Nibbly Bits Womens Clothing

Nibbly Bits kicked off in 2012 in Australia from a little coastal town called Port Fairy, long before silicone jewelry or “teething jewelry” was really a thing.. there were only a handful of other businesses globally who were doing anything similar, but stuck to their own style and design. When Nibbly Bits launched we literally changed the way in which people saw and loved silicone products, clever designs, huge range of colors and styles to suit and a quality like no other.

Our products have the most luxurious soft-feel texture, which feel as soft as skin and that are not sticky, plastic or cheap feeling. Nibbly Bits® products offer top quality products.

Our focus has always been delivering the safest products and ensuring that we as a brand do everything required and more to meet our promise of delivering safe, tested and certified products.

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