Flower Girl Guide: From Dress to Duties, All the Secrets You Wanted to Know

The flower girl and her dress are big points on your to-do list. But they don’t have to be scary, overwhelming tasks. In this guide we’ll walk you step by step through everything and give you all the tips and tricks about the topic, to turn your little one into a flower girl pro! And have a smooth wedding ceremony in the process.

If you’re about to have your big wedding day and want to make choosing the flower girl and her attire a breeze - say no more. This guide has you covered. And if your daughter or niece just had the amazing honor of getting picked as the flower girl, and you want to make sure you don’t miss any details -- keep reading. You’ll be ready to prepare your little one in no time, without any surprises when the Special Day arrives!

What Is a Flower Girl?

A big part of the wedding ceremony is the flower girl.

If you’re new to this and don't know what the role is all about, try to go back to a wedding scene you saw recently. You probably remember the cute, adorable little girl who scattered flower petals on the wedding aisle, while introducing the bride to the whole crowd.

That’s the flower girl!

what is a flower girl

TIP: Don't confuse the flower girl for the bridesmaid. Even though they both have a special connection to the bride or the groom, they do different things during the ceremony. If you’re not sure exactly what goes into each, you'll find all the nitty gritty further on in this guide.

The Flower Girl’s Role

Because the flower girl is usually a very young girl, her role at the wedding ceremony isn’t complicated.

But that doesn’t make it any less important. Besides the bride, she is the one who will win everybody’s heart and even steal a couple of smiles.
She carries a basket with flower petals (or other creative alternatives) and walks before the bride, introducing her into the ceremony. She walks right after her partner, the ring bearer or page boy. Most of the times she wears a white or ivory look-a-like bride dress, but this can change depending on the wedding’s theme.

How Old Is a Flower Girl?

If you're wondering what age is proper for a flower girl, the rule of thumb is that she should be between three and ten years old.

So, how old is too old or too young? If your pick is over 10 years old, try to make her part of the wedding as a junior bridesmaid. This will be a better role enjoy the experience of participating in the wedding from start to finish without the overwhelming responsibilities often taken on by the bridesmaids.

Take a look at the pros and cons of each age category:

1. Infant / Baby Flower Girl: Under 18 Months

baby flower girl dress

What happens if your flower girl pick is under 18 months old, not even got to walking and .. is basically a baby? There are ways to make her part of your day, even though 18-month-olds don't take direction.

All without worrying she won't be able to complete her role. But the question remains: how do you get the baby flower girl down the aisle?

A little baby girl or an infant can be a flower girl just as much as a 3 years old.
Just make sure somebody is there with her on the aisle, holding her hand or carrying her in a cute wagon. If the bride will also have a ring bearer or a page boy, he can pull the wagon.

Baby Flower Girl Entrance Ideas

You can attach a cute message to the wagon and you can decorate it with your favorite flowers and plants, balloons, and why not, her favorite pet!

baby flower girl entrance wagon

Some people tend not to go with quite so young flower girls in their ceremonies because their actions can be unpredictable. But others find any imperfections, like stumbling, falling asleep in the wagon or chomping on a few flower petals quite the cuteness factor!

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infant flower girl dresses

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2. Flower Girl between 2-3 Years Old

These little girls are already learning how to walk, so they'll be able to go on the wedding aisle on their own, with a lot of encouragement.

All you have to do to make sure she's not going to get scared of the walk is have somebody with them on the aisle, showing her where to go, and have one of her parents at the end of the aisle!

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TIP: Be prepared for potential meltdowns, tantrums and know she may not make it completely down the aisle.

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3. Flower Girl Between 3 to 5 Years Old

If you're really worried about losing control of your flower girl during the wedding ceremony or having her throw a tantrum, turn to a girl l that's a few years older, like a 3 to 5 years old will be a safer choice. And an adorable one!

flower girls pictures

If she's able to walk on her own and knows how to toss petals, you can relax because her moment it's probably gonna run smoothly. But if you don't think she can handle the whole ceremony, make sure you have prepared some distractions for her (try coloring books or toys).

This way you avoid any problems if she gets tired, nervous or bored and can't stay focused.

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4. Flower Girl Between 6 to 10 Years Old

There is no best age for a flower girl because age doesn't necessary guarantees you a maturity level, but a 7-10 years old flower girl's ability to stay focused will be higher. At this age, she'll be able to do a fine job and try her best to make the bride happy and to keep the guests entertained!

flower girl 7 years old

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5. 10+ Years Old: A Junior Bridesmaid

junior bridesmaid

In the search for the perfect flower girl, you may bump on some really nice girls that you’d love to have in your wedding, but that are slightly past the proper age.

Well, don’t worry, you can still have them sitting next to you on the Special Day as a junior bridesmaid! This role will be a better fit for responsibilities, without the big tasks that came along with the official bridesmaid job.

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So, how old is too old?

Ideally, the flower girl is three to 10 years old and a junior bridesmaid between ten and fourteen.

If you would like to find out more about the role of junior bridesmaids and the appropriate age for them, this Huffington Post article will give you everything you need.

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When & Where Did the Flower Girl Tradition Start?

You might feel like the flower girl tradition was around forever. And it’s true! This dates back to the Roman Empire.

Even though seeing the little flower girl walking like a princess on the wedding aisle is a beautiful view for every ceremony guest, it wasn't the look that made the flower girl tradition stick. What she stood for did.

They aren't just a wedding prop. The flower girl tradition comes with a lot of meaning and purpose.

Traditionally, the little girl represented the fading of a bride's innocence and the passage from childhood to womanhood. A symbol of fertility and family, the flower girl announced the bride’s new role as a wife and a future new mother.

The flower girl represents true purity and innocence. Her resemblance to the bride has a deep meaning, that goes past being a cute bride look-a-like: she represents what the bride will leave behind when she marries and embraces her new role as a wife and mother.

Flower girls in Roman Empire, Renaissance, and Victorian Era

victorian wedding flower girlBack in the Roman Empire, weddings only had one goal: procreation and the continuity of the family. Pretty rough, but that's how it went!

And that's actually the reason why the flower girl used to carry sheaves of wheat during the wedding ceremony -- as a symbol of fertility and prosperity, as well as keeping evil spirits at bay.

