correct diaper size that fit your newborn. Diaper covers provide absorption and ensure there will be no leaks. Most of them have an umbilical cord dip to allow for healing. You won't need more than three or four.

best baby clothes Diaper Cover - Available here!

best baby clothes Diaper Cover - Available here!

The ”Coming Home” Baby Outfit

You've waited so much to hold your little one in your arms and now you get to take your kid home! Choose something soft, weather appropriate, comfortable and photo-friendly because everybody will be there to seize the moment and take a lot of pictures.

best baby clothes Coming Home Outfit - Available here!

best baby outfit Coming Home Outfit - Available here!

Best Bath Essentials

Your newborn baby will only really need a bath two or three times a week — at first a sponge bath, until his umbilical cord stump heals (about one to four weeks after birth), then a baby tub bath, and eventually a tub bath when baby can sit up on his own. Look what you need for making the bathing a fun one:

best bay clothes Bath Set - Available here!

best baby clothes Bath Set - Available here!

best summer clothes Hooded Bath Robe - Available here!

Newborn blankets

Keeping the baby in the right room temperature is crucial at the beginning. In the first months, you’ll want to swaddle your baby. It is also recommended to do that to make that mother-child connection more profound. Besides choosing the right clothes, pick the best blankets as well. They have to be safe for the baby’s skin and to be light.

best baby clothes Newborn Blanket - Available here!

best baby clothes Newborn Blanket - Available here!

Baby clothing wardrobe essentials everyone needs


Infant Gowns

With infant gowns, you can change your baby's diaper with your eyes shut! They keep your baby's feet warm and offer extra mobility. You can dress him or her in infant gown by night but you can also rely on them in the summertime. Diversity is key!

best baby clothes Baby Gown- Available here!

best baby clothes Baby Gown- Available here!

Full outfits

If the weather is a little bit windy or not as sunny as you’d want to be, dress your baby girl or baby boy in a full bodysuit that will fit him or her perfectly. Just choose the pattern you want and your day will be great.

best baby clothes Full Body Hooded Onesie- Available here!

bebs baby clothes Full Body Hooded Onesie - Available here!

Jackets for outdoor activities

They say if you have the right clothes, you’ll conquer the world. What about the right outfit for the outdoor activities? It has to keep your baby warm, to be waterproof and to be worn in as many seasons one after another as possible because he or she grows so fast and the next year you'll have to buy new ones. Least, but not less important, a jacket must have a hood to protect your baby in case of a light rain.

best baby clothes Dinosaur Jacket - Available here!

best baby clothes Pirate Jacket - Available here!

Babies leggings and pants

For your baby first steps he will need  a good pair of pants for protection in case he falls. They can be worn with full  confidence every day, but first make sure you match them with a fitting pair of shoes.  

best baby clothes Classic Pants - Available here!

best baby clothes Denim Pants - Available here!


For your baby's tiny feet, you'll need three or four soft sole shoes for everyday activities or even special occasions. This type of shoe is very comfortable and easy to put on.

You can choose as crib shoes between soft and qualitative pieces such as newborn moccasins, booties, and soft sole shoes both for girls and boys.

best baby clothes Casual Baby Boy Shoes - Available here!

best baby clothes Casual Baby Girl Shoes - Available here!

Hats and caps

Hats and caps have the power to make any outfit adorable! Besides the cute side, bonnets help the newborn regulate his own body temperature. Using baby hats and caps is a great way to conserve energy. You can help your little one to feel more comfortable too.

A cotton baby hat is for sure the go-to accessory for summer. A sun hat would also be helpful for outside play.

best baby clothes Baby Hat - Available here!

best baby clothes Baby Hat - Available here!

Summer baby clothes must haves

Overheating is a common thing with newborns. Make sure your baby is comfortable. If you’re hot, your baby could be too!


The summer onesie to the rescue! It’s cotton-based, soft and comfy and you can even add layers in the summer evenings.

Choose one with a wide brim. It fits better and it won’t fall off. They have built-in SPF, so they protect your newborn skin and keep him comfortable.

best baby clothes Summer Onesie - Available here!

best baby clothes Summer Onesie - Available here!

Lightweight Blanket

Overheating is bad. But the light cotton blankets are the best sun protection for your newborn.

Drape it over the baby in their carrier and you’re good to go! Don’t use sunscreen. It can irritate the baby’s skin. Don’t forget to use light colors to keep your baby cool!

best baby clothes Lightweight Blanket - Available here!

best baby clothes Lightweight Blanket - Available here!

Comfortable Sleepwear

We know babies sleep way more than adults and even more than children, that’s why they have to be properly dressed for a long, relaxing sleep, without many interruptions.

best baby clothes Summer Sleepwear - Available here!

best baby clothes Summer Sleepwear - Available here!

Winter baby clothes

When winter makes its first appearance, your baby should stay warm and dry. You may be tempted to bundle your baby up and add too many layers of clothing even when you're inside. We recommend you don't go overboard and use appropriate baby winter clothing.

