Christening Outfits: How to Pick Lovely Baptism Baby Gowns & Dresses

The ceremony of Baptism or Christening is one of the most important moments in a baby's early life. Your little one's going to need a precious outfit for this big day. You'll cherish these moments for a long time, so getting the best Christening dress or baptismal gown for your little one is a must.

If you don't know yet how is the proper way to dress a baby for this ceremony, don't worry. This guide is going to help you figure out how the proper baby Baptism outfit should look like. You'll also know what Christening accessories you need to buy to complete the Baptism attire.  

What are the differences between Baptism and Christening?

After a few months into this new adventure called parenting, you'll probably start to think about having a religious ceremony for your little one.

If you're wondering if there are any differences between baptism and christening, here is some information you will find quite useful:

Baptism refers to the ceremony of welcoming one into the Christian Church - a baby, but this ceremony can be performed for adults too. The Baptism ceremony means that the person deliberate and conscious identifies himself as a member of the Church. The priest will pour holy water on the head of your baby three times - in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Christening refers to giving a baby a name, process that takes place during the baptism ceremony.

The baptize of a baby is usually referred to as infant baptism. In some countries, christening is the used term for a baby's baptism ceremony. Even if christening and baptism aren’t the same things, usually, the terms are used interchangeably.

Baptismal Dress

What Are Christening and Baptism Dresses?

If you're wondering what are Christening or Baptism gowns used for, you should know that this particular kind of garment is used for dressing a baby during the religious ceremony and at the reception held after.

The outfit is usually white, but depending on the Church's requirements it can be others light colors too.

What does a Christening or Baptism Gown look like?

The classic attire for this occasion consists of a white dress made of fabrics such as silk, satin, cotton or organza.

For baby boys', you can pick a christening romper instead of a gown. The baptismal gown can also be embroidered or adorned with lace. Some families have matching christening bonnets that are passed from generation to generation, being true family heirlooms.

Baby Girls Baptism Gown White Embroidered Organza Girls' Baptism Gown - available here

Boys Baptism outfit White Vest and Cotton Romper Boys' Baptism Outfit - available here

Do Christening and Baptism Gowns Have to Be White?

The traditional color for Christening garments is white. The color white symbolizes purity and the fact that the baby is without sins. The Christening gown doesn't have to be white entirely. Having a few colorful elements is acceptable, as long as the color is a light one. Parents usually choose pink or blue accents, depending on the baby’s genre.

Christening Pink Dress Organza Christening Light Pink Dress - available here

If you aren't fond of the idea of having a white dress or romper, that's ok too. Many modern parents often choose colorful garments for their babies. Depending on the Church’s rules, you may or not to do so. Be sure to ask before buying the outfit.

The acceptable colors are the light, pastel ones. Stay away from powerful colors such as red, purple, blue or green and dismiss black by all means.

Are Christening or Baptism Gowns Unisex?

Christening and Baptism gown can be unisex, especially if the color of the outfit is white and it doesn't have any special characteristics that could indicate if the baby is a girl or a boy.

Heirloom Christening gowns are, for example, worn by all the baby of the family, parents overlooking the sex of the child.

Christening and Baptism Dresses for Baby Girls

Your little baby girl must have an adorable and special dress for her Baptism ceremony. You can choose between many styles and fabrics. The best Christening gowns for baby girls are made of organza or lace. Gowns made of these fabrics have a lovely and festive look, proper for a meaningful moment like this.

Christening baptism dress girls White Organza Christening Set for Baby Girls - available here

If you want a unique piece, an embroidered pattern is what you should be looking for. For a personalized Christening gown, ask around for a custom made embroidery service so you can adorn your little one's gown with the initials or date of birth.


[gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="3672,3673,3671"]

See more details about these baby girl Christening outfits: White Taffeta Baptism DressWhite Lace Baptism DressWhite Embroidered Christening Romper.

Christening and Baptism Outfits for Baby Boys

If you're having a baby boy, then you've probably already discussed with other moms on what's the proper attire for the Christening ceremony. A gown can be perceived as "feminine" at first, but don't worry! Your baby boy will look adorable and will feel very comfortable in his baptismal gown.

baptism christening romper baby White Embroidered Cotton Baptism Romper - available here

If you decided to not have a baptismal gown for your baby boy, that's fine too. There are lots of great Christening rompers you can choose from. If your kid is older than 1 year old, a romper could be a better option because it will allow your active baby to move around during the reception.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3679,3681,3682"]

See more details about these baby boy Christening outfits: Baptism Gown and BonnetBaptism Outfit with VestEmbroidery Christening Romper.