In the Renaissance Era, the flower girl role changed - she stopped carrying sheaves of wheat and replaced them with strands of garlic - a symbol that protects the family from bad evils and bad luck.

Why Have a Flower Girl Drop Petals?

The closest to what we're seeing right now on the wedding aisle is the Victorian Era's tradition - the role is like what happens nowadays. The girls used to dress in white with a sash of colored satin or silk.

flower girl dropping petals

The garlic was replaced with fresh blossoms, flowers, and petal tossing, as a symbol for the new couple will have many chances to have children. Typically the Flower Girl dropped rose petals, herbs and a mixture of grains down the wedding aisle.

The grains and herbs symbolize hope for future fertility and everlasting love, and the flower petals symbolize good luck wished upon the couple.

Fast forward to our days, instead of dropping flower petals, flower girls can blow bubbles down the aisle, throw confetti or carry teddy bears or other whimsical accessories.

Although the meaning behind having a flower girl changed so much over the centuries, I think we can all agree that giving up on dropping garlic was a good superstition to let go off!

How Many Flower Girls Can You Have During a Ceremony?

A lonely girl or a happy crowd? Even if the tradition says that you should have one flower girl, the rules are made to be broken, right?

It is the bride's decision. She can make this call and pick more than one girl for this role. Depending on the wedding size and her own personal wish, the bride can choose up to 3-4 girls to join her on the aisle. For the ring bearer, she can make the same call and pick 2 little brothers for example instead of one.

how many flower girls

If the bride wants more girls, then there are 2 options: matching dresses (the same dress in different sizes) or different gowns. The only rule is that the outfits should respect the wedding's theme and preferably alike in terms of style.

Use the Buddy System

If the girl is very young, it's quite an inspired move to have more than one flower girl. The buddy system is a really good way to give them a confidence boost. Find more about how you can coach a shy flower girl to walk down the aisle from this Brides Magazine article.

The idea of having two flower girls or pairing up ring bearer and flower girl so that they can walk together, side by side comes with a lot of benefits: added confidence, split the responsibility and double the fun!

how many flower girls should you have

Two or three girls can look lovely when walking together, so why hold back?

Split the responsibility

For a small girl, it can be pretty scary to walk all by herself on the bridal path. So the presence of others kids can be relaxing. They can hold hands for support or even toss flowers from the same basket.

This way, the girls will be feeling more confident and have fun in the process.

Partner her up with the ring bearer

Talking about other kids, if you will have a ring bearer, partner them up! Holding hands, smiling, giggling - all the joyful stuff you want! Always remember that the role of the kids in a wedding, no matter if they’re flower girls, ring bearers or junior bridesmaids, is to send out good vibes. So make sure you have a happy crowd.

If you still have second thoughts and don’t want to crowd them up on the aisle, here is a small list of possible duties that will keep the flower girl squad organized:flower girls carry bride train

    1. Carry the bride's dress train (choose an older girl for this job).

    1. Carry candles on the aisle.

    1. Hand out flowers to the guests.

    1. Carry signs with messages (most popular - Here comes the bride!) or more whimsical accessories, like colorful balloons, paper pinwheels, or even a bottle of bubbles to blow.

What Does a Flower Girl Wear?

The flower girl usually wears a tea-length dress or a ball gown dress - something special and very festive, worthy of wearing to an event. In terms of colors, white or ivory flower girl dresses are the most searched for, but any color goes as long as it's in the same wedding theme.

TIP: Don't miss out the 2018 flower girl dresses trends for a fashionable look!

Finding your flower girl the perfect dress could be a true challenge. The girl should wear a special dress, carefully picked for the big event - something that both the bride and the childlike and fits the wedding theme.

What Are Flower Girl Dresses & How Do They Look Like?

Usually, the flower girl dress looks like a mini version of the bridal gown or of the bridesmaids' dresses.

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But this isn't mandatory. Depending on the wedding's theme, there are many options for the dress and its style can vary from a classic bridal one to a more funky and colorful one. Even black flower girl dresses are now in style!

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The only rule you should follow is to choose a dress that will make the little one feel special and appreciated. If she likes the dress, her confidence walking down the aisle will be boosted and she will love performing the role!

TIP: Don’t choose a dress that's too grown up for your flower girl. If the bride has an outstanding designer dress, don’t try to dress your young one the same. Sweeter versions are available for youngsters. Pick something simpler and cheaper, and her smile will do the rest!

Why Are Flower Dresses Mostly White? 

Traditionally, the flower girl dress is a look-a-like bridal dress, which is often times white.

should flower girl dresses be white

Many brides rather go for the flower girl wear white as a symbol of sweetness and purity. If you're going this route keep in mind that some guests may not approve of her looking too grown up, like a "mini bride."

Wearing a look-a-like dress, the contrast between the bride and the girl is highlighted - the passage from childhood to womanhood.

What Other Dress Colors Can the Flower Girl Wear?

However, the flower girl dresses are not always supposed to be white.  

She can go with a warmer or joyful color for the little one - ivory, blue or light pink can be nice options for the dress, complementary to the bride or bridesmaids.

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White and Blue Flower Girl Dress - Get it here!

The latest Top Wedding Statistics from The Knot lists the Most Popular Wedding Colors:

    1. white/ivory is preferred by 43% of the brides, followed by:

    1. blue (37%)

    1. pink (28%),

    1. metallics (26%)

    1. purple (23%)

pink flower girl dress

So, as you can see, there are so many popular bridal colors choices that you can get inspiration from for your flower girl dress!

Add color with accessories. Even if the gowns' colors got more progressive with time, the flower girl dresses' color etiquette is still ahead of it, with more flexible choices.

You can add bows, ribbons, or a sash to match the color of the bridesmaids' dresses or the wedding color scheme, such as the color of the flowers or centerpieces.

Should Flower Dresses Match Or Replicate the Bride's Wedding Gown?

Matching the bride's wedding gown is popular and has a long tradition, but flower girls aren't limited to wearing mini replicas of the bride's dress.

Match the Color & Work with Accessories

Although traditionally the girl’s dress matches the bride’s gown, this isn't a must. If you can't find or afford a matching version, take a look at a less expensive dress in the same color.

