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Thanksgiving - a time for new traditions

Years of research reveals that traditions make our children feel more secure. Traditions stimulate healthy relationships for all ages in a family. Children certainly will have lifelong remembrances of special family traditions.

Well, the real reason to start Thanksgiving family traditions… when your kids are married, have kids of their own, you want them to come home for your home holidays! They won’t want to miss out on family traditions even when they are all grown up. You, your children and your grandchildren will be gathering memories by the pumpkin load!

So your menu is all set, table linens pressed and centerpiece of gourds and fall flair perfectly prepared. Classic beloved traditions like football after the big feast and warm pumpkin pie are good ones. Time to add special Thanksgiving traditions and activities to your holiday lineup. There is something so special when new and fun traditions are added to this wonderful fall day!

Easy and fun Thanksgiving traditions to get you started…

Family Thanksgiving Tablecloth - Everyone invited to Thanksgiving dinner signs the tablecloth with a permanent marker

The Thankful Pumpkin - Paint a pumpkin of any size and write your name on it

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt - Search for items like Pumpkin, Red Apple, Twigs, Pinecone, Football

Give Thanks Gratitude Bank - Paint a mason jar, write thank-yous and notes of gratitude, drop in the bank for November or all year long

Halloween - Make it fun AND easy!

Halloween celebrations are here! Kids and adults look forward to Halloween every year when fall rolls around. Halloween is ALL about the kids. Childhood joys for most of us was a cool night going house-to-house. We trucked along with our holiday greetings of trick or treat for family, close friends and awaiting neighbors. Scrumptious candy and fun Halloween prizes truly were the highlight of the night. The perfect costume is a requirement before parties, yummy food and delectable candy can be consumed!

All kinds of stores sell an array of Halloween costumes from the most simple to very elaborate. There are too many options for kids to choose from when selecting their Halloween ensemble and can be too trying to know where to start. Do you dress up as a princess, a prince, a superhero, something silly, something scary, favored animal, favorite food?

Okay now the kiddos have decided upon their costume idea… need makeup, masks, accessory items and do they do ready-made or homemade?

Online or instore selections are a perfect solution to finish their Halloween costume decision. But crafting from scratch with the appropriate tools like brightly colored paints, glue guns, clothes pins and glitter can get the creative fun juices flowing. Costume creations like a stuffed pumpkin, a budding scientist, a bubble bath, coffee drink or a little devil can be super fun to complete.

Check out some of the hand crafted Halloween costumes you can do easily which will bring loads of memories and pictures perfect for your scrapbook!

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