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  • How to Buy the Best Baby & Toddler Shoes: From Crib to Walking

    The moment to choose your baby’s first shoes is here. It's a wonderful phase of your life as a parent, but it can also become a hard one. You need to decide what shoes are the best to protect, support , fit well & be comfortable for your baby. And why not, look cute!

    Of course, you're after the perfect experience for your baby’s first steps. And for that, you need to pick the right shoes.

    Keep on reading & learn which baby shoes are the best for each of your baby’s phase and age: for when he’s in the crib, to crawling, learning to walk, and finally, walking and running around like a little bee!

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  • Ring Bearer Guide: From Outfits to Duties, All You Wanted to Know

    The ring bearer's role and his (or her) tux outfit are important checkpoints for your wedding day, yet this shouldn't stress you out. The whole process of choosing a ring bearer should be fun - and this is where this guide comes in place!

    If the wedding is almost here and you’re about to choose your ring bearer' suit attire - you got yourself to the right palce. From duties to outfit ideas, this article will help you put every little detail in order. Keep reading!

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  • Halloween for Kids: Costumes, Last-Minute Ideas & Unique Outfits

    This is the time of year when everybody gets all excited: Halloween is coming! Imagine all the carved pumpkins and the decorations. But the best part: the costumes!

    If your kids wants to go Trick or Treating in the most unique outfit, get inspired from our list of the best & most popular Halloween costumes for kids! A perfect outfit that's made for their personality is clicks away.

    If you don't know what to look for yet, don't worry. We did all the Halloween costume hunt and prepared an unique, cute selection of Halloween costumes for every age, from babies, to toddlers and big kids!

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  • Back to School Shopping Checklist & Guide for Busy Parents

    If you're a parent and you have kids in school, you know already that Back to School is getting closer. Start prepping for the for the biggest shopping session of the year as soon as you can. Avoid the unnecessary stress and make sure your kid has all the things he needs.

    But don't worry! You don't have to bother about making shopping lists anymore because we already did that for you!

    This complete Back to School Shopping Checklist & Guide will help you plan your shopping session so you can grab the best Back to School deals!

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  • How to Shop the Best School Uniforms for Your Kid - A Full Guide

    September is just around the corner and that means one thing: your little one is going Back to School!

    Before the first day of school, there is another challenge yet to conquer: shopping for the whole school year in just a couple of days. You'll find yourself chasing all the offers out there to get the best school uniform essentials for your kid. You don't need to break the bank nor to buy all the things you can find out there.

    This guide will help you to find out what clothing staples to buy for your schooler. Don't miss our life-saving tips on how to shop for Back to School clothes if you want to avoid headaches.
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  • Baby Outfit Ideas That are Too-Cute-for-Words & Tips for Adorable Pictures

    Just because your baby is still in diapers, it doesn't mean their clothes & wardrobe should lack style. So keep in mind baby fashion when it's time for those first pictures & dress your baby up in stylish clothes -- you'll be looking at these photo albums for so many times over the years!

    Whether you want something truly unique, funny or you're going for a Disney theme, there's a baby outfit for everyone. And even though newborns are already adorable on their own, throw in one of these cute, creative baby photo outfits & you will make your photo album ten times more memorable!

    Keep reading & steal inspiration from our shoppable baby & toddler clothes for girls and boys to use during photo shoots (and still reuse for other occasions!). The best outfits for your baby pictures are one click away!

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  • How to Choose the Best Swimwear for Your Kid This Summer

    Summer is here and unfortunately, it's not going to last forever. Take advantage of the great weather and go to the beach with your loved ones. Making sand castles, swimming or playing sports on the beach - they're all are pretty nice activities for kids, regardless of their age.

    But feeling comfortable in the summer heat can be a challenge. Find out how to choose the best swimwear for kids and help your little ones have an amazing time on the beach or at the pool.

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  • Christening Outfits: How to Pick Lovely Baptism Baby Gowns & Dresses

    The ceremony of Baptism or Christening is one of the most important moments in a baby's early life. Your little one's going to need a precious outfit for this big day. You'll cherish these moments for a long time, so getting the best Christening dress or baptismal gown for your little one is a must.

    If you don't know yet how is the proper way to dress a baby for this ceremony, don't worry. This guide is going to help you figure out how the proper baby Baptism outfit should look like. You'll also know what Christening accessories you need to buy to complete the Baptism attire.  

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  • Rain Gear for Kids: From Boots to Coats, How to Get the Best Essentials

    Fall approaches fast and soon the hot summer days will be replaced with the gloomy, rainy ones. But don't let the rainy weather get you by surprise and get ready to dress your kid accordingly!

    In this guide, you'll find out what are the best ways to dress your little one for a rainy day, how to pick the best rain gear and what essentials you should get .

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  • Sophia's Style & Angels Garment Free Christmas Dress Giveaway

    Style her up this Christmas with this gorgeous dress we're giving away. All you have to do is enter below for a chance to win it and make your girl happy!

    This dress by Angels Garment will ensure a picture perfect Christmas. The gown has red bodice with short sleeves and a matching plaid multi color pleated skirt with narrow waistband and bow decked with a tiny brooch. Zips up at the back and ties with a bow. Knee length. Continue reading