TIP: If you want to match the dress, go with the same color as the bride’s dress, but add an extra color accent, like a colorful sash with a bow.

If you want matching dresses, but you can’t find one, don’t panic! Simply try a dress that features the same color as the bride/bridesmaids.

Don't Replicate a Wedding Gown that's too Grown Up or Designed

Don’t choose a mature dress for your girl, or a design that's too revealing or grown up. It will look awkward and the effect will be the opposite of innocence and purity, a throwback to childhood.

flower girl dress bride lookalike

If the bride’s dress has an outstanding designer that would look strange on a little girl, just pick something simpler and cheaper, The little one's smile will do the rest of the magic!

Match the Wedding Style

If the wedding gown is too grown up for a youngster, choose to match the wedding style. Whether it's chic, elegant or country, this is a more appropriate way to make the flower girl part of the wedding.

Matching Mothers & Daughters Flower Girls

Matching the dress is very popular with brides who are mothers. If their daughters are their flower girls, this makes the occasion special for the little girl as well as her mother, so matching the two outfits is a great idea.

flower girl with bride mother

Do Flower Girl Dresses Have to Match Each Other or the Bridesmaids?

It's a common thing to match the bridesmaids and flower girls dress - mostly for aesthetics and having a lovely "girl squad" look. But finding the perfect dress in the right sizes don't always work out.

So that's why it's simpler if you don't stress about it: flower girls dresses can either match each other or not!

What to Do if You Can't Match the Dresses?

The girls could be wearing the same dress in different sizes or different dresses. No matter what your decision is, make sure they have a common theme or style going. If you can't dress them in the same dress, choose a common theme or color. After all, the girls will be at the same wedding!

flower girls and bridesmaids

What to Do if the Flower Girl Doesn't Want to Wear a Dress?

If your flower girl is more of a tomboy, and she's not comfortable or happy in a dress, don't force the attire on her. The next best things to a fancy dress are to wear a cute tux or a fancy pants outfit.

How to Choose the Flower Girl's Dress

So you have your flower girl, she knows everything about her role in the ceremony and she's very enthusiastic about walking like a rock star on the aisle. Perfect! The only thing remaining is…well, you guessed it. The dress, of course!

TIP: Finding the perfect dress can take ages if you don’t have something specific in mind.

What to Know When Shopping for a Flower Girl Dress

So here are a couple of things you should pay attention to before buying the dress.

These are the top most important tips on choosing the perfect flower girl dress -- they can make a difference in keeping her safe, happy and comfortable the entire day!

    1. Choose the dress together with the flower girl and the parents. The flower girl might be very excited and up for any dress idea! But the wedding couple should also consult with the flower girl's parents to make sure the dress will be comfortable and appropriate for the girl. Do not be discouraged if the bride gives you a long list of requirements for the event, there are lots of dresses out there for you to choose from and surely you’ll find one that will meet all of to choose the flower girl

    1. Involve the flower girl in the buying process and make sure she loves the outfit. Ask her opinion and respect her preferences. Loving the dress is the secret: her confidence walking down the aisle will be boosted and she will enjoy doing it. This way she will look with more enthusiasms upon the big event and the moment in which she will be a true red carpet star!

    1. Shop together online. Taking a small girl to the mall and trying out too many dresses can tire her out and make her dread the idea of being your flower girl. A better way might be to take her shopping online. Show her different flower girl pictures and dresses and get an instant feel for what she for flower girl dress

    1. Choose an age-appropriate dress. The dress should not only match the wedding gown and the wedding's theme, but also be age appropriate for a youngster.

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    1. Pick the right size. Your daughter might have to go for fittings to make sure the dress is comfortable and not too long, to avoid tugging or tripping during the ceremony.

    1. Choose the right length. The longer the dress is, the harder it will be to wear it. If the flower girl is too small, she could easily trip and fall. Whatever the formality of the event, don’t pick up a long, uncomfortable dress that your little one will have trouble wearing. It will only reflect on her while walking down the aisle and the most important thing about this is for her to look and feel good. A tea-length flower girl dress is a perfect choice!

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    1. Make sure the dress is in the wedding theme. If the wedding is a country or a rustic one, it would be awkward to have an inspired hippy look-a-like outfit for the girl. The dress should be in the wedding theme - if the wedding is a Victorian one, it would be awkward to have an inspired hippy look-a-like outfit for the girl.

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    1. Don’t choose a dress that is too tight. The aisle isn’t a catwalk after all and the girl shouldn’t look like a mini fashion model. The goal is to make her feel good and at ease, not cause breathing problems or make her look grown-up. Some flower girls are not comfortable in dresses, so if that is the case, choose a fancy pants outfit for the flower girl to walk down the aisle in.

    1. Choose a festive dress. Even if the girl won't get to wear the dress too soon, and she'll probably outgrow it in less than a year, don't pick a casual dress for your flower girl, like something that she could easily wear every day. Make her feel truly special with a festive attire.

    1. Safety is a big deal. You certainly wouldn’t want your skin to itch or break out with a rash on your big day, or your dress to be so tight that you can’t stand wearing it.  The same is true for your flower girl. For baby flower girls, don't use sequins or easy to remove buttons or anything that could look edible.

    1. You're season appropriate. Also, if the wedding is in the winter, don’t pick a dress that is too thin or with short sleeves. It is valid the other way around - if it’s gonna be hot outside, don’t punish the girl by making her wear something that will make her sweat all day long.

    1. Pick comfortable, high-quality materials. The dress looks amazing and everyone is crazy about it, but the fabric isn't the best? Well, then you should think twice. Itchiness isn’t lovely at all and the girls wouldn’t be happy at all wearing it. Stick with a breathable quality fabric that she has previously worn with comfort, and select a fabric weight that corresponds with the seasonal temperatures to prevent her from being too hot or too cold.

There are a lot of options for the flower girl dress when it comes to choosing the right fabric:

    1. Silk - Silk can be a nice choice - it looks great and it feels comfortable, but it's expensive and tears easily, so it might not the best choice for a young flower girl.

      silk flower girl dress Gorgeous Silk Flower Girl Dress

    1. Tulle - Tulle is also one of the favorites when it comes to fabrics. If you are aiming to get that princess-like look, with the ballerina’s tutu, tulle is the perfect fit for your flower girl.