Christening and Baptism Outfits for Toddlers and Big Kids

If you're looking for some Christening outfits for your toddler or older kid, you're in the right place. Here are some examples of Baptism outfits for kids that are perfect for the ceremony.

Baptism Dresses for Toddler and Big Girls

Organza, satin, and lace are the best choices for your girl's Christening dress. If you're having the ceremony during the cold season, a charming bolero will complete the outfit.

baptism dress White Organza Embroidered Dress - available here

Big girls usually aren't very fond of wearing hats or bonnets, so you might want to consider buying a cute headband instead.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3741,3740,3739"]

See more details about these Christening dresses for toddlers: White Satin Baptism Dress, White Satin Baptism Dress, White Lace Christening Baptism Gown.

Christening Baby Shoes

Complete your baby's Christening outfit with a nice pair of baby shoes. Baptism shoes are often made of satin or cotton and they're gentle on your little one's tiny feet and easy to put on. They have a soft sole so if your kid is walking already, moving around is comfortable.

Christening baptism shoes White Cotton Christening Booties - available here

For a more festive look, embroidered shoes or adorned pairs with laces and ribbons are really adorable!

[gallery size="medium" ids="3710,3709,3708"]

See more details about these Christening shoes for babies: Champagne Silk Christening Shoes, Matte Satin Christening Shoes, White Oxford Christening Shoes.

Baptism Accessories

For your baby's Baptism or Christening ceremony, you'll need to prepare in advance and buy a proper gown, along with other accessories, such as a bonnet, a hat or a pair of warm and comfy socks. Blankets, bibs or handkerchiefs are also some must-have items. 

You don't need to spend a fortune on all these things, but investing in some quality pieces is the right thing to do if you want to keep the items and preserve them as a family heirloom over the years. 

Baptism Bonnets

The bonnet is an important piece of the Baptism outfit. The bonnet isn't used during the actual ceremony and it has to be removed before the Baptism. Still, the bonnet will keep you baby's head warm during the transportation from home to the Church, and after, to the reception's location.

Some Churches are built in stone so they tend to be cold, regardless the season. Keep the bonnet on until the ceremony starts and avoid a cold.

Most Baptism gowns have the bonnet included, but you can buy it separate if you want something special.

Christening Bibs

An infant Baptism outfit wouldn't be complete without a special embroidered bib. You can choose between religious symbols, such as a cross or a dove, or you can pick a bib with a delicate floral pattern. Usually, Christening bibs are made of satin or qualitative cotton so they'll preserve over the years.

Christening Bib White Embroidered Cross Christening Bib

Lace adornments are very popular amongst parents and godparents.

[gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="3701,3698,3700"]

See more details about these Christening bibs: Embroidered Satin Christening Bib,Cotton Laced Baptism Bib, Embroidered Cross Christening Bib.

Christening Towels and Blankets

The Christening ceremony requires a special towel that'll be used for drying the baby's head after the baptize.

Christening Towel White Embroidered Cross Christening Towel - available here

Keep this towel over the years as a reminder of the beautiful ceremony.

christening baptism blanket White Dove Embroidered Handkerchief Blanket

Heirloom Christening Pieces

Family heirloom pieces are a small piece of history. Royal families usually preserve the whole Christening outfit for the future members of the family. Prince George and Princess Charlotte wore the same gown for their Christening, as well as other royal babies before them.

baptism heirloom gown Photo credit: John Stillwell/AFP/Getty Images)

Wearing the whole outfit is a celebration of the family history and if you have this option, you can take it into consideration. But if your family doesn't have this kind of tradition, this is the perfect moment to start one.

You don't have to pass the whole outfit from generation to generation. A couple of quality pieces, such as a blanket or a bonnet will do the trick.

How to Clean Heirloom Pieces?

If your family has a couple of items you'd like to have for your baby's Christening, clean them before the big event and make sure you store them correctly after you use them.

This kind of pieces has to be manually washed. Use a gentle detergent and warm water. Don't let the pieces more than 30 minutes in the water and don't squeeze them because you can damage them.

Where to Buy Baptism and Christening Dresses?

Now that you're ready to begin looking for the best place to buy baptismal and Christening gowns, you should check out our Christening and Baptism baby gowns section. You'll find a large selection of gowns, dresses, and rompers for baby girls and baby boys!

Have a happy Ceremony!

Rain Gear for Kids: From Boots to Coats, How to Get the Best Essentials

Fall approaches fast and soon the hot summer days will be replaced with the gloomy, rainy ones. But don't let the rainy weather get you by surprise and get ready to dress your kid accordingly!

In this guide, you'll find out what are the best ways to dress your little one for a rainy day, how to pick the best rain gear and what essentials you should get .

September days can be truly wonderful, especially if you're a rain lover. Still, prevent any unfortunate fashion events and adapt your kid's wardrobe in advance. This way he or she can really enjoy fall days.