Fresh air, even when the weather is chilly, is important for your baby. Winter babies should wear the same as you, with just one more layer. That’s a good guiding principle for winter!

Long-Sleeved One-Piece Fleece

You should dress your newborn in long-sleeved one-piece only on cold days. Don’t exaggerate putting too many layers. Your best bet is to avoid keeping the baby outside on low temperatures.

best baby clothes Long Sleeve Onesie - Available here!

best baby clothes Long Sleeve Onesie - Available here!


Make sure the weight and the fabric of the sweater are appropriate for the season. Anything that buttons or zips up will do the trick.

best baby clothes White Sweater - Available here!

best baby clothes Red Sweater - Available here!

Hat, Mittens, and Fluffy Socks

When out, cover your newborn’s head with a cap or a hat. Newborn lose body heat quickly! A soft one will help keep out the cold. You should also put some baby mittens on.

Warm socks and booties are a necessity only when going out!

best baby clothes Mitten Set - Available here!

Baby Shoes

These boots are made for walking! Babies aren’t really walking down the hall these days, aren't they? Keep the footwear strictly for warmth. You should put them on in the cold season. Otherwise, your newborn’s little toes need to feel the breeze.

best baby clothes Baby Shoes - Available here!

best baby clothes Baby Shoes - Available here!

Best baby brands

Dressing your child in designer clothes is not a matter of fanciness, it's  just making sure your baby is wearing the best fabrics. As your baby’s skin is very sensitive, dressing him or her in the most comfortable or in organic fabrics is a wise decision for you to make.

Here are our favorite brands that we carry on our wide collection:

1. Lito Fashion

This brand focuses mainly on fancy outfits, suited for taking your bundle of joy in the world  such as parties, weddings, family gatherings or even at Sunday church.

best baby clothes Special Occasion Romper - Available here!

best baby clothes Special Occasion Dress - Available here!

2. Bonnie Jean

Bonnie Jean wants you baby not only to look cute, but to feel great as well. The brand’s main items are two-pieced outfits with shirts and leggings or casual dresses with colorful patterns.

best baby clothes Bonnie Jean Dress - Available here!

best baby clothes Bonnie Jean Outfit - Available here!

3. Kidorable

Kidorable makes clothing for playful kids. Their main items are cotton absorbent towels and jackets for making endless memories in nature, no matter the weather.

best baby clothes Dino Towel - Available here!

best baby clothes Hooded Raincoat - Available here!

4. Raindrops

Raindrops wants to make babies feel like ones and enjoy simple pleasures, like playing in a summer rain puddle. Their focus is on coziness and softness.

best baby clothes Body Set - Available here!

best baby clothes Body Set - Available here!

Newborn clothing size guidelines

Babies grow fast, so here are the sizing guidelines for each of the months which will give a better view on the precise measures for each clothing item.

US Newborn Clothing Guide

Preemie (P) fits babies with height between 10 and 18 inches and weight 0 to 5 lbs

0 - 3 months fits babies with height between 19 and 23 inches and weight 4 to 11 lbs

3 - 6 months fits babies with height between 24 and 26 inches and weight 12 to 15 lbs

6 - 9 months fits babies with height between 27 and 28 inches and weight 16 to 18 lbs

What to know before buying newborn clothes?

Looking around you’ll find out there’s a huge newborn clothing selection. From designer clothes to time-savers outfits, you’d have to make some tough choices. Try to keep in mind that newborns don't actually need all the items we find interesting.They need to feel comfortable and safe!

It may not look like it, but your baby will outgrow his tiny outfits before you know it. Resist the urge of buying dozens of clothes, each a different color! In a blink of an eye, they won’t fit your newborn anymore.

Consider one-piece baby sleepwear. Newborns have no patience and getting pieces of fabric on and off is not their favorite activity.

You also have to consider buying at least three months ahead. But only after your baby is born. This way, you'll make the right clothing choices and be sure they'll fit. Make sure you know what are the essentials.

Your goal should be practical newborn clothes. Avoid items that could be uncomfortable or a waste of money. Consider softness, quality, and safety. The style is not a priority!

best baby clothes

Buy Comfortable Baby Clothing

Your best bet is to skip designer clothes. Even if they are the cutest thing ever. It’s like throwing money out the window! Your newborn will sleep most of the time. So, those adorable outfits won’t see the light of day! Even so, they are not worth the money.

How Many Newborn Clothes to Buy?

Not much! Before buying countless newborn clothes, remember that you’ll receive many of them as gifts. From your family, your friends, your coworkers, all will consider them gift opportunity. And they are! You don’t need to overspend.

The exact amount you need depends on how often you plan to do laundry. If you plan on doing the laundry often, you can buy the minimum of 2 items from each category.

Next steps

Plan ahead, shop before meeting your newborn and follow this guide for a worry-free experience! Stick to these essentials and you won't overspend. You will have plenty of time to do that when they grow up.

Check  our huge baby clothes collection and don’t miss the deals. As an online retailer that carries designer children’s apparel and accessories, we have a wide selection of newborn baby clothing brands that can help you work out the last details!


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