      Ivory Tulle Flower Girl Dress - Get it here!

    1. Satin - Most flower girl dresses are made of satin, so picking this fabric will definitely give you a lot more options!

      satin flower girl dress Satin Flower Girl Dress

For an outside venue, consider the fabric of the dress: cotton and linen are great fabrics, particularly for summer weddings. If the outdoor wedding is to be held in early spring, however, heavier fabrics and a jacket are in order.

Have a Pair of Tights on Hand

For a chilly season, consider buying tights for her little legs. You do not want her freezing on that aisle.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a flower girl dress is the comfort. Avoid choosing a dress that is made of an itchy fabric or trim. An uncomfortable dress can lead to an irritated or whining flower girl. No bride or groom wants to see a flower girl walking down the aisle who is wiggling, scratching, or pulling at her dress.

TIP: Always have a cute cardigan on hands - The weather can be unpredictable, so get a cardigan on hands. If she gets cold, you don't want her to end up in a sweatshirt! A pretty cardigan to match her dress is great to have on hand.

If your wedding is in a warm interior venue during a cold season or a warm exterior venue that’s chilly at night, you can still go with a lightweight fabric or short-sleeve dress. Simply add a jacket to the ensemble that is easy to slip on or remove, as you need.

When to Buy the Flower Girl Dress?

It may seem like too much fuss, but the dress should be bought at least a couple weeks in advance.

when to buy flower girl dress

This way you will have the necessary time for making adjustments if the dress isn’t a perfect fit. The girl should have plenty of time trying dresses out. Also, the run for the dress right before the big event it could be exhausting both for the parents, but especially for the bride and the girl.

A wedding involves lots of preparations and the bride surely will not have the same mood right before the event as a couple of weeks before. Avoid the unnecessary stress and take your time in finding the right dress.

Still, beware: don’t buy the dress months in advance because the girl can outgrow the dress. Still, if you have no choice but buying the dress lot in advance, buy a bigger size so you won’t risk anything.

Who Pays for the Flower Girl's Dress & Attire?

Traditionally, the flower girl’s clothing was taken care of by the families of the bride and groom, but today most couples expect the parents of the flower girl to pay for her clothing and other expenses related to her participation.

If you were wondering who buys what, there is your answer: the costs of the dress and other accessories, like the basket, are being covered by the girl’s parents.

Also, they will also pay for the girls' transportation and will cover any other costs involved in attending the pre-wedding events. The couple pays only for the flowers.
If you are a parent and don’t know how to discuss your budget with the bride, it’s very simple. Just be honest about it so you can avoid further misunderstandings. As a bride, you can offer to pay for the flower girl dress. 

What Shoes Are the Best for a Flower Girl?

After choosing the dress you should think also about the shoes the flower girl will be wearing.

Pick comfortable shoes, preferably make sure she has worn them before (around the house for a couple of days before the event at least). The key is to make her feel comfortable at any time. A wrong pair of shoes can ruin the moment and will definitely not make her show the biggest smile.

Silver Sparkle Shoes - Get the pair here!

If shoes aren’t so suitable for the wedding (especially if it is a beach one) and the girls must walk barefoot, be cautious because she may injure herself. Make sure the bridal path is clean. Even if it's summer and the walk will be done on grass, to avoid any accidents, don’t leave your flower girl barefoot.

Even if the flower girl is almost a young lady in her own vision (7 years old or more) do not let her wear high heels! It can be a lot of begging and screaming involved, but remain firm on your position and try to explain that her role requires a different kind of shoes. Heels on a tiny foot can look very weird and also, the innocent and pure role she has will be certainly lost on the way.

Ballerina flats or Mary Janes dyed to match the dress are a good choice.

]ballerina flats flower girl Get her own pair here!

What Makeup and Hair are Right for the Flower Girl

At this age, the girls are too small for wearing any fancy hairstyle or glamorous make-up. Still, if she is older, you can make her part of the bridal team by letting her watch how the bride is getting ready for the big event. If she really wants a magic touch too, you can curl a couple of hair strands or let her wear a very light, even translucent shade of lip balm.

What Accessories Are Right for a Flower Girl?

Depending on the girl’s age, there are a couple of options you could consider when finishing the look with hair accessories.

flower girl headbandThe most popular touch is the one given by a headband (with natural flowers or just decorative). If the girl is older, you can consider a nice princess-like tiara and a veil. It would definitely make her shine!

If you are a more traditional person, you can try a nice and sweet flower crown. This look will look amazing and will match with the basket of flowers the girl carries. Try them all before the wedding and make sure they’re not too heavy and fit her head properly.

Keep jewelry to a minimum – they might be uncomfortable in a hot sunny weather. Jewelry should be simple and age appropriate as well. Nothing clunky or distracting. If you like, you can place a wreath of flowers, straw hat, or pretty bun wrap atop her head.

How to Choose the Flower Girl

Picking the flower girl can be easy if the couple has relatives or friends with young kids.

If you're the bride, depending on your relationships, you could choose a young girl who is directly related to the family. The girl could be a younger sister, niece or cousin, but this isn't a must. It is quite common to ask close friends with young children for this honor.

If you have a large family and there is more than one girl that is suitable for the role, don’t worry! You are on the road to having a happy crowd and as discussed before, there are multiple possible benefits in having more than one flower girl!who should be the flower girl

What Are the Flower Girl's Duties and Rules?

Ok, so you’ve decided to have a flower girl at your wedding.flower girl duties

Or maybe your girl just found out that she’ll be the lucky one. Now you should answer all your questions about the flower girl’s duties so you can help the little one preparing for the big day.

It’s important to know what option is suitable for your wedding.

The girl must know what she’ll be doing early in the preparation phase so she can be trained properly. Learning a role that she enjoys and finding out later that she will not be doing the same thing can be a little frustrating.

Flower Tossing

The flower girl is responsible for scattering flowers on the bridal path from a basket. While walking down the aisle before the bride or the bridesmaids, she offers an entertaining moment for the guests while snatches smiles from everybody.

Her appearance on the aisle signals the groom and the guests that the bride is coming soon.


What Can a Flower Girl do Besides Throwing Flowers?

You should know that the flower girl’s main duty is: scattering flower petals down the bridal path

flower girl tossing flowers alternativesStill, there are a number of wedding venues that will not allow the tossing. Don’t worry, there are still a couple of options you can consider for your flower girl.

flower girl handing out flowersOther duties a flower girl can have are carrying a flower bouquet, a sign, a garland along with the ring bearer.

If the little one is not allowed to throw any sort of flowers or confetti, she can still carry balloons or blow bubbles.
Other flower girls are usually handing out candy or roses, while there are some with ribbon wand, dancing all the way down the aisle. 

When Does the Flower Girl Walk down the Aisle?

Along with the ring bearer, right after the bridesmaids, before the bride - they are all right answers to this question.

Although a certain wedding processional order must be followed, the moment in which the flower girl comes up may vary depending on the bride’s wish, the wedding style and of course, the age of the girl. She will be introduced earlier if she is very young, along with the ring bearer. This way, they will give each other the strength to make another step without running away because of the shyness.

This way, they will give each other the strength to make another step without running away because of the shyness.

Flower Girl's Checklist

Before the Wedding

Being such a big part of the ceremony, the flower girl has to get ready for the big event.

Familiarize her with the event. One of the best ways to do this is to make her as familiar as possible with her role. Once she becomes familiar with her role, it will give her something to feel proud of. Help the little one to prepare properly and know all her duties.

She has to rehearse her walking, practice the flower tossing and of course, that big smile, weeks before the wedding so she can make it right. Have your daughter grasp three or four petals at a time (like gently picking up a handful of cotton balls) and drop them with each step.

flower girl basketMake sure the basket isn't too heavy to carry, especially if she's young! Before the wedding, she has to try on the dress and very important, to try the shoes she will be wearing at the wedding for a couple of times. 

At the wedding rehearsal, the flower girl should know how to walk, when is her moment to shine and where is the aisle she would be walking on. After the rehearsal, she might also attend the Rehearsal Dinner. Her presence is necessary at some pre-wedding events like the Bridal Shower.

TIP: Don’t let her skip these rehearsal wedding events. The more familiar she is with the attendees, the more comfortable she will feel when walking like a princess down the wedding aisle!

Her presence is necessary at some pre-wedding events like the Bridal Shower. Don’t let her

The Best Tips to Choose Kids' Winter Boots and Cold Season Footwear

If you're already packed all those summer dresses and cleared your kid's closet, it's safe to assume that you've started already to prepare for the cold season. Your little one is going to need a complete wardrobe do-over. And footwear is a major subject you need to tackle and without any doubt, you can say it's going to be a bumpy road.

The tons of different styles, colors or prices for your kids' fall or winter boots can be difficult to address without a proper research.

Here is your complete guide to buying kids’ footwear for the cold season. We have prepared a piece on kids’ rain boots, snow boots, and everything in between. Learn how to choose the proper shoes for your little one and read some insightful and hands-on tips & tricks you can take away right now.

Kids’ Boots for the Cold Season

Rain, cold, and wind: the complete recipe for a cold season. Every parent is aware of the need to update his kid's wardrobe and should start to unpack those cozy sweaters and warm pants as soon as possible, not to mention the rain and snow boots.

Buying footwear is quite a challenge for many parents, especially for parents with toddlers. After we did some research on this topic, we found out what problems parents have when trying to get boots for their kids and here they are.

rubber boots kid fall winter

Boots for Kids: An Everlasting Problem?

Footwear for kids is a never-ending problem for all parents, especially when it comes to boots. And that's not always because parents save money on their kids' shoes and buy inexpensive items, but also because kids grow really fast and what fits perfect this season can easily be outgrown the next. And the thing is, you can't really do anything about it until your little one's feet stop growing.

This article from Livestrong on foot growth in children is a good place to look if you're looking for this piece of information. According to experts, by the age of 10, most of the kids complete the feet growth process by 80 percent (for boys) or 90 percent (for girls).  However, the full process stops around the age of 14 (girls) or 16 (boys).

That means that you'll be buying new pairs of boots for your kid every season until he or she reaches the age of 10. After 10 years old, you'll probably need to buy shoes every other year. And this is the optimistic scenario. Keep in mind that kids are energetic and they can easily break any pair of boots in no time.

Investing in Quality Boots or Not?

Considering the fact that kids' need new pairs of shoes every year, many parents are not willing to invest in quality boots. Spending extra money on shoes is just not their priority and they prefer to buy cheap pairs of boots or shoes or to find discounts and promotions.

Getting more stuff for the same amount of many is something we all like. If you have more than one kid, budgeting every cent and looking for ways to save money is a must.

However, you shouldn't compromise the quality of the boots because the comfort of your little one is the most important thing. Boots with features like waterproofing or resistant fabrics, or even zippers may cost a little more, but in the long run, it's worth it.

Instead of buying 3-4 pairs of cheap boots, get only 2 pairs, but make sure they're perfect for your little one's feet.

How Many Pair of Boots does Your Kid Need?

Depending on the kid's daily routine and activity, he'll need a number of pairs ranging from 2 up to 5. Boots come in numerous styles and have very different functionalities, so you'll need to adjust. More active the little one is, more pairs you'll need to invest in.

How to Buy Boots for Kids: What to Look for When Shopping

If your kid doesn't have boots for this season yet, here are a couple of points to take into account before buying a new pair.

There are a couple of features every parent should look for when buying new boots for his kid.

For everyday activities, like going to school or playing outside, some of these features are a must, while others are just nice to have. Nevertheless, you should be picky when buying boots are focused more on the functionality rather on the design.

how to buy kids boots

Here is what you should take into account:

Waterproof Properties

This is the most important feature you need to consider kids' boots. Raining or snowing, no matter the weather outside, your little one's feet must always remain dry. Leaking boots are a nightmare for anyone and you should prevent unfortunate events to happen.

For leather boots, look for waterproof proprieties or at least water resistance features.

Rubber Sole

Kids love snow and playing outside in the winter. But the icy streets are safety hazards and your kid needs proper traction and stability. A rubber sole can help you prevent risky situations and is a must if you want the best boots for your kid.