Here are a couple of fall and rain essentials you should consider having:

Rain Boots for Kids

One of the essential articles for rainy days is a pair of great rain boots that'll keep your kid's feet dry and clean throughout the day. Get your kid a good pair of rain boots and help him overcame the rain and the mud while having a great time outside the house. Here's an article from VeryWell with outdoor activities you guys can do together on a rainy day.

Letting your toddler run around in sneakers isn't a very good idea. Even if the shoes are water-resistant and are treated with special anti-water leaks substances you can't trust a pair of regular shoes to do a great job on a rainy day. Getting a pair of rubber shoes for rain is the ultimate solution.

Don't get discouraged! Your little one will love wearing them. Comfortable and trendy, rain boots can make any kid happy because he or she now can walk through mud and puddles freely.

rainy day shoes boy

How to Choose the Best Rain Boots for Kids

Here are the top 3 features you should pay attention to when buying the perfect pair of rain boots for your little one:

Waterproof Properties

Prevent the water leaks and keep your little one's feet dry by making sure the rain boots you choose have waterproof properties. This means they should be made of a material such as rubber.  


Usually, this kind of shoes is made of rubber. This material is long-lasting and the best choice for your kids' little feet. And there's another nice thing about rain boots made of rubber: even if there's a lot of mud outside and the boots will get dirty, your kid's feet will stay clean. And even if the rubber boots are worn frequently and in some tough weather condition, they're pretty resistant. 

Cool Design

There a lot of cool and adorable rain boots for kids to choose from out there, so you have plenty of options. Just made sure your kid loves the design. Going shopping together or looking online for boots is a must!

Toddler Rain Boots Pink Lotus Flower Toddler Rain Boots - available here

Check out this selection of waterproof and cool rain boots for more adorable designs.

Rain Boots for Girls

[gallery size="medium" ids="3461,3460,3459"]

See more details about our kids' rain bootsLady Bug Toddler Rain BootsPink Flower Toddler Rain BootsBlack Fuchsia Rain Boots for Big Girls.

Rain Boots for Boys

[gallery size="medium" ids="3463,3464,3465"]

See more details about our kids' rain bootsBlack Pirates Toddler Rain BootsGreen Frog Design Rain Boots for Boys, Trucks Design Toddler Rain Boots.

Raincoats for Kids

Your kid's best friend in the rainy days should be his or her raincoat. If properly chosen, a good raincoat will protect your kid from the rain water and low temperatures.

Wearing a jeans jacket or a regular coat may work on some days, but when it's raining heavily outside you have only one viable option: a special coat, made for rainy weather.

How to Choose the Best Kids' Raincoats

Here are some of the features you should be looking for when shopping for a raincoat for kids:

The Right Fabric

The whole point of buying a raincoat is that it can protect your kid from the rain water. If the coat you have your eyes on isn't made from a waterproof material, keep looking. Waterproof polyurethane is the most popular fabric for a raincoat and that's for a good reason. It is 100% water insulated and will give the necessary protection for those tricky fall days.

It Has a Hood

Not all the kids like carrying a big umbrella around with them. So a hood is a feature every raincoat has. For the days when it's just light drizzling, a hood can be a live saver. If the temperature goes down and it's cold, a hood can keep your kid warm as well.

It Keeps Your Kid Warm

Some raincoats don't have lining, that piece of fabric sewed on the inside of the coat. So they'll protect your kid from the rainwater but will not help in keeping the cold away. Make sure your kids' raincoat is lined for extra comfort and protection.

Raincoats for Girls

[gallery size="medium" ids="3468,3466,3467"]

See more details about our kids' raincoats: Polka Dotted Toddler Raincoat, Floral Lined Raincoat Big GirlsLady Bug Toddler Raincoat.

Raincoats for Boys

[gallery size="medium" ids="3469,3470,3471"]

See more details about our kids' raincoats: Blue Farm Toddler Raincoat, Green Sand Raincoat for Big Boys, Red Fireman Toddler Raincoat.

Hoodies for Kids

Hoodies aren't exactly rain gear, but they are perfect for the cold days when he or she needs some extra layers of clothing. Your kid can wear them under the raincoat for comfort and extra protection. Buying a couple of cheap hoodies is really the best thing you can do for them in the cold season.

Here's our selection of hoodies for kids.

Hoodies for Girls

[gallery size="medium" ids="3473,3474,3475"]

See more details about our kids' hoodies: Fuchsia Hoodie for Toddlers, Hello Kitty Hoodie for Big Girls, Pink Puppy Hoodie for Toddlers.