Padded Collar

If you're getting some ankle boots or a pair of trail boots, then a padded and tall collar is necessary. It prevents snow to leak inside the shoe and helps you tuck the bottom of the pants in.

Good Closure System 

The younger your tot, the biggest the challenge. Laces, buttons or zippers they're all excellent shoe closure systems. But not all are easy to handle by young kids. Depending on your little one's age, you should look for proper systems.

If your kid is younger than 4, then boots with laces are not suitable, especially if he's learning how to put his shoes on by himself. If your kid is bigger and he's learning how to tighten his laces, you can get boots with laces without worrying.

Zippers are the easiest to handle by young kids, while buttons at this age should remain purely decorative.

Faux Fur Inner Lining

Look for cozy inner lining for extra comfort and warmth. With inner lining, boots are a lot more comfortable to wear and your little one's feet will always remain warm.

How to find out the best boots size:

Follow this steps and find out what size your kid needs for his new boots:

Measure each foot, while your kid is standing still. Make sure the toes are straight out and don't let your kid curl his fingers. The size of the biggest foot is the one you need to take into consideration.

Use this chart for shoe sizes to convert the measurements into a size.

If the measurements aren't a perfect fit for a size, then your kid is between two sizes. The biggest one is probably the one you need. Boots will be worn with thick socks hence some extra room to fit them is necessary.

Ask your kid to try the boots on and let him walk around for a bit. If the boots are too tight, your little one will have difficulties walking casually around. If the boots are too large, he can trip or feel like there's too much space in front. If the heel is moving up and down while walking or he can take his shoes off without unzippering or untighten his laces, then the shoes are probably too big for him.

boots for kids

Pro Tip: If you have a toddler, measure his feet on a regular basis. Experts advise measuring every six to eight weeks to see if there are any changes. Remember that kids' shoe size changes a lot during one year - two sizes a year until the age of 4 and one size a year until the age of 10. Small changes may occur until your kid reaches the age of 14 or 16 years old.

Types and Styles of Boots for Kids

Before hitting the stores take a look at this great selection of types and styles of boots for your little one. Rain boots, snow boots or a pair of lace-up boots? Figure out what style suits your kid's activity the best and find some great models for inspiration.

Kids’ Rain Boots

Proper rain gear is a must in the cold season, especially for energetic kids who love puddle jumping and outdoor activities all year round, no matter the weather. If you're interested in finding out more on how to choose rain gear essentials, this complete guide can come quite in handy.

Rain boots are a very important component of one's rain gear. They're also very popular amongst parents and that's for a very good reason: a good pair will protect the kid's feet from water and cold no matter how hard is raining outside.


There are 2 kinds of boots you can choose from, based on the material they're made of: rubber boots and fabric boots.

Here are some characteristics of each type and some cute models your kid will love:

Kids' Rubber Rain Boots

Rubber rain boots for kids are waterproof and durable. They're perfect for daily activities and school. You can find rubber boots with basically every design you kid could think about. Butterflies, polka dots, flowers, trucks, and even pirates.

They are also easy to put on, have no laces or other hard to handle buttons. The little one is going to love wearing them!

Girls' Rubber Rain Boots

Rain boots for girls usually have colorful or floral cute designs. The best rain boots for toddler girls feature Disney or cartoon characters. Bigger girls prefer dotted patterns and darker colors, such as black, navy blue or purple.

girls rain boots Fuchsia & Black Girls' Rain Boots

girls rain boots Mermaid Girls' Rain Boots

girls rain boots Black & White Girls' Rain Boots

Boys' Rubber Rain Boots

A collar is a great addition to any rubber rain boots, especially for boys. The collar prevents the rain water from leaking inside the shoe if your little one decides to do some puddle jumping after school.

Boys' Rubber Rain Boots Blue Space Rubber Rain Boots - available here

Kids' Lace-Up Rain Boots

Lace-up rain boots are perfect for active kids, who love to spend time outdoors. These boots are made of waterproof synthetic materials and must have a non-slipping and durable outsole. The padded collar is very helpful if you want to tuck in your kid's pants.

Kids' Winter Boots

Many parents wonder what type of boots should they get for the snowy season. Luckily, you have lots of options and styles to choose from. Here are some of the best winter boots for kids you can get for a magical season:

boots for kids

Girls' Winter Boots

Here is a top selection of snow boots for both toddler and big girls:

Knee High Boots for Girls

Knee high boots are great for cold and snowy winters. No matter how big the snow is, due to the height of the boot, your girl's feet will remain dry. Waterproof and synthetic materials will protect her from the water and the rubber sole gives her stability on icy streets.

Brown Buckle Side Zipper Quilted Boots - Available here!

Lace Up Boots for Girls

Durable boots with padded collar for wintery days. This model has a rubber sole for traction and stability and some cool fringes for design. Lace-up boots are great snow boots for toddlers. Easy to wear, your kid will have warm and dry feet all winter round.

Lace-up Boots for Toddlers - Available here!

Boys' Winter Boots

Here is a top selection of snow boots for both toddler and big boys:

Ankle Winter Boots for Boys

Boys aren't very fond of high knee boots. The solution? A pair of qualitative leather ankle boots with zipper. No laces, no hassle. Easy to put on, these boots are great for your toddler.

winter boots boys Black Zip Up Low Boots Boys - available here!

Kids’ Combat Boots

Combat boots for girls are a big trend in footwear for kids these days. The popularity of this style is unbelievable, over 6.000 parents searching for this model every month.

Combat boots are perfect for daily activities. Because of the laces, these boots are perfect for older girls. The quilted pattern is very stylish. Combat boots are perfect in combination with a pair of cool jeans and a cozy sweater. Not suitable for outdoor activities because usually they're not insulated.

Combat boots are perfect in combination with a pair of cool jeans and a cozy sweater. Not suitable for outdoor activities because usually they're not insulated.

Girls' Combat Boots

Girls Combat Boots Black Combat Lace Up Boots

]Girls Combat Boots Black Quilted Combat Boots

Girls Combat Boots Brown Quilted Combat Boots

Girls' Fringe Boots

Fringe boots are really suitable just for girls. Cool and stylish, fringe boots are easy to wear on a daily basis. Usually, this type of boot is made of leather. Make sure you get waterproof or water resistant leather, if possible. Fringe boots often have a zipper for easy on and off.


Girls Fringe Boots Girls' Fringe Boots - available here

Kids' Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots for kids are both practical and cool. You can choose a colorful pattern or a stylish leather appearance. Usually, they're made of leather, so they can be worn in a dry weather. Not suitable for rain or snow.

Girls' Cowboy Boots

Colorful models are available for girls and they can have fringe too, as a nice touch. If your girl's school doesn't require a specific uniform or dress code, these boots are really comfortable to wear at school on a daily basis.

cowboy western boots girls Colorful Cowboy Girl Fringe Boots

Boys' Cowboy Boots

If you have a boy who likes cowboy boots, then you're a winner. There are lots of models to choose from. For girls, the stores' assortment can be pretty narrow, but for boys' you won't have this problem.

boys cowboy boots Walnut Leather Western Boys Boots Size - available here

Cowboy boys Boots Tan & Black Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boys Boots

Cowboy Toddler Boots Tan Cowboy Toddler Boots

Baby & Infant Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots for infants are perfect on a cold day. Even if your baby isn't walking outside yet, his tiny feet need to stay warm and cozy. This kind of boots is also pretty popular amongst parents as crib shoes. And if your kid just started walking, the soft sole of the cowboy boots is very comfortable.

baby infant cowboy boots Cowboy Soft Sole Crib Boots - available here

Kids' Ankle Boots

In the fashion world, the ankle boots are featured in lots of fall pieces. Kids can wear this kind of boots as well. Easy to put on, comfortable and cozy to wear, ankle boots are perfect for making the transition from sneakers to boots.


Girls' Ankle Boots

Awesome fall boots for any little fashionista! Ankle boots are perfect for the fall weather. They can be worn with dresses or skirts. Moreover, these boots can match almost every school or casual outfit your daughter could think of.  Perfect for the first days of October.

Girls Ankle Boots Fuchsia Leather Girls' Ankle Boots - available here

Closing thoughts

Thinking about clothes and shoes for the next season is always the best practice. Don't let the windy and rainy weather take you by surprise and get your kid's wardrobe ready in time. With patience and the right research, you'll find the perfect boots for your precious little one.

Hopefully, now you know to get the best rain or snow boots for kids and you're ready to start browsing around. If you're wondering where can you buy kids' boots, here is a lovely collection of boots and shoes you may want to take a look at.



Your Kids Winter Clothes Essentials: Outfits to Beat the Cold

The cold season is already making its presence felt and its time to start making some extra room in our kids' closets for all those necessary sweaters, coats, and fleece shirts!

If you're a cautious parent and you don't want to forget anything your little one may need this season, your prayers have been answered! We've put together a complete checklist with all the winter essentials you should definitely get this season.

Keep on scrolling and you'll find out what's the best outerwear for kids and how to get durable boots & warm hats, gloves and scarves  both for girls and boys, at all ages.

BONUS: Tips on how to dress a child appropriately for the biting cold and how to master layering like a pro included!

PS: And if you're looking for amazing Christmas & Holiday dresses for kids, get inspired with our 2017 Christmas Outfits Guide!

What winter essentials should you get for your kid?

This is a pretty popular question among parents and there’s a solid reason why. Once the cold strikes, your kid is going to need winter clothes and accessories right away. Unfortunately, there's no postpone button you can hit to keep the cold away. The best you can do is to plan ahead and get all the pieces your kid needs before the official start of the Winter Season.winter-baby-clothes


Winter Essentials Checklist

So, what winter pieces does your kid need exactly?

Here's a quick list for you to use:

    1. Warm coat or jacket

    1. Waterproof boots

    1. Sweaters & Shirts

    1. Hoodie Jackets 

    1. Gloves & Mittens

    1. Beanies, Hats & Ear Muffs

    1. Scarves

Let's find out how to get the best essentials and talk a bit about each section:

1. Winter Coats for Kids

Besides being really cool fashion pieces, coats are also a must-have winter essential.

No one can keep on doing normal daily activities without a proper jacket or coat, especially kids.


Getting the best coats for girls and boys can be quite a challenge, but here's why all the hassle is worth in the end: the right piece will prevent the cold to infiltrate underneath and allow your little one to enjoy fun winter activities, like playing in the snow, skiing or hitting the slopes.

boys winter coats jackets Red Padding Jacket for Boys

boys winter coats jackets Red Colorful Stripes Padding Jacket

Blue Contrast Sleeve Hooded Padding

Depending on the region you live in, you can buy different styles of coats for your little one.

Here are some main guidelines you may find useful:

    • For deep cold & windy regions: pick puffer coats; they provide great insulation and help by keeping the warmth around the core.

    • Rainy weather: waterproof jackets have the ability to keep your kid dry, no matter how many times he forgets his umbrella in the morning.

    • Warmer climates: trench coats are a good option if the temperature is above 50 degrees.

girls winter coats Navy Bow Padding Jacket

girls winter coats Pink Cherry Blossom Coat

toddler girl winter coats Pink Woven Jacket

Yellow Floral Print Padded Jacket

2. Kids’ Winter & Snow Boots

We all know that having a cozy and durable pair of rain & snow boots is a must-have. Investing in a couple of pairs is definitely not a waste. However, less can be more. Rather than having 3-4 pairs of snow boots in many styles & colors, you should invest in two solid pairs for your kid.



Cold feet are a real problem, especially if you don't have the option to put on an extra pair of socks right away or change with something else.

Not to mention that wet feet during school hours can turn into a horror story - just imagine your little one not having the option to change immediately and having to stay wet all day long. Not good, right?

You’ve probably bought some boots by now and have some experience, but it never hurts to go over the basics again before heading to the store. Here are some great tips:

    1. Check for waterproof or water-resistant properties

    1. Rubber sole that provides proper traction and stability on icy roads

    1. Inner lining for keeping your kid's feet always warm

cowboy boots for boys Leather Cowboy Boots

baby winter boots Black Low Rise Boots for Boys

Toddler Rubber Rain Boots Boys Toddler Rubber Rain Boots for Boys

If you’re interested in knowing more on how to buy the best winter footwear for kids, check out this fashion guide for more insights. Baby and toddler sections included as well!