Hoodies for Boys

[gallery size="medium" ids="3476,3477,3478"]

See more details about our kids' hoodies: Dark Green Hoodie for Boys, Gray Fleece Hoodie for Big Boys, Red Plaid Hood Flannel Jacket for Toddlers.

How to Buy Rain Gear

Looking for the best rain gear? You're in the right place! Learn how to shop for rain gear and get only the best pieces for your kid. Here're our top pieces of advice for you:

Choose the Right Fabric

Suede can easily be damaged by water and isn't the most fortunate choice, especially for shoes or bags. Rubber, waterproof materials like polyurethane or water-resisting materials such as nylon and polyester are fit for rainy weather.

For clothes worn underneath the raincoat, cotton is a very good choice if you want to keep your kid warm. Items made of wool should be on your list as well. Wool doesn't absorb the water fast and is moisture resistant.

Add Color for Happy Days

Rainy days have something nostalgic in them. After all, rain is the most used trope in literature for expressing feelings like loneliness, alienation or regret. Don't let these feelings get to your kid and make the rainy days cheerful and enjoyable by using suitable colors.

Toddler Rain Boots Toddler Rain Boots - available here

Pick lively colors and cool designs. Some nice color options are bright pink, orange, green or medium blue. This colors should give your kid an optimistic state of mind and help him get through the day with a smile on his face

Pick the Right Umbrella

A rain umbrella is the most necessary article you should get. Kids' umbrellas are very popular so there are lots of styles and design to choose from.

Bonus tip: If you're looking for a trendy piece, look for a bubble and clear umbrella with a cute design, such as lady bug or Hello Kitty.

Clear Lady Bug Umbrella Lady Bug Kids' Umbrella - available here

For your kid, you should pick a travel umbrella. After drying it, your little one can fold it and store it in his backpack. A travel umbrella is also easy to carry around and store in a safe place. We all know how easily an umbrella can be lost, so try to remember this is not a piece you should invest in.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3481,3482,3483"]

See more details about our kids' umbrellasFire Rescue Clear Dome Umbrella for BoysPink Flower Umbrella for Girls, Polka Dotted Clear Dome Umbrella for Girls.

Don't Forget the Gloves

As soon as September passes, the cold will take over the days. This is the moment you should consider buying a pair of gloves for your little one. Keeping she or he's hands warm is important, especially if your kid is also carrying the umbrella to school.

If you have a toddler, the gloves are a must! Look for waterproof gloves if it's heavily raining outside, but otherwise, a pair of gloves made of textile fabric should be fine if you're looking to keep the cold away.

Pick the right size for comfort and of course, a colorful design!

[gallery size="medium" columns="2" ids="3488,3489"]

See more details about our kids' glovesWhite Pink Stripe Gloves for Kids, White Sheep Gloves for Kids.

Pick a Cozy Scarf

A scarf can be both practical and stylish. While keeping your kid's neck warm and prevent the cold getting under the coat, a trendy pattern can be a great fashion statement. Depending on how cold is outside, you can choose a vaporous scarf or a knitted one.

[gallery size="medium" ids="3485,3486,3487"]

See more details about our kids' scarves: Dotted Accents Scarf, Leopard Spot Pattern Fleece Scarf, Multi Color Circle Loop Infinity Scarf.

What to Wear to School on a Rainy Day

For rainy days when your kid has school, you must combine the usual uniform with some great rain pieces. Depending on your kid's school requirements you can go with a pair of rain boots and a raincoat. The umbrella is optional, some kids like carrying it around, some don't.

If you want more ideas of pieces for a school uniform, this great guide will help you decide what uniform staples your kid needs. For school backpacks, feel free to check this backpack guide out for some tips & tricks on how to buy the best school backpack.

School Outfit for Girls

school outfit rain wear Girls School Outfit for Rainy Days

Get this outfit for your girl's rainy days! Find out more details about each item:

Black & White Raincoat - available here
Black & White Rain Boots - available here
Umbrella with Flowers Pattern - available here
Jumper School Dress -  available here
Wildkin Backpack - available here

School Outfit for Boys

school outfit rain wear boys Boys School Outfit for Rainy Days

Get this outfit for your boy's rainy days! Find out more details about each item:

Blue Dinosaurs Raincoat - available here
Blue Dinosaurs Rain Boots - available here
Grey School Uniform Trouser Pants - available here
White Long Sleeved Polo Shirt - available here
Blue Adventure Backpack -available here

Closing thoughts

September is getting closer and soon the sunny weather will pass. Get ready for the rainy weather and start looking for fall essentials. Having rain gear is a must, especially for kids who like to play outside, no matter how bad the weather is.

If you want to browse for more rainwear and gear, here's our special sections you should check out, with rain gear for girls and boys.

Photos source:

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