Water Resistant Rain Boots

toddler winter boots Brown Suede Leather Boots

Brown Buckle Side Zipper Quilted Boots

leather winter boots Pink Leather Ruffle Boots

3. Sweaters & Shirts for Kids

Kids sweaters are seasonal pieces fit for wearing only in winter time. They're cozy, comfy and you can dress your kid for tons of occasions that's to their versatility.

Mix & match a sweater with a pair of jeans, add some cowboy boots, and a trendy coat and there you have it: the ultimate winter look to put together for kids and grown-ups as well!

girls sweater Colorful Striped Sweater

boys sweater White & Navy Stripe Sweater

Striped Pattern Long Sleeve Sweater

Solid Cardigan Solid Sweater



4. Kids' Hoodies

Hoodies are great in keeping the cold away and are also very practical: they are a good fit for going to school and for other many fun activities, both indoor and outdoor (with a proper jacket on, of course).

You can convince a boy to wear a hoodie pretty easy. Don't be surprised if an old hoodie is going to be his first option when you ask him what he likes to wear the most. Invest in a couple of 3-4 pieces, in different colors and you'll be covered for the rest of the cold season.

For girls, we recommend bright colors, such as pink, purple or red. Depending on your little one's personal style, you can get her more hoodies this season.

The best kids' hoodies are the ones with a zipper; your little one can ventilate when necessary and take the piece off if he's feeling too warm.

disney hoodie jacket Disney Hoodie Jacket

girls hoodie jacket Fuchsia Zippered Hoodie

boys hoodie jacket Green Zippered Hoodie Jacket

 5. Kids' Gloves & Mittens that stay on

The body's extremities are most exposed to cold and it can be quite a challenge to protect your child properly. Gloves aren’t very popular among kids, but nevertheless, they can be pretty efficient in protecting the hands of your baby, toddler or teenager. That's why many parents are looking for pieces that stay on and are also easy to wear.

Look for the best gloves & mittens and we'll promise you it's going to pay off big time.


Black Hoho Print Print Gloves

toddler snow gloves Black Dotted Winter Gloves

Knit Soft Winter Gloves

Try getting mittens on strings if your little one has a history of losing them and also consider getting waterproof kids gloves if you know that your boy likes to play in the snow with his buddies after school.

kids gloves-with-fingers White Sheep Puppet Gloves - Available here!

6. Kids Beanies, Hats & Ear Muffs

Protect your kid's head in the cold season and encourage him or her to wear a beanie, hat or ear muffs all the time! Make sure to get a piece your little one's going to love and your chances of him or her to actually wear it is going to skyrocket.

Winter Hat Boy - Available here!

Make sure the winter hat you choose for your kid is a good fit. The last thing you want is the beanie to slide and cover the eyes, making the wear feel uncomfortable and awkward.

The most common pieces you can find out there are knitted hats and earflaps, with or without a pom pom on top. The first one is a good choice and gets the job done pretty well.

However, earflaps are more efficient in protecting the whole head, including the ears. Depending on the overall temperature, you can choose between them. Or, why not, you can get a piece of both styles and alternate between them.

Black Melange Bear Face Knit Beanie Hat

Blue Tan Bear Face Knit Beanie Hat

Pink Melange Pom-Pom Detail Bear

Unisex Grey Melange Pom-Pom Beanie Hat

7.  Kids Scarves

Complete the perfect winter look with a cool scarf for kids.

A great piece is going to offer a lot of neck insulation and will prevent the cold air from making its way through the coat.

Dark Brown Gradient Print Fringed Scarf

Fuchsia Pattern Fringed Edge Scarf

kids winter scarf Daisy Purple Pattern Knit Scarf

Extra: Kids' Sets with Gloves, Beanie Hats & Scarves

If you want to match your kid's winter accessories, the best way is to shop pieces from the same brand or simply buy a set that includes all of these items.

Often times, this is an economy option and your kid's outfit is going to look very stylish!

Red Winter Set

winter set kids Yellow Heart Winter Set

winter set kids Blue Winter Set

How to Dress your Kid with Layers during Winter

If you're wondering how exactly you should dress your kids, the answer is quite simple: in layers of clothes.

Layering clothes is a super-skill that every parent should master to perfection! Your little one is going to stay warm when he's outside and will be able to easily remove unnecessary clothes when he's indoor.winter-kids-clothes

Here are the two main layer principles:

If you're going to just stroll through the park and enjoy the snow,  or go watch a hockey game, be sure to wear a thick jacket or a puffer coat and make sure your little one is dressed in multiple layers of clothes.  Lighter activities like standing in one place outside, are most prone to lose body warmth by not protecting the core.

When your kid is active, not protecting the hands, head or feet is the easiest way to lose body warmth. If your kid wants to get out more often to snow fight or even learn how to ski, try to get some qualitative accessories that can protect his extremities from the biting cold.

Here are some tips & tricks you can take away right away to start dressing your kid in layers like a pro:

    • The first layer or the inner layer

Keep the warmth of the body and the moisture under control with the first layer of clothes. For this layer, use fitting and light clothes, such as tights, thermal shirts, and leg warmers.
Avoid cotton if your little one is doing an energetic activity because of its ability to retain water. Pick wool instead or other synthetic fibers.

    • The second layer or the mid-layer

This layer provides insulation and protects your little one from the cold. The purpose is to retain heat and keep it around the core. For this one, you can use sweaters, blazers, or fleece pieces.

    • The third layer or the outer layer

This layer is the most exposed to rain, snow or wind. So pick a comfy coat, but beware of the fact that often bulky doesn't mean better. Longer coats are the best, especially if the temperature goes under 32 degrees. Make sure your kid's coat has buttons or a zipper so the ventilation can happen easily. This is important if he wants to remove clothes when he's inside as well.

how to dress your kids in layers

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, our checklist is going to simplify the way you shop for clothes.

The cold season brings snow and rain that sometimes can be difficult to handle. However, you and your family can share beautiful moments during winter: organize different outdoor activities and of course, make sure to enjoy the Holidays together.

These winter essential clothing pieces are going to help you protect your kids during winter and enjoy any type of activity you have planned.

Getting the best kids outwear or snow boots doesn't need to be difficult nor stressful if you plan ahead and don't let the cold take you by surprise